5 Best Soundbars for Sony X900E, X900F, & 950G TVs – Buying Guide Review 2022

Sony manufacturers are a US based company that is making top products in the market. The best TV products from Sony are Sony X900E, X900F, & 950G.

If you want to enjoy the experience of these TV products, then you also need a pair of sound bars. There are amazingly built in speakers that come with these TVs, but if you want some extra thrill then you can buy one of the following sound bars.

The sound bars that are mostly seen in the market come along with a single long bar unit that consists of many other speakers for sound production purposes.

Some speakers in the market also come with an additional subwoofer. The subwoofers consist of deep bass production that fills the average sized room.

If you are a person who has huge and long rooms then you need more than just woofers. You need rear speakers to fulfill your demand.

5 best soundbars for Sony TVs

In this article, we have combined the 5 most used speakers with the Sony X900E, X900F, & 950G TVs. You will be glad to see the qualities of these sound bars. We have compiled the top 5 by considering the features, brand, price, size, and other important factors. The list is also made based on the reviews of customers. All the following mentioned soundbars are top and highly rated with positive reviews.

Sony HT-X9000F

Sony is a market leader and everyone knows it. This company develops the best audio system available in the market. The Sony HT-X9000F offers some amazing and decent features at a minimum price.

Sony HT X9000F soundbar review

Design of Sony HT-X9000F

The speaker is mainly made of plastic but the overall look is sleek and smart. The width of the speaker is about 36.6 inches and 2.3 inches in height.

The size of soundbar is small so it can be comfortably placed under the Sony X900E, X900F, & 950G TVs. There are touch sensitive buttons at the top of the bar.

The system has an HDMI input as well so that you can connect the system to your TV directly with just one wire. There is a USB port as well if you want to play some of your memories. There is a sub woofer as well with this product of Sony that can be mounted on the wall.


There are many play modes available with this product such as game mode, movie, news, sport modes, etc. There is a night mode that helps the users listen to clear voices when they lower the background music.

There is a new addition to this speaker that is the vertical surround engine that creates a real and clear sound. Sony has made an app as well that can be installed to control the Sony HT-X9000F directly from your smartphone.


The Sony HT-X9000F gives a satisfying performance to its users. The bass reproduction is powerful and the sound effects are very mesmerizing. The enveloping sounds are also delivered at the right place.

The system comes with two small oval speakers that do most of the job. The sounds produced are not room shaking but the music produced is high enough to fill out the small room.


  • Sound production is amazing
  • Setup is straightforward
  • Price in range
  • On screen options
  • display for features


  • All USB types can’t be connected
  • Wireless connection is unavailable


Sonos Beam

The Sonos beam delivers some of the punchy sounds to its users. The amazing quality of the soundbar is its size. It is very small and can be fit anywhere in your room. You do not require extra space to place these speakers.

sonos beam soundbar review 2021
sonos beam soundbar review 2021


The dimensions of the speaker are 25.6 x 3.9 x 2.7 inches and are available in black and white color. The top of the system consists of buttons that control the volume, track, and play and pause.

The Sonos beam does not come with the remote. So the users can control the soundbar by their existing remotes or can buy one from Amazon.

The users can also control the Sonos beam via an app from their smartphone. The size of Sonos bema is very small as compared to other speakers manufactured by the same company.

The control buttons of the system are located on the top of the soundbar and you can also control the volume and play and pause option from the touch-sensitive parts of the Sonos beam. The size of the soundbar is small so that you can hang them on the wall or just keep them on the table


The sonos beam can be controlled using the voice commands given through Alexa or Google assistance. This is an amazing technology as it supports the commands from Siri, Alexa, and Google assistance.

The technology True play is also installed in Sonos beam. This technology is very useful as it measures the room’s characteristics and then optimizes the music accordingly. You can also play a beam of Sonos soundbars at once by using multi-room technology of the sound bars.


The beam produces a sound that exceeds the spectators due to its small size and absence of sub woofers. The dialogues are rich and crustal clear.

The music tracks can be streamed to these Soundbars without any distortion or relay. The bass is of an acceptable standard and it does not produce distortions when played at high volume.


