Best ION Speakers with Lights – 2022 (Top 6 Picks)

ION is the company that is well known in the market for manufacturing speakers of different and unique features. The company has been manufacturing different speakers ranging from wireless speakers to speakers with lights.

The speakers of the ION brand come with many amazing features such as dazzling and energizing lights, Bluetooth, wireless connectivity, etc.

Each speaker is designed in a different way to give you many options to choose from such as some speakers have lights on the top and others have lights on the subwoofers only.

The colors emitted from the speakers are in different ranges such as red, green, blue, pink, yellow, black, etc.

6 best ION speakers with lights

There are many options available for the users to choose from regarding the speakers. Choosing the best speaker among all might be confusing and tricky.

So, we have narrowed the search for you because we have listed some of the best ION speakers based on their features, lights, performance, sound quality, etc. Following are the 6 best speakers manufactured by ION.

#1. ION Audio party rocker max

ION brand is a famous brand in the market for producing some high-quality speakers with lights. The ION Audio Block Rocker Plus is Portable Bluetooth Speaker 100W and also has Karaoke Microphone, AM FM Radio, Wheels.

ION Audio party rocker max

Build and Design

ION Audio party rocker max has a 100 watt speaker that produces a clear and crisp sound. The system has a built in battery that provides about 75 hours of maximum play time to its users.

The light show delivered by ION Audio party rocker max is mesmerizing and catches the eyes of both adults and children. There is a space for a microphone as well on the speaker and has one already.


The speaker has a power of 100 watts and it is perfect for a larger audience. The system has a very loud volume and there is a dial at the front of the system through which you can use to control the volume.

There is a feature that you can control the life span of the system by dropping the volume to an average level. The speaker produces mesmerizing and rich bass tones with clear details of every sound track.

The speaker also has compatibility with Bluetooth so that you can directly play the music from your phone. If you have the volume at full level and the lights are all dazzling, then the battery span will be about 7 or 8 hours maximum.


The speaker can be easily moved around to carry to places. The performance of the speaker is amazing and it has a suitcase design so you can easily move it.

There is a microphone with the speaker as well for the people who want to sing by themselves at the parties. The microphone that comes with the package is not wireless but if you want a wireless microphone, then you can buy one and attach it with the speakers.


  • Powerful Bluetooth connectivity
  • Portable
  • Easy to move and carry
  • Sound production is amazing
  • Long battery span
  • Smart and sleek design


  • The package has only one wired mike
  • Lights can irritate eyes

#2. ION Audio Party rocker

The ION audio party rocker is a compact design speaker with amazing sound production. This system comes along with many other accessories as well.

ION Audio Party Rocker Max bluetooth speaker 2021

Design and build

The dimension of the ION audio party rocker is 4 inches with a 2-way speaker. The system is built such that it can accommodate many accessories with it.

The package comes with accessories such as a power adapter, microphone, and a cable, start guide/ manual, and a 5 mm aux cable.


The party rocker is Bluetooth compatible that allows the users to directly connect their phones to the system for amazing music playback.

The connection to the device is quick and straightforward because you just have to turn on the speaker and tap on the Bluetooth button. The users can not play the music from a USB port.

The most attractive feature of the ION audio party rocker speaker is its lights. The ION has made some adjustments to this system so that you can control your lights whether you want them to be slow or fast.


The overall sound production of the system is amazing and there is a Mic as well with the system. If you are singing yourself and want to add karaoke to the music then tap on the echo button on the speaker.

In this way the illusion of karaoke will be added to your voice. The battery timing is amazing as it can last for up to 8 hours maximum when fully charged.


  • Portable
  • Long battery life
  • Lights can be controlled
  • Strong Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compact design


  • The sound from Mic is not so good

#3. ION Audio tailgater flash

The tailgater flash from the ION manufacturers is the best for outdoor uses. The design is very much durable with a notch sound quality.

Design and build

The tailgater flash speaker has an elegant design and there is a USB port for the charging of other devices. There is AM/ FM with this speaker and it comes with a battery timing of about 50 hours.

There are two different AUX ports. The Bluetooth range is also very long for about 100 feet. The system can also be controlled directly from the app on your phone and you can also adjust the equalizer to your wish. The system also has an amazing LED light display.


