Best Audio Technica AT-LP5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 deals

Check out black Friday and cyber Monday deal on Audio Technica: AT-LP5 is a direct drive turntable that is of compact size. This is modern era and everything is becoming more compact and stylish. The outlook of this unit is very stylish that complements the sound produced by it.

The tone arm of Audio Technica AT-LP5 is J-shaped and it is made of metallic gimbals. The unit comes with a head shell that protects it and a stereo cartridge. In turntables there is one thing that often annoys the users and that is damping.

To avoid damping, the material used for this turntable is heavy mass metal. This technology is used in very few turntables. The machine is made of aluminum platter to improve the productions that are of lower frequency level.

Best Audio Technica AT-LP5 Black Friday Overview

This Audio Technica AT-LP5 is a perfect balance of technology. The design of this device is made to complement any house. The anti resonant sound production makes it favorite of all.

The direct drive engine provides play back for all kind of records at two different speeds. Now you can get your desired records and files with minimum resonance. The device is also compatible with USB so now you can directly connect your turntable to your computer.

You can connect Audio Technica AT-LP5 with your PC as well as with your Mac-book. Setup of this unit is also very quick and easy. Out of the box, you can enjoy old records with good and clear sound

Audio Technica AT-LP5 Features

This is a direct drive turntable that is manually operated. The device uses high torque motor for the operations. You can now convert old records into digital sound. The head shell of this device is also very light weight as compared to AT-HS10. The tone arm is shaped as J-shaped to minimize any kind of tracking errors.

The platter of the unit is made anti resonant so to avoid distortions and disturbance. The design of the unit is also very appealing as it is sleek and matte black. There are many input options as well such as RCA, USB, etc.

The record can be played with different speeds such as 45 RPM. There is a dust cover that comes in with the package that allows you to clean your device.

The dust may cause disturbance so cover protects the unit from dust. Mounting hardware is also included with Audio Technica AT-LP5.

  1. J-shaped toner arm of unit

The removable dust cover gives you opportunity to clean it so there comes no hindrance in the audio output or old records. This fully auto turntable is a must have as it performs all the operations gently and records data for you. Once the record is completed then the device automatically returns the tone arm. The unit is compatible to support different speeds such as 33- 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM.  It depends upon the record that what speed it requires to execute the output. In this way you will have no mess in your house or near your devices.

  1. Die cast aluminum platter

The device has a belt drive design. This design is very unique as it isolates the platter from the vibrations and disturbance of motor. The audio is very clear and clean with no distortions. The magnet that is placed inside is replaceable. If you want to replace it then you can replace it with diamond stylus. With this design, you can play your old records and bring in the old memories of your loved ones. You can use these when required and remove them when you are not using them.

Best Audio Technica AT-LP5 Specifications

This is direct turntable that is fully manual. You can control all the features directly. The record can be played at different speed of 33- 1/3 RPM or 45 RPM speed. The platter of turntable is made of aluminum that is very lightweight.

The toner arm is balanced with hydraulic lift and an adjustable weight that is responsible to deliver perfect performance. The modes of the unit are also switchable. Out of the box, you can get the phono input that is anti resonant.

If the frequency of the record is low then you can get improved output wit aluminum platter. The cartridge used to build this device is also very high performance with a very light weight head shell. The RCA cables are also available with this unit such as dual RCA male cable to other dual RCA male cable that is stereo.


  • This unit produces clear and detailed sound
  • Plays at two different speeds of 33 RPM and 45 RPM
  • Operation is very quick and easy and so is the setup
  • Records can be rip to the digital files
  • Direct connection to your computer through USB


  • Sound can be more clearer

Comparison and Review

This unit has top rating of 5 stars with positive and high rated reviews. The device is very sleek with amazing sound performance. Now you can easily transfer all of your records into digital audio or MP3.

Die cast aluminum platter produces anti resonant sound that is high resolution and clear. The dust cover that comes in with the package is very beneficial. You can cover your device to avoid any dust on the platter.

It performs clean and clear operations without any disturbance or distortions. You will get a balanced and organized sound with this unit. It also has the ability to rip the files into some digital files.

Check out black Friday and Cyber Monday deal 2021 on Audio Technica AT- LP5: If you want to buy this device on a discounted price then get it on the black Friday sale. The company provides some amazing deals during this sale. You can get your AT- LP5 turntable at your desired price now as the wait is over. Out of the box, this device is top rated as it allows you to convert your records in to MP3 and digital formats.

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