  • Design is great and compact
  • HDMI compatibility
  • Wide capabilities of streaming
  • thrilling and amazing sound production


  • Remote is not available with the package
  • Dolby Atmos not part of soundbars
  • Only compatible with HDMI
  • App is not easily usable with these soundbars


Sony HT-Z9F

This product is a 3.1 channel soundbar that delivers a powerful and loud sound to its users.


The design of the system is amazing as it has a matte finish and some gloss finish. The height of the bar is 3 inches that can be easily fitted across any TV stand.

Sony HT Z9F soundbar Review 2021
Sony HT Z9F soundbar Review 2021

There is a subwoofer as well with the Sony HT-Z9F that is made of wood. The front of the sub woofers is made of fabric that can be easily ripped so the users have to be careful with these sub-woofers.

There is amazing technology added to these speakers that is Dolby Atmos. This technology lets the user’s plug-in Blue-ray player and game players to their Sony X900E, X900F, & 950G TVs.

There are many connectivity options such as HDMI input, 4k thru, etc. There is a USB port for users who love to watch their captured memories.

The optical digital input allows the users to easily connect their TVs to the systems. Another input for the users is the 3.5 mm jack input on the backside of the soundbars.


The sound bar has many modes for movies, games, sports, news, and music, etc. The soundbars can also produce a wide sound that 3.1 channels can alone produce.

Overall, you will find all the amazing features in this Sony HT-Z9F that you desire for your dream soundbars. It is also compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X technology.

The soundbars come with the remote and there is a vertical s button in the remote that allows the users up mix the track.

Two levels of voice enhancement feature is also added to the system that allows the user to listen all the details of the dialogues and do not miss out any important point from the news.


The sound production is above average because of the vertical sound engine. The music can get quite loud and fills the room. The sub-woofers are wireless and deliver some spectacular sound to the listeners.

The soundbar produces clear sound with the TV and the users won’t miss any detailing or music in the background. The sound produced has no distortion and noise


  • Durable design
  • Clear dialogues
  • Up-mixing is spectacular
  • Many audio format options available
  • Premium look and feel
  • perfect for huge space


  • The operating system gets complex
  • Complex scenes can be mixed up


Samsung MS650

It has been some years since the release of the Samsung MS650 but it is still used today due to its performance and capabilities. It is one f the best gear of Samsung available in the market. It has Wi-Fi connectivity and Dolby compatibility.

Design of Samsung MS650

The Samsung HW-MS650 is a spectacular piece in the market. It looks like a long and rectangular box with dimensions 2060 x 69 x 130 mm. It does not contain extra wireless sub woofers as it is all in one.

The weight of the sound bar is just 6.2 kg. The sound bars can be wall mounted or placed under the Sony X900E, X900F, & 950G TVs. The system is capable of 4K and connects via an HDMI cable.

There is an audio input on the speaker for the users who want to connect an extra sub woofer with the system. The users will also be able to enjoy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


The MS650 is compatible with a wide range f streaming options such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and many others. The modes of the sound bar are also 5 for music, sport, games, movies, and news.

These modes allow the users to customize their experience of the Soundbars. The Dolby mode adds an extra feature of bass to the system. The smart sound technology characterizes the background and then optimizes the sound accordingly.


The sound quality delivered is out of class. There are no distortions or noise at the output. The sound is also boosted by the extension of bass. Most of the devices get distortions on very high volumes but this device is different. It’s bass production is controlled and disturbance free.

If we talk about movie playback, then the users can enjoy a powerful soundtrack. The vocals of the movie do not diminish due to the Dolby Atmos technology. The bass is room-filling without creating an imbalance between high and low frequencies.


  • The sound is amazingly powerful and loud
  • No external sub woofers as it is all in one
  • Bass handling is automatic
  • Many other streaming sources are supported


  • Stereo effects get limited sometimes
  • Heightened for some TVs


Vizio SB3821-C6

Vizio is a trendsetter in the audio market that produces top soundbars at affordable prices.


Vizio priority is sound not looks. Therefore, the profile of Vizