Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker device Reviews [2022]

Anker SoundCore is one of the best Bluetooth Speaker devices that will provide user with a rare opportunity, i.e., twenty-four hours playtime. This Speaker device is now in the hands of over 10 million users because of this opportunity. It claims to provide the Rock-Solid Connection between the best Bluetooth speaker device and the other device. User can also use this Speaker device with any Alexa-enabled devices.

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker device Reviews

This Speaker device is a lightweight one and thus easily portable at any place. Yet this Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker device will provide user all the features of a top-notch wireless Speaker device. Now we are going to show user all those.

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speakers, Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker with Loud Stereo Sound, 24-Hour Playtime, 66 ft Bluetooth Range, Built-in Mic. Perfect Portable Wireless Speaker for iPhone, Samsung, and More

Build & Design

The Speaker device is not glittery or high and has a minimal design that is easily overlooked in the range of other Speaker devices. It is not ugly. SoundCore is a small black rectangle made of soft plastic, covered in grille on the front of the Speaker device.

The grille has anchor name on it in white and is one of two places where user can find branding on this Speaker device, one on the back. Soft plastic is definitely not a fingerprint magnet, but if user wants to maintain that fresh out of the box look, user wants to wipe it off every time.

I am not a big fan of the company sticking their name on every inch of their products, but Anchor does it in a simple way that does not take away the overall aesthetic of the Speaker device. In a way, it almost adds to the Speaker device design and helps to differentiate it from other smaller rectangles in this category.

The buttons at the top are soft plastic and blend nicely but can use a few extra clicks. The only real problem I had with the design was the small LED light on the front of the Speaker device. It will be blue when pairing, blue when connected, and red when the battery is low.

It was a little in between because of the driver placement on the inside of the grill, and although it was not a big deal for most people, it annoyed me every time I saw it. Still, along with that I enjoy the overall design. It is clear that Anchor wants to keep a low-key design that doesn’t pay much attention to user desk or table.


The price of connectivity is slightly above average for Speaker devices. It has Bluetooth 4.0 and a range of about 60 feet, which worked well for most. Once user reach the edges of about 40 feet the walls will start to stutter and skip, but if nothing else the connection will be strong. The buttons above also work great.

User can pause from the device or play music and control the volume. There is also a Speaker device-side AUX input for anyone using a Bluetooth incompatible source device.


  • Bluetooth Speaker devices
  • Loud Stereo Sound
  • 24-Hour Playtime
  • 66 ft Bluetooth Range
  • Built-in Mic
  • Perfect Portable Wireless Speaker device for Samsung, Android, iPhone, and More
  • astonishing sound
  • effortless connectivity
  • designed to play
  • wgrab, go, listen

What Else Has Made This Speaker device the Popular One?

Generally, the popularity of a thing depends on the effectiveness of that thing. What’s the effectiveness of a Speaker device? Certainly, the impressive sound quality, longest playtime, portability, and the like are the effectiveness of that Speaker device.

This best Bluetooth Speaker device provides user all these features. If we talk about its sound quality, user will get here all the features of a tight bass while there’ll be almost no “harmonic distortion.” User can play it all day long without any interruption as this Speaker device’s battery can provide user such support. If user wants to get a portable Speaker device, then this one will be for user as it can be carried in one hand. All the features work to increase this popularity.

What Conditions User Should Consider Before Starting to Use It

First off, user have to know some conditions or features of this wireless Speaker device. If user examine user needs in light of these features, it will be easy for user to understand whether it is effective for user or not? Pore over the features mentioned as follows-

  1. The dimension of this best wireless Speaker device is 6.5 x 2.1 x 1.9 inches, and the 12.6 ounces. User have to consider this issue when user are about to set up this Speaker device in any place user want.
  2. Generally, it is used by a person who wants to set a long-distance connection as the Bluetooth range of this Speaker device is 66 feet. This means user can receive data in this Speaker device from 66 feet distance. This distance is huge in comparison with the other Speaker devices.
  3. Six Watt power will be consumed by this wireless Speaker device when it plays any sound or music.
  4. One Lithium-ion battery is kept in this Speaker device that is to be charged for several hours. When the charge is fulfilled for once, then user can play this Speaker device for one whole day anywhere user want. But, remember, this one is not waterproof.

