Best Sony Bluetooth speaker under $200 in 2023

Here we proudly announce the best Sony speakers that come up with crystal clear sound with high crisps, deep bass, detailed midranges are mentioned below.

Best Sony Bluetooth speaker 2022

Sony SRS-XB22

As in summer, you might find yourself in the market for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can use by the pool or on the water area. Sony’s SRS-XB22 is not only waterproof; it is also dustproof, so you can easily take it to the beach. Its price is very reasonable only $79.99.

The SRS-XB22 delivers a more decent and pleasant sound for its size, and it lights up with fun LED bands that surround the drivers, making it fun for parties. It is a completely fine option for the price, though there are stronger speakers out there if audio is your main concern.


It size is 2.9×8.0×2.8 inches (HWD) and very light in weight, only 1.2 pounds, The Orange SRS-XB22 comes in black, gray or teal. Its IP67 rating means it is completely dustproof and waterproof. It can sink up to a meter, so it can definitely withstand poolside sprays or use in the shower. As we said, there is also a built-in LED lightshow, with thin LED bands around the front facing speaker grille, as well as interior lights flashing from the back of the grille.

The mesh itself is wrapped in cloth, while the rest of the speaker is made of external matte rubber or silicone material. Underneath the fabric, there is a beautiful mesh to protect the drivers. And behind the grille, dual 1.65 inch drivers deliver a frequency range of 20Hz-20kzz, supported by a central idle bass radiator.

The speaker has rubberized legs at the bottom to sit on the tablets, and a control panel at the top. Buttons for playback, plus or minus for volume, and power or pair. Live also has a labeled button that acts as an extra bass mode control.

The rear panel has a second grille and covered connections panel for efficient air movement. Below the snap-shutter lid, there are connections for the included micro USB charging cable input. On the same panel, there are buttons labeled Lad (to add another speaker and assign left / right channels to pair the stereo), WPC (to connect multiple speakers with the same sound source) and Butt (to indicate battery life). Butt button is also an LED light ON/ OFF button.

The free Sony Music app for Android and iOS is not terribly elegant, but it is as easy to use and the adjustable EQ is a robust feature that allows you to dial in your favorite level of bass depth and high frequency presence, within its limit drivers. You can also use it to adjust the LED light and bass settings.

Battery timing

Sony estimates that battery life is about 12 hours, or 10 hours of special bass mode activated, but your results will vary with your volume level.


Before we discuss the audio display, let’s talk about the live button. It should not be there. This means that the speaker looks thinner without activating live mode. Lite is literally no style that feels better than turning off this button. So, we test the audio by turning on this button. Also, the Live button only seems to be on or off between two modes, while the app offers three modes: Extra Bass, Live and Off. It is confusing, and it is unclear how much of a difference there is between Extra Bass and Live Modes – anyway, avoid skipping these modes.

On tracks with intense sub-bass material, the SRS-XB22 provides decent bass depth at moderate volume. When the volume is increased, however, the speaker tends to get a little distorted and stiff Digital Signal Processing works mostly solid, which can have crazy levels of distortion on a track like this, but it is still there to a degree. This is not a big shock that this is the case – this track is packing powerful sub-bass that does not have a speaker like this to handle.

A track with very little deep bass in the mix, gives us a good understanding of the general sound signature of the SRS-XB22. The drums on these types of tracks seem a bit thin that speeding up the bass on the EQ in the app helps somewhat, but again, this speaker is not designed to further the depth of the bass.

Proximity is also really important to enable live mode, and when listening at close range, the depth of the bass is appropriate. But taking a few steps away from the speaker actually produces a low frequency response.

Baritone tone finds pleasant low-medium richness through the SRS-XB22, but for the most part, this is the signature of a crisp, bright, clear voice. There is also a decent focus on mids and low-mids, but even from a short distance, it is really high-middle and high-level that projects high.

The speakerphone function gives a reasonable understanding. Using the Voice Is Memoz app on the iPhone 8, we can understand every word that is relatively clearly recorded. There was typical Bluetooth blur and distortion in places, but it was not extreme.


