A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Reviews 2022

It is one of the best wireless speaker devices for having its various connective technologies. While other Speaker devices keep only Bluetooth technology for connecting other devices, this one keeps the connecting methods of cables and TF card. This Speaker device also supports different audio formats.

Most interestingly, it looks much attractive in comparison with all the other Portable Speaker devices. This one is available in different colors.

A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

It is good for playing songs because of its capacity to provide HD Sound. This Speaker device is also fit for some other purposes. User can choose A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker device for all these reasons.

A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


  • Speaker device with Built-in-Mic,
  • Handsfree Call
  • AUX Line
  • TF Card
  • HD Sound and Bass for iPhone, Ipad, Android and other Smartphone

What’s for this one is the best among all Wireless Speaker devices?

This Speaker device is mainly for the song loving people. It is also mentioned in the product description that it will provide user 60-song playtime. This one will apply the improved power management system for providing uninterrupted playtime.

User can connect this Speaker device with any devices, including the Non-Bluetooth devices too. Besides the Bluetooth connecting network, it keeps the 3.5mm aux cable, TF card, and the like for set up a connection with any device.

User can receive data from 33 feet distance as this is the Bluetooth range of this Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. User also can enjoy the full-bodied stereo mode that is unknown to many Speaker devices these days.

What should I check before buying this one?

Checking the effectiveness of this Speaker device is a must. For understanding the effectiveness of this one, user should know certain characteristics of it. If these characteristics are desirable for user then user can click on the BUY button. Four important characteristics of this Speaker device are given below-

  1. The dimension of this Speaker device is 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.9 inches, while the weight of it is 5 ounces. Considering these issues are important as user have to plan about the place user keep this Speaker device and the weight user can bear with user.
  2. This one can provide user only 5 hours of playtime. That means user may hear 60 songs a day using this Speaker device.
  3. The Bluetooth range of this one is 33 feet. User will not be able to receive data from a distance more than that.
  4. WMA, WMV, MP3, and the like are supported audio formats of this wireless Speaker device.

If all the characteristics mentioned above are fit for meeting user requirements then user can step forward to order this Speaker device today. But, for at least once, check the ASIN Number- B071WYXY6B, and the Item model number- A2. By checking these two, user can be sure those users are going to choose the right product.

Procedure to use this Best Wireless Speaker device

Understanding the using procedure is not so hard. The user manual is available online, and user will also get a different video giving such a guideline. A copy of the user manual is also provided to user with the sent package.

Every issue relating to this Speaker device is well mentioned in that manual. For user better understanding, we’re going to show user some issues relating to the using procedure here.

  1. When user gets the Speaker device in hand, place this Speaker device for charging. Only a little portion of charge will remain in the sent battery, so starting to use this Speaker device without charging may be harmful. When the charge is completed after several hours, user can use this one after establishing the connection with another device. User may connect this Speaker device with any devices user like, in that it offers a variety of connective technology. User can easily connect devices like- Android, Smartphone, iPhone, Ipad, and the like. If any of user devices is not Bluetooth supported one, user can use a 3.5mm aux cable for connecting the device with the Speaker device.
  2. For establishing the connection with Bluetooth, users have to keep two devices as near as possible for ultra-rapid speed. If the distance is more than 33 feet, the Bluetooth technology will not work because this distance is out of the range of this Speaker device. A2 is the Bluetooth network name of this Speaker device, and user will see this name in the interface of other devices. Users have to connect that network from user device. Reconnecting the last device is also possible by using this Speaker device.
  3. For the rapid functioning of this Speaker device, users have to understand the function of buttons on it. This one is a round-shaped Speaker device, and buttons are placed beneath the Speaker device. Power buttons are placed in the middle. Users have to press it for turning the Speaker device on and off. The Volume up & down buttons exist at the left of the power button. These are for increasing and decreasing the volume, respectively. At the right side of the power button, user will see an “M” button, and user have to press this one for changing the play mode. Another button is placed on the right side, showing the call sign. To pause the play and to answer the call, user may press this button.
  4. Connecting procedure using Bluetooth technology has been told already. Now we’re going to show user the cable connection. This connection is needed for connecting a device that is not Bluetooth supported. At the lowest part of the Speaker device, user will see two ports for inserting cables. The right one is for inserting the USB cable for charging. On the left side of that, user will see another port, and this one is for inserting the TF card. When the insertion is completed successfully, user will see the light blinking.

Tools used in Methods applied in the A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

This Speaker device contains several high technologies for providing super quality service to the users. For such improved service used materials are also important. At this stage, we’re going to show user some important tools and technologies used in this Best Bluetooth Speaker device.

  1.  The Battery: It has been told before that it contains a Li-ion battery. This one is the short form of Lithium-ion battery. The efficiency for “Charge & discharge” of this battery is more than 80%. This battery will provide user 5 hours of back-up when user charge it fully for once. If users play music or song in the lowest volume, then this time may increase. User will not have to buy this battery because it is provided to user with the ordered package.
  2.  Connective method: The connecting method of this Speaker device is not only Bluetooth. TF card is the short form of Trans Flashcard that looks like the smallest memory card, and this has to be inserted in the Speaker device. 3.5 mm aux cable is a cable that has to be connected with the Speaker device and the device users want to connect with the Speaker device. Generally, these two methods will provide user faster speed than Bluetooth.
  3.  Bluetooth 4.1 Technology: This is one of the upgraded versions of Bluetooth that is well-known for “Low Energy protocol”. That means with this system, user can connect smaller devices for a long time without affecting user battery badly. This version can fix several problems that cannot be possible in the case of other technologies. The Bluetooth system of the Speaker device can connect a device placed in a 33 feet distance.
  4.  Portability of this Speaker device: This Speaker device is made of metal and contains some other elements too. All these materials are lightweight, and thus it is only 5 ounces. It is easy to carry from this perspective of its weight. Another point should be mentioned here that this one is not waterproof. So user cannot bear it in a wet place or beach where there is a high possibility of becoming wet.

Pros and cons of A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker device


  1. This Speaker device is perfect for playing songs or music because it has the potentiality to provide HD quality sound.
  2. This Speaker device offers a good number of connective technologies.
  3. It looks so nice in comparison with other Speaker devices, and this one is also available in various colors.
  4. The manufacturers claim to provide 24 hours of customer support in a friendly manner.


  1. This Speaker device can only provide 5 hours of playtime. That may not be enough for several professional singers or musicians.

 Ending discussion on the Best Bluetooth Speaker

This one is good for playing songs and using several connective technologies. This characteristic is almost unknown to many competitive Speaker devices. Considering all the aspects, user can try A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker device. Certainly, it will be one of the best options for user; it can be said without thinking anymore.

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