If the features mentioned above suits user needs, then user can order this Speaker device. But, before ordering this Speaker device, check the ASIN Number- B016XTADG2 and Item model number- A3102011 for at least once. Checking these two things will enable user to choose the right product among several scam products.

Some Issues relating to Using This Speaker device

A user manual or guide will be sent to user when user orders this Speaker device. User can also know how to use this Speaker device by seeing the video tutorial online. But for user understanding, some of the primary issues are mentioned below. After understanding these options, user will be able to use it user self, without seeing those guides.

  1. User will have the opportunity to use it with any of the devices user want. These devices include- Smartphone, laptops, androids, or any other Bluetooth supported devices. To use it with any device, user have to keep the Speaker device anywhere within 66 feet distance. One thing should be borne in mind- if user wants to get high scale speed; user should keep the other device as near as possible to the Bluetooth Speaker device.
  2. User will see some buttons at the top of this Speaker device. These buttons indicate different functions. User has to turn on this Speaker device by pressing the power button. If user wants to increase the sound of the music, user has to press the button containing the “PLUS” sign. Similarly, if user wants to reduce the music sound, user have to press the “MINUS” button. These buttons are common in almost all the Bluetooth Speaker devices.
  3. This lightweight device is easy to place anywhere user want. That’s why a good number of people use this best Bluetooth Speaker device in picnics or outdoor functions. It will provide user the same stereo sound in all situations. The harmonic distortion produced will not be more than 1% in any situation.

Materials Used in This Speaker device for Excellent Output

This best Bluetooth Speaker device contains some distinctive elements that user will not get in any general wireless Speaker devices. These options make this Speaker device the best one. Now we will show user some of those options. Let’s step forward!

  1. Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity: To maximize the speed of the Bluetooth network, this Speaker device uses this connective technology. That feature will provide user a long playtime in comparison with other devices. But do not worry about its effectiveness. It can receive data from a long distance effectively. It can receive data from the other device from a distance of 66 feet.
  2. Lithium-ion battery:This best wireless Speaker device will play by the charge from a Lithium-ion battery. More often than not, people think the “Lithium battery” and “Lithium-ion battery” is the same, but it’s not. The Lithium battery is not rechargeable, but the other one is. This rechargeable Lithium-ion battery is kept in this Speaker device because it is made of more stable compounds than any general Lithium battery.
  3. Buttons of the Speaker device:Like other wireless Speaker devices, this one contains buttons that are for different functions. User will see a button containing the Bluetooth sign. If user can establish a connection with the other device, then it will show user a notification with flashing light. The functions of these buttons are the same as any other wireless Speaker devices.
  4. Sound Quality:In the product description menu, one thing is mentioned, which is “Breathtaking stereo sound with deep base.” Such a feature of the deep base is the rarest one. Does user know what that is? Deep Base means 16-80 Hz of audio bandwidth that will provide user sound with exceptional clarity. The best wireless Speaker device will provide user that feature by using two drivers & one bass port. It the end, user will get the super output of sounds with almost no distortion.

Title Here


  • High-quality stereo sound will be provided by this Speaker device in which user will get up to mark clarity. This version is also applicable in case of the highest volume.
  • Just after several hours of charging this device, user can use this Speaker device for 24 hours. The Lithium-ion battery will provide user such back-up.
  • Seamless control is applicable here. User can connect this Speaker device with other devices using Bluetooth USB.
  • The established connection of this Speaker device and the other device will be rock-solid. That means it will never show user any problem of low-quality connection.


  1. This wireless Speaker device is not for outdoor use in the rainy season. The reason is that it doesn’t contain any of the water-resistant features.

Final say- Is it Worth It to Order Today?

Different people need different options. Extra-long Bluetooth range is not needed for the people who need a Speaker device for indoor use. It may be useful for a different person who wants to use a Speaker device in a stadium or concert.

This best wireless Speaker device is brought to user by Anker for meeting user needs on family occasions. That’s why the water-resistant feature is absent here, but 24 hours playtime is offered. If user want to use a Speaker device for indoor or on a family occasion in a closed environment, then it will be suitably fit for user.

User can take it for sure- Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker  device will give user 360-degree satisfaction if user need long playtime.


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