The system has many advanced features such as there is a knob on the front that lets you control the volume. This feature is helpful when you are using Mic as it will not drown your voice.


The system has a strong and compact sub woofer that produces the sound and the bass production is separate from mid to high range sounds. The overall performance of tailgater flash is impressive and there is a wide dispersion tweeter that allows the sound to travel to longer distances.


  • Good sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Connects with a mobile app
  • Portable and compact design
  • Durable for outdoor activities
  • Mic control dial


  • The LED display is not durable

#4. ION Audio party rocker plus

This is a very much attractive speaker with eye dazzling color lights and amazing sound production.

Build and design

The system is built such that it contains an 80 watt amplifier that is enough to boost your party. The system also has a 6.5-inch sub woofer that provides spectacular bass.

The colorful lights are placed on the top of the speaker with six amazing colors. The colors are white, orange, red, green, blue, and magenta.

The colored lights create a more vibrant look and make the atmosphere appealing and entertaining. There are buttons on the speaker that let you control different things.


The system gives 75 hours of play time with light. And if the lights are turned off then the users can get an even longer battery life.

The users can connect the speaker directly to the phone using Bluetooth and if they do not have a phone then the connection can be made using the AUX cable.


The system gives mesmerizing sound with beautiful six colored light. The battery timings are also longer so the users can enjoy the party for a longer period. The Mic allows the users to control the system directly and they can play the music sung by them.


  • 5 inch woofer
  • Quality bass production
  • Many lights of different colors
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compact design


  • The high sound gets distorted sometimes
  • Battery drops when lights are on

#5. ION audio house party

The house party speaker from the ION has a compact design like other speakers from the ION. The speaker comes with many advanced features and gives the users a visual experience. The size of the speaker is small but the sound performance is promising.

Design and Build

The system is a compact design and has a microphone that can be connected by a connecting cable that comes in with the package. If you need an extra wireless microphone, then you can connect it using the AUX USB port present on the side of the speaker.


The system has some amazing spinning lights that make the atmosphere entertaining and appealing for party lovers. If you want to play music without lights, then you can simply turn off the lights.

The music can be played by Bluetooth connectivity or a traditional player that can be connected by a 3.5 mm aux port. The lights work in sync with the audio such that if the volume is between 50 and 75, the lights will be full and mesmerizing. The lights are harsh so it is better for the users to not directly look into them.


The sound production is amazing but at very high volumes the sound may get distorted. The speaker delivers promising sound from the 6.5 inches sub woofers as well so you do not need to connect an extra sub woofer with it.

The party rocker speaker also has a 50-watt amplifier that makes the audio punchy and loud. The users get a very clear and crisp sound by using these party rockers.


  • Design is compact
  • Amazing sound production
  • Mic available
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 5 mm aux port


  • No battery so direct connections should be made
  • Not durable

#6.  ION audio block party live

The system is very much reliable with strong batteries. The speaker has a compact design that makes it easy to carry and handle.

Build and design

When we think of party speakers, we think that they might be very heavy. But, this s not true as block party live is very compact and smart.

The design of the speaker is like a luggage box so it can be carried and handled easily. There are lights at the top that give pulsating effects. The system also has a button that can be used to control all the lights.


The system has a 50 watt amplifier and is used with such material that gives it more durability. The lights coming from the speakers are of different colors such as red, orange, green, and blue.

There is a port available for the users who want to plug in an extra speaker to get more powerful and filling sounds. The Bluetooth connection is also very stable as the users can play the songs from 100 feet away.

So, that you can easily move around and still listen to the amazing and powerful beats. The users can also plug into the device that is not Bluetooth-connected. The system has an AUX port that allows the users to connect to the other devices.


The most important thing in the speaker is their battery timing. The users prefer speakers with good and long battery life. Therefore, we have listed this speaker that has a battery life of up to 75 hours.

If the lights are also on, then the battery life may drop to 8 hours. But still, this battery is enough for a party. The users can also control the light modes that either they want dim lights r bright lights. There is a dial that allows you to control all of the features.


  • Durable design
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Bluetooth can be connected to 100 feet
  • Compact design and easy to handle
  • Dazzling and spinning lights of different colors
  • Aux port for connecting other devices


  • The speaker has a high price
  • Volume through Mic is extremely low


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