  • SPEAKER TYPE- Full Range
  • SPEAKER SIZE– Satellite Speaker: 42mm
  • BATTERY LIFE – 12 hours
  • INPUT AND OUTPUT TERMINALS- Stereo Mini Jack (IN) ,micro USB
  • FREQUENCY TRANSMISSION RANGE- 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz sampling)


For a period of less than 100, it is difficult to make a speaker that sounds good, leave $ 80. When you add LED lights and an IP67 rating, it is not hard to imagine that much of the budget has gone into the physical construction of the SRS-XB22, with a little less focus on audio than usual.

We have heard of excellent wireless speakers in this price range, but it is rare. The IKEA Eneby (12-inch), for example, looks nice, but it is not portable. When it comes to portable speakers, we are fans of the Anchor Soundcore Flare, the JBL Charge 4 and the pricey Sony SRS-XB32.


  • Rugged, fully waterproof design
  • Decent audio performance for the size and price


  • Distorts on deep bass at high volumes
  • Not for those seeking accurate or powerful audio

Sony SRS-XB12


There is a large variety of tiny, portable Bluetooth speaker devices that claim to deliver powerful audio in a water-resistant design. However, the XB12 is the rare example that lives up to its claims. It is affordable and valuable in range. It is a totally water-proof device.

In audio, the XB12 packs a wallop for a speaker its size. Those looking for truly powerful sound require to spend more on a bigger system, but if a tiny speaker is your main priority then this audio device is truly impressive and worth our editor’s choice.


Brand Sony
Color Violet, black, blue, brown, green or red
Speaker Type Outdoor
Model Name SRSXB12/V
Battery Life 16 Hours


Measuring roughly 3.0 by 3.7 inches (width and height) and weighing in at 8.6 ounces, the cylindrical SRS-XB12 is available in black, blue, brown, green or red models, and is small enough to fit a small or even one coat with pockets.

Its only 46mm driver fires upwards and is protected by a metallic grille; the rest of the speaker’s exterior has a matte rubber texture. Internally, the driver also gets the help of a passive radiator. Below the covered panel, there is a micro USB port for inserted charging cable input.

Depending on the speaker, there are buttons for power, volume up / down, play / pause and a button that allows you to have a control panel. To make pair with another Sony speaker and assign as a left or right channel in a stereo pair.

The bottom panel of the SRS-XB12 is rubberized just like the rest of the exterior. That said, the speaker produces too much bass vibration for its size, it will definitely dance on tabletops and probably jump straight on certain tracks. Thus, the attached lanyard is a design element that we validate and recommend using when cranking things.

The IP67 rating of the SRS-XB12 means that if the cover protecting the ports is closed, it may be exposed to a little water. It is capable of submerging up to one meter for up to 30 minutes, so it can withstand rain or poolside showers for sure, and can be cleaned under a faucet. It is also dust resistant, and so it is a great outdoor solid choice.

Battery timing

Sony estimates the battery life of the SRS-XB12 to be around 16 hours, but your results will vary with your volume level.


On tracks with intense sub-bass material such as The Knopf’s, the SRS-XB12 provides admirable bass depth, although clearly no speaker will be able to move anything close to a bass like a subwoofer in this size. In medium to high volume, the track packs several bass punches, with the digital signal processing thinning slightly to avoid distortion.

At the maximum volume level, the driver gets a little impressed. It is not necessarily the full-on distortion we hear, but the digital signal processing is churning and the driver sounds on the edge of distortion without actually going there.

See how we test the speakers

A track with very little deep bass in the mix, gives us a good understanding of the general sound signature of the SRS-XB12. The drums on this track get a full, full presence from the drivers – not something loud, but they do not seem too thin. Baritone vocals achieve a little too much richness in the low mids, and the acoustic guitar strings are crisp and bright.

Tracks like “YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE “, recently re-released by MICHAEL BALL/CAPTAIN TOM MOORE, show what the speaker is capable of. The drums sound here, really a little roar, which is no small feat for a speaker of this size. Also, with a clear, rich bass line, just more perfectly, the track looks perfect, which feels like real power at the top.

The kick-drum loop of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild” finds an ideal upper-middle presence, allowing its attack to maintain its multicolored edge in the mix.

The sub-bass hits are more implied than the delivery, but the drum loop itself gets some extra thumps. From this and previous tracks we can see that the loose and low-meds have gained some momentum.

The sub-bass have a clearly higher frequency than the sub-bass, but are low enough to give the drums a little loop when the mix is ​​called for. The John tracks, The Gospel of John and Dummies, like the other Mary’s opening scene, were a bit fascinated by the SRS-XB12.

The lower overall mix level that maintains mobility also means that, despite the maximum volume, the output of a track like this seems a bit low. The lower register instrument has a solid, rich presence, and the high register brass, the strings and sound are bright and crisp, but a more powerful speaker will be able to convey the dynamics of the mix more confidently.

Using the Voice Is Memoz app on the iPhone 8, we can understand every word we record, but the Audio was full of Bluetooth distortion, it should be clear enough to make phone calls, but if you have a bad signal, it can be difficult to understand you.


If you really want a little bass power, you cannot get this size from the speaker, but I will admit at the time, I forgot I was listening to a smaller speaker, especially the bass drums can pack a surprise punch from Sony.

Humble frame of SRS-XB12 for $ 60, you get a powerful, portable, waterproof speaker, nothing really to complain about here. If you have more space in your budget, consider the $ 150 Sony SRS-XB32 or $ 180 JBL Charge 4, which has more speakers that can provide more power.

In this price range, we also like the J60 JBL Clip 3, which has the same waterproof build and size. But the SRS-XB12 manages to push the bass a little further, and in the process get the choice of our editors.


  • Impressively powerful audio performance for the size
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable


  • Come close to distortion on some deep bass
  • Speakerphone mic isn’t very clear

Sony SRS-XB23


Sony has the best products in the portable Bluetooth speaker realm, and it is been busy updating its outdoor friendly lineup for the summer. The SRS-XB23 is the least luxurious of the company’s three new waterproof models, and at $99.99, it delivers relatively more powerful audio.

Those seeking huge bass will likely desire to move up in size and price to Sony’s $250 SRS-XB23, but if you are looking to cap your spending at $100.


The cylindrical SRS-XB23 measures 3.0×8.6 inches (HW) and is available in blue, green, black, red, or white. Below the wrapped cloth grille, dual full-range drivers respond to a frequency of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

It has a linear loop to hang the speaker from both ends of the speaker’s passive radiators, and one end of the speaker from anything that can support its 1.3-pound weight to help out the response of the extra bass.

The IP67 rating of SRS-XB23’s is quite good for a portable speaker. 6 means it is very dust resistant and 7 means it can withstand scattered, heavy rains and sinks up to one meter for 30 minutes. Thus, it can be rinsed under the faucet without issue, until the snap-shut cover for cable connection is completely closed.

Furthermore, Sony claims that the speaker is also salt water resistant, so the speaker is definitely beach-friendly. With power, Bluetooth pairing, Play or Pause, and plus and minus for volume, the rubberized control panel runs down the back panel. Below this, the Battery Status button lets you read the rest of the battery life. There are also restrictions for party mode and a stereo pair.

The Sony Music Center app for Android and iOS is a one-size-fits-all app that offers a variety of features depending on the product you pair with it. The SRS-XB23 links to the app without issue and gives you .exe access to a few helpful settings.

First, if you want stereo audio dio instead of mono, you’ll need to switch to stereo in the sound settings menu. This same section also has a way of switching user-adjustable EQ and bass, which looks bad, but saves battery life. There are many other power-saving modes you can enable or disable.

Battery timing

Sony estimates that battery life is about 12 hours, but your results will change with your volume level.


On tracks with intense sub-bass material, the SRS-XB23 does its best to deliver deep bass, but it’s not just in the cards. It doesn’t get distorted, thanks to some very strong digital signal processing that tamper with pretty deep lows when the volume is increased.

Thus, at a higher volume level, the bass makes a thinner sound, while at a medium volume; you get a stronger bass sound. Either way, the SRS-XB23 sub-bass is not fully and fully capable of reproducing at this price and size, which should not be expected.

The type of bass that has a greater depth of depth is more in the lower and lower-mids – the bass line on the “stereo” of the pavement, looks rich and dynamic here.

Test the speakers

A track with very little deep bass in the mix, gives us a good understanding of the general sound signature of the SRS-XB23. The drums on this track may sound too loud on bass-forward speakers, but here, they retreat and sound like subtle tapping rather than thumping.

It is the baritone tone of kalahan that achieves the most low-medium richness, and thus feels like the presence of a primary bass in the mix. The high-meads and s height are quite crisp and molded, ensuring that the mixture retains its clear radius edge. Vocals, acoustic streams and percussive hits all benefit from the sculptural elevation here.

On the kick drum loop receives an ideal amount of high-middle presence, allowing its attack to maintain its punctuation. The drum loop may sound a little thinner here, however, and hits the sub-bass which are more suggestive than a pause so we get their raspy top notes, but nothing like what you heard on the big speaker system it feels like the depth of a powerful bass.

The lower-register instrument is heavily supported by drivers and passive radiators; some low-medium richness has been added here, but nothing that makes the mixture muddy. High-register brass, strings and sound are delivered with crisp clarity.

For speakerphone calls, the mic gives the right insight. Using the Voice Is Memoz app on the iPhone 8, we can understand every recorded word. There is some typical Bluetooth distortion when blurring words, but it is not excessive, and the mic level is solid.


  • Manufacturer – Sony
  • Hands-Free Function – Yes
  • Amplification Type – active
  • Frequency Response – 20 – 20000 Hz
  • Output Features – EXTRA BASS
  • Audio Amplifier- integrated
  • Connectivity Technology – wireless
  • Sound Effects – ClearAudio+, Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE)
  • Rechargeable Battery – rechargeable
  • Technology – lithium ion
  • Capacity – 2700 mAh
  • Recharge Time – 4 hour(s)
  • Run Time (Up To)- 12 hour(s)
  • Designed for – for portable use
  • Type – speaker
  • Power Source – battery
  • Options – auto power off
  • Brand – Sony
  • Product Line – Sony
  • Protection – dustproof, shockproof, waterproof


For speakers of this size under Size 100, the Sony SRS-XB23 delivers on many fronts. Its audio performance is solid with rich bass solid depth and solid high-frequency clarity.

Those looking for a really deep bass from a portable speaker need to spend more on a larger option like the aforementioned SRS-XB43 or J400 JBL Boombox 2, in the 75 to $ 150 range.

we charge the J 140 JBL 4 and Sony 150 Sony Looking for fan. The SRS-XB23 is no exception to its rugged, waterproof build and application-based EQ controls. But for some, it would be worth spending a little more on its larger, more powerful siblings.


  • Powerful bass depth and crisp compact design
  • Can switch from mono to stereo playback
  • Rugged, waterproof build


  • Not for those seeking serious bass depth

Sony SRS-XB32


  • Manufacturer- Sony
  • Hands-Free Function – Yes
  • Amplification Type – active
  • Output Features – EXTRA BASS
  • Audio Amplifier – integrated
  • Connectivity Technology – wired, wireless
  • Sound Effects – Clear Audio+, Digital Sound Enhancement Engine


Sony portable XB line has produced many winners in the past. Today, however, the competition is a bit tougher. It is easier to include extra bass in combination with passive radiator and many speakers are now waterproof.

Sony introduces the SRS-XB32, like some of the JBL models we tested, has built-in LED features like the Dello, but it is most impressive features are its audio Dio display and its waterproof build.

The bass depth here is rich, there are binary listening modes and the Sony music app allows for even more granular EQ adjustment. For the, the SRS-XB32 offers a stronger listening experience.


SRS-XB32 is available in black, blue, or gray models, it roughly measurement is 3.4×9.4×3.4 inches (HWD) and weight is about 2 pounds. It is a little massive, but it should not be too difficult to carry around from place to place.

Its IP67 rating means that it can withstand fascination in up to a meter of water, and thus can withstand rain, splashes, and being rinsed off. It is also completely protected from dust, so this is an ideal outdoor speaker.

The LED gives you another start to power up the speaker and play music. No adjustment is made to what they do – patterns and colors remain more or less the same, with border LEDs that change colors and drivers under the grille occasionally flare from small strobes. You can disable the feature by pressing the battery OR light button on the back panel.

Around the top panel of the rubberized surface of the srs-xb32, there are controls for play or pause or phone answer and end for volume, plus or minus buttons and power or pair button. There is also a live button, actually a “bass boost” button. The bass vibration prevents the rubberized fit speaker on the bottom panel from moving around.

The front face is all speaker grilles, angled slightly above, with dual 1.9-inch drivers below. There is also a rear-firing passive bass radiator, and the rear panel has a covered connections panel. The panel has a micro USB port for charging, and a USB port for charging mobile devices using the speaker’s battery.

Battery timing

Sony estimates that the SRS-XB32 gets about 24 hours of battery life, but your results will vary with your volume level, your led usage, and your streaming and wired audio playback. With live mode and lights on, that estimate drops to 14 hours.


On tracks with intense sub-bass material such as the Knopf’s “silent shot”, the SRS-XB32 offers a bit of solid bass depth for its size, but at the top, the digital signal processing kicks out the bottom. Dramatically in live mode, the DSP has more work to do on a track like this type of music.

At the top, it can sound as if it is on the verge of distortion but never get there. Thankfully, there is also a high-mid-presence, so things never seem muddy or overly bass-heavy, but this is definitely a sculpted sound signature.

A track with very little deep bass in the mix, gives us a good understanding of the general sound signature of the SRS-XB32. The drums on this track get some solid thumps, but most of the depth of the bass seems to permeate baritone tone, whether in live mode or not.

Guitar strings are crisp and bright, and generally speaking, this is a balanced sound. In live mode, it looks like there are some DSPS in the game that try to widen the stereo area a bit.

That’s not bad, but we prefer the undeleted audio without pressing the live button. Especially on this type of track, the presence of bass is not particularly affected.

The kick drum loop gains a high-enough mid-presence to retain a relatively agile punch, but the added bass depth adds more flair to the loop’s durability. The sub-bass synth hits that usually have some strong presence as they get a little bored here not really intense sub-bass depth by this medium-sized speaker.

The sound has solid clarity in both modes, but it feels a bit more crisp and front-end-centered with live mode disabled.

Testing the sound

Like the opening scene in john the apostles’ john the apostles, the gospel, according to another Mary, get some bass presence that won’t ask to classicist, but will give this recording a little more body.

The high register brass, strings, and tone remain bright and the focus of the mix, but this is a magical sound with plenty of bass with depth. Of course, in both cases, you can use the app’s EQ, and i got to add a little bass and trouble, most styles get a little more punch and presence.

Speakerphone mic, so gives wit. Using the voice is memoz app on the iphone 8, we could understand every word we recorded, but at the time audio was somewhat vague, unclear and the mic seemed far away. This is more or less the same for the course with the built-in Bluetooth speakerphone mix.


The rugged build of the Sony SRS-XB32, combined with its ability to render powerful audio from a relatively modest frame, makes it an ideal outdoor wireless speaker. For the price, we think the SRS-XB32 is a good option, but we are also fans of the JBL charge 4, and the marshal stockwell.

If the light show captivates you, the JBL Pulse 3 features a more impressive and glowing LED. Overall, there’s very little to complain about here, but the SRS-XB32 joins an area full of solid options.


  • Powerful, molded audio performance with rich bass depth and crisp highs
  • Gets loud for its size
  • Adjustable EQ


  • Mediocre mic quality
  • DSP can overwhelm mix at times

Sony SRS-XB33


Sony recently updated its SRS range of portable Bluetooth speakers, and the SRS-XB33 is a mid-priced option, at $149.99. While not exactly small, the Sony SRS-XB33 is still too small for what it can produce the depth of the bass here is plentiful for size and price.

Thankfully the louds are balanced by sculptural height, but this speaker isn’t for those who want to get accurate audio performance. That said, the in-app PQ allows tweaking some voice signatures, and the built-in LED lights will add an entertaining factor, making the SRS-XB33 a solid outdoor-friendly option for the price.


Its measurement is 3.8×9.7×4.2 (HWD) and available in black, blue, red, or taupe color, the SRS-XB33 is not quite cylindrical. On both end, it has a band of LED lights that repeatedly change colors and flash to the beat.

Behind the cloth mesh, dual full-range drivers, with the help of passive bass radiators on both ends of the speaker, offer a frequency range of 20Hz to 20 kHz. The drivers are also lit by LEDs and look like glowing eyes from behind the grille. The rubber screws on the bottom panel keep the 2.4-pound speaker stable on a flat surface.

The rubber bar on the top panel includes controls, including power, Bluetooth, play or pause buttons, minus or plus for volume, and live, which adds an unnecessary spatial effect to the audio. This area is the NFC.

There is also a pair of zones and LEDs of position for whether the pairing mode, battery life and stamina mode are activated. This is a low-power mode that essentially saves battery life by eliminating bass feedback.

It is not the best for listening to music but it can be helpful when saving battery life and using the speaker for a call or podcast. There are also buttons for party and stereo pairing modes – both features for connecting with other SRS speakers.

The SRS-XB33 has an excellent IP67 rating for portable speakers. 6 indicate a dust resistant exterior and 7 means it can withstand splashes, heavy rain and sink up to one meter for 30 minutes.

So it can also be rinsed under a faucet, until the snap-shut cover for the USB-C charging cable connection is completely closed. Sony has also claimed that the speaker is also salt water resistant, so you can bring it to the beach without worrying.

Among the most immediately useful settings – the ability to control an LED light show – there are more than a dozen settings to choose from with names like Chill or Rev, as well as quiet settings that gradually fade between the same colors.

Of course, you can also turn off the lights completely. For EQ and LED controls alone, the Music Center app is worth downloading.

Battery timing

Sony estimates that battery life is about 24 hours, but your results will change with your volume level.


On tracks with intense sub-bass material, such as The Knife’s “Silent Scream”, the SRS-XB33 delivers a significant low-frequency thump for a speaker of this size. At medium volumes, it really seems to have some deep bottom bottoms, whereas at high volumes, the depth of the bass is somewhat thinned by digital signal processing, but not to an extreme extent. At the max-out-out volume level, there is no distortion, and still the bass. Depth has a very healthy meaning.

Test the speakers

A track with very little deep bass in the mix, gives us a good understanding of the general sound signature of the SRS-XB33. The drums on this type of track can sound loud on large, bass-forward systems, but here, they strike a fine balance between being strong, full bass depth and not overdoing it.

Plenty of low-medium richness is given to baritone tone. Thankfully, there is a solid high-medium and high-frequency presence to keep things clear and defined. Acoustic streams and high-range percussive hits are delivered, as well, with the presence of high-frequency.

Generally, this is a sculpted, scooped sound signature, and crisp high-frequency contour, but Midrange takes a little vacation. This can be remedied to a degree with the EQ of the application.

Mike gives solid insight. Using the Voice Is Memoz app on the iPhone 8, we can clearly understand every word we record. The mix still has some typical Bluetooth distortion, but the mic signal is strong and on the other hand the callers should be able to hear you without being issued.


For $ 150, the Sony SRS-XB33A waterproof, with solid bass depth from a fairly compact frame, represents an excellent value. The user-adjustable EQ in the app just salts the deal. Between this model and the SR 100 SRS-XB23, which we also like, we strongly suggest this – the price increase is not important, but what you get in return will be suitable for some. We really like the $ 180 JBL Charge 4, which can now be found more regularly than the Sony model. And if you’re willing to spend more with the same rugged build and LED lights, but with a stronger audio display, Sony’s SRS-XB43B is the best set.


  • SPEAKER TYPE – Full Range
  • DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) – Approx. 9.7 ” (246 mm) x 3.8 ” (97 mm) x 4.2 ” (106 mm) (w/h/d)
  • WEIGHT – Approx. 2.4 lb (1,100 g)
  • BATTERY LIFE – Approx. 24 h
  • INTERNAL RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – Internal rechargeable battery
  • POWER CONSUMPTION – Approx. 7.5 W


  • Powerful and strong bass depth and overall audio performance the size
  • Waterproof and dust-resistant build
  • Cool LED lighting


  • Scooped sound signature, not for purists



It is the largest and most expensive model in Sony portable, waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Its price is $249.99, fairly for the amount of audio firepower it delivers. This is a loud, bass-forward speaker. In addition to its rugged assemble and big sound, it features built-in LEDs for more fun light show and adaptable EQ, so you can dial in your audio preferences.


The measurement of SRS-XB43 is 4.8×12.8×4.6 inches (HWD) and weight is 6.5 pounds. It is available in black, blue, or taupe. It has LED lights that wrap around its right and left ends.

The top panel has a control strip, including power, Bluetooth pairing, play or pause or call management, and less for volume, and a live button that is considered audio. Three dimensional sound effect that we recommend skipping. The strip also has a status LED, battery life indicator and is an NFC pair field.

The back of the speaker holds a compartment covered with connections for the included power adapter, a wall unit that terminates in USB-C. The SRS-XB43 battery also has a 3.5mm OX input and USB-A output for charging other devices. The covered panel also has buttons for battery life, party mode and stereo mode, which work in conjunction with two other SRS speakers.

The cover for this panel provided is closed, with an IP67 rating of SRS-XB4343, which is best for a portable speaker. It can withstand exposure to dirt and dust, and is as waterproof as 2.5 feet, so it will be great in the rain or by the pool. Sony also claims that the SRS-XB43 is salt water resistant, making it a good option for going to the beach.

Among the most immediately useful settings – the ability to control an LED light show – there are more than a dozen settings to choose from with names like Chill or Rev, as well as quiet settings that gradually fade between the same colors. For EQ and LED controls alone, the Music Center app is worth downloading. You can also control the LED strips by choosing from different color schemes or turning them all off. There are many other useful power settings to save battery life.

Battery timing

Sony estimates the battery life of the SRS-XB43 to be around 24 hours, but your results will vary with your volume level.


On tracks with intense sub-bass material, the SRS-XB43 responds to powerful low frequency. At the medium volume level, the bass is still strong, and at the top volume level, it doesn’t get distorted or too thin, as sometimes a portable speaker employs too much digital signal processing.

Test the speakers

A track with very little deep bass in the mix, gives us a good understanding of the general sound signature of the SRS-XB43. The drums on this type of tracks get a solid amount of bass rumble without going too far. There is a sense of roar, but there is nothing that threatens to give the mix more power. Baritone tone also achieves some low-to-medium richness, but benefits from high-medium and high-frequency presence that makes things crisp. Acoustic streams and high-register percussion also benefit from sculpted trouble. If there is one complaint here, it is that the scooped-sounding signature favors bass and trouble over the mids, and that accurate depiction of the mix won’t appeal to seekers – but EQ can somewhat curb the sculpture.

According to John’s other scenes, like the confidential scene of John’s drums, get more bass depth than what the purists are looking for, but the overall result is still a balanced, crisp sound with solid low-frequency anchoring. The lower-register instrumentation may go a bit further in the mix, but it doesn’t bore the high-register brass, strings and tone.

Mike gives solid insight. Using the Voice Is Memoz app on the iPhone 8, we understand every word we record, and when the Bluetooth was slightly distorted around the edge, the mic signal was strong.


Brand Sony
Color Black
Model Name SRSXB43
Battery Life 24 Hours
Item Weight 6.5 Pounds

About this item

  • Play it loud with EXTRA BASS sound
  • waterproof rustproof and dustproof design
  • Listen up to 24 hours of battery life
  • Boost your music with 2 or multi-colored line lights
  • booming with Party Connect up to 100 speakers
  • X-Balanced Speaker Unit enhances sound quality
  • Efficiently charge with USB Type-C
  • use the XB43 to charge your smartphone
  • Control the party with the Sony Music
  • Wireless with BLUETOOTH technology and NFC


The SRS-XB43 is the most expensive of Sony’s new SRS speakers, it fits somewhere between the other two models that we really like: the small 180 JBL Charge 4 and the huge, 400 JBL Boombbox X2. The SRS-XB43’s excellent waterproof rating and powerful audio output are signs in its favor, and LED lighting is a pleasing bonus. If you desire to spend less than all of these choice, the $ 100 Sony SRS-XB23 is a solid option with less solid audio firepower but the same jagged, waterproof build. For the price, however, the SRS-XB43 delivers and receives our Editors’ Choice Award.


  • Powerful and strong audio performance with strong bass depth and sculpted highs
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Dust and waterproof build
  • In-app EQ


  • Not for listeners seeking accuracy
  • Bulky

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