10 Best Soundbars Speakers for 2023: VIZIO, Sonos, Yamaha, Polk Audio, JBL, Samsung

In modern times home theater had become a part of everyone’s life. Everyone enjoys their favorite content but less amount of attention is paid to the type of sound system. But for enjoying the contents perfect sound with pitch is the basic need which can be fulfilled by adding the wireless TV speakers.

A sound system with twisted wires that are connected with your mounted flat screen to speakers located here and there can give a messy look and ruin the set-up in the home you just want to look like theatre.

For this problem, you should buy wireless speakers which can put end to your problems and add wireless speakers to your connection.

10 Best Soundbars Speakers: Best TV Speaker for 2022

Following are some best wireless speakers which can be helpful for you to add which speaker to your connection.

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

At top of our list, VIZIO SB3821 are the best wireless TV speaker. This system should certainly free you from the bonds of confusing and messy wires altogether. The 2.1 soundbar system boasts a powerful 100 intensity of crystal clear sound in the borders of a sleek, 38-inch speaker.

What’s New

This is prepared with Dolby Digital surround sound. These wireless speaker systems provide theatrical spatial dimension to soundtracks and better audio definition for an attractive listening experience.

Attached with DTS TruVolume, you only need to set the volume once and then the speaker will generate a reliable and relaxed volume level.  This speaker is more than one speaker and it includes a detached wireless subwoofer and this adds a deep bass for an immersive medium experience.

It can be positioned up to 60 feet away from the bar speaker and allowing you to generate a modified and optimal sound bubble inside your home in spite of the size of the room. You can use the built-in technology of Bluetooth with a single touch of a button.

This speaker had a remote control through which we are able to control the volume, change the tracks without changing or leaving your place or couch, etc.


  • Contains a subwoofer
  • 100-decibel level.
  • Dolby digital surround sound.
  • DTS TruVolume Technology.


  • Some of the users report cracking sounds after making full use of it.

VIZIO SB3220n-F6 32″ 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

Another quality piece of the best wireless TV speaker is VIZIO SB3220n. This VIZIO is slightly smaller than the last one at 32 inches but it is still similar at a portion of the cost.

What’s New

This wireless speaker offers up to 97 decibels of a clear and powerful sound with less than 1% vocal alteration. Despite that, we did find that if you are playing it LOUD then some deformation or distortion is present there and as it is a lightweight device of 5.2 pounds.

it can be placed anywhere and moved around from one location to another location at a moment. Its design will also be just like a compliment as TV as well as any home decoration.

There are many connection options using these speakers. With the facility of Bluetooth, this speaker is used to be connected fluently with any of other devices so that you are able to generate an immersive musical practice as at that time you are not watching anything.

It also gives you the two options of connecting it wirelessly or with the help of cables directly connected to the Television. You are able to enjoy and control the whole system just by a single click with the help of a remote without moving from your place.


  • This system of speakers is Affordable.
  • This is also lightweight.
  • Compact.


  • It doesn’t contain any subwoofer.
  • Distortion takes place at very high volumes.

Sonos – Play bar Soundbar Wireless Speaker:

The third best wireless speaker used for TV is Sonos_Playbar Soundbar. It is frequently used if you are looking to take your sound experience to the next level.



This speaker provides a crisp and clear dialogue together with striking high-quality bass. The Oscar-winning sound engineers specially tuned this speaker to provide excellent quality of voice.

The Sonos Playbar automatically tunes and also adjusts its sound depending on where or how you place it with Trueplay Tuning. You can also hook up to any other Sonos speakers you have in the house with the help of wifi and you are able to bring your entire home mutually in a single sound experience.

You have the power to manage the functionality of your gadget with the help of the Sonos App. You just need to adjust the EQ and sync up to other Sonos speakers in your palm.

But if you are having an Alexa device you can simply sync it with the Playbar and you are able to control it with voice orders. This speaker is made to be mounted straightforwardly onto the wall and the surface is remained free. This speaker is ready for use within few minutes with the automatic detection of the remote.


  • It has Trueplay Tuning technology.
  • It is connected to the other Sonos speakers.
  • Sonos app makes it compatible and friendly.
  • It is Alexa compatible too.


  • This system is expensive.
  • This is heavy too.

Yamaha YAS-209 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer:

Another best wireless TV speaker is the Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar with a wireless subwoofer. These speakers are not like the ones you have already reviewed above. This speaker brings the best quality of sound we all expect from the company in a single professionally designed speaker.

What’s New

This Sound Bar will provide the quality of sound just like the cinema had and you can enjoy it at your home. DTS Virtual and X virtual 3D surround sound provide realistic sound effects that fully throw yourself into the action of your favorite content.

This Yamaha Sound Bar also contains a wireless subwoofer that can be positioned at a distance from the TV and allows you to actually hear and feel what is occurring on the screen.

With the facility of Bluetooth connectivity, you can also connect it to any phone, tablet, PC, or laptop directly to the soundbar.

You can control the sound modes, music, and additional from your own phone with the help of the free soundbar control app.


  • Realistic sound provided by DTS Virtual: X virtual 3D surround sound.
  • Have clear voice technology.
  • It is compatible with a free app.
  • Having built-in Alexa.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy.

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Home Theater Surround SoundBar:

Possibly you have short space and you can not fairly hold the length of a standard soundbar speaker. If it is then the next best wireless TV speaker might be the one for you is Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Home Theater Surround Sound Bar.

What’s New

This speaker packs the sound capability of a soundbar into a compact design.  The powerful drivers of this speaker that are joined with original SDA audio technology are used to provide a crystal clear sound similar to some of the best wireless speakers for TV.

It contains a wireless subwoofer that can fill whatever room you have with a deep multi-dimensional surround sound and we are able to feel the sound truly or realistic sound.

This sound system is prepared with the adjusting technology of voice that allows you to control the levels of voice.  Due to this clarity of voice will be maximized and delays and muffled sound will be minimized.

By using this speaker we are able to link up with Google play etc and listen to the music of our own taste as we can directly stream music from our phones, tablets, etc.


  • It is compact.
  • Lightweight speakers.
  • Having the technology of adjusting voice.
  • Also includes the Subwoofer.
  • The remote control is present.


  • User reports the unit overheats easily is its disadvantage.
  • It is expensive for the size.

Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofers:

If you are a person that does not want to forfeit quality or sound then you must be introduced to this best wireless TV speaker that might just be the one for you.

What’s New

This Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofers gives you an extremely immersive sound experience all in the margins of a simple and smooth soundbar.

There are built-in dual subwoofers that give deep and rich bass without having a need for a totally separate unit. This will help you to feel like the action is going on right in the middle of your room with DTS Virtual: X surround sound which is joined with clear voice technology.

Alexa voice control is also built-in into the device and you can also use it to play your much-loved music from Spotify and listen to the news or set alarms.


  • Subwoofers are Built-in.
  • Built-in Alexa too.
  • Have a Clear voice technology.
  • Also, have a DTS Virtual X Surround Sound.


  • HDMI cable not included in it.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite 7.2.4 Ch 800W Dolby Atmos Soundbar:

When someone wishes to bring the full power of cinema into their home we introduce them to this Nakamichi Shockwave Elite 7.2.4 Ch 800W Dolby Atmos Soundbar. This gives the full feel of the cinema at home.

What’s New

The Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite having two rear speakers that give you an incredible and immersive sound experience and also has two wireless subwoofers which give you the full experience of cinema.

This was the first time creation of dual rear speakers by the industry. It was created to generate a spacious and affluent dynamic surround sound.

Nakamichi’s having three advanced audio processing engines that work to perk up directionality and the feature of any TV show with the SSE technology .

This speaker envelops your space with 106 decibels of room-filling sound. So that you will never go to the cinema to watch movies again as you will always love to see them at home.


  • Having dual rear speakers.
  • Also, have dual subwoofers.
  • Contains an SSE Technology.
  • Ability to connect up to 6 devices.


  • Much expensive.
  • Large in size.
  • A few users have also have reported remote connectivity issues.


JBL Boost TV Compact Bluetooth Soundbar:

Possibly you do not want all the bells and whistles of the Nakamichi or maybe you have less or short space. If this sounds like you then give attention to our next TV speaker called JBL Boost TV Bluetooth Soundbar.

What’s New

This speaker (JBL Boost TV Compact Bluetooth Soundbar) brings the signature sound of JBL into a tactful and easily moveable speaker at only 15 inches long. You can even improve your television sound with the experience of the deep bass of JBL Boost, virtual surround sound, and Dolby Digital.

The Sound Shift technology of JBL works in a cycle with your TV and mobile device to permit you to control the sound from your TV and the sound from your phone or tablet.

Unboxing this speaker and connecting it to the television is very easy with an effortless analog or digital one-cable connection. With the technology of JBL Connect you can also wirelessly link numerous JBL Connect enabled speakers mutually to fasten your entire house together with immersive sound.


  • It is also compact.
  • Lightweight speaker.
  • Have a sound Shift Technology.
  • JBL Connect Technology too.
  • Remote also included.


  • No subwoofer included.
  • Having no wall mounts.
  • Not the best sound quality in the range of JBL.

Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Channel 120 Watt Wired Audio Soundbar:

Another wireless speaker system for TV is Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Channel 120 Watt Wired Audio Soundbar which comes from the technology experts over at Samsung. Their HW-J335 is another soundbar.


These speakers are having a separate subwoofer combo that is in no doubt to bring bass pumping sounds into the boundaries of your living room. It having a wired subwoofer and built-in woofers with their help this speaker system generates a rich bass to your favorite content.

When the subwoofer and Soundbar come together they produce an unmatched home theater experience but the Samsung HW-J355 boasts 120 watts of total power with 60 watts individually sent to the subwoofer and 60 watts to the Soundbar at the end produces a powerful and crystal clear sound.

You can simply pair the soundbar with your TV by means of Sound Connect and enjoy movies and music with no connection hassles.

If you have an android device you can control your system with the Samsung Audio Remote App. You can control your home entertainment system from any android enabled device with the help of this app.

You are able to manage the sound bar’s controls and adjust the equalizer settings as well as create playlists and so much more with this.


  • The subwoofer is included.
  • Android is compatible.
  • Also Samsung TV is compatible.
  • 120 watts.
  • It can be controlled or used with the Samsung Remote App.


  • The subwoofer in this is wired.
  • You can only get full functionality with Samsung TV or Android devices only.

TEWELL Compact Sound Bar with Subwoofer:

This is the last wireless speaker which is a sleek and powerful system that is sure to make your senses catch fire. It’s ultra-slim design looks great with the device you connect it to.

You are able to enjoy your favorite TV shows, contents, or games by means of precision delivered by two tweeters for treble and the two full-frequency speakers for the bottom end and mid-range. To generate high-resolution audio quality this works mutually.


It contains a powerful wired subwoofer that generates a deep bass impact that you can truly feel. The buttons are touch-sensitive and the remote control offers sensitive accessibility for users of all ages and abilities.

You need to connect the soundbar to your TV or PC by means of the optical cable or 3.5mm aux audio cable that is present in the box simply.

This speaker system also offers universal compatibility with any kind of device that has a standard 3.5 mm AUX jack and  Optical or Bluetooth i.e. Television, PC, tabs, Smartphone or projector, etc. This TEWELL device can cover anything that needs a little extra sound boost.


  • Have a Sleek design.
  • Had Wide-ranging compatibility.
  • Bluetooth v4.2.


  • It having wired subwoofers.


The wireless speaker helps you to experience a clear sound. Give you the realistic feel as you have in cinemas. It will help all of you to choose the best wireless speaker for your TV to enjoy your favorite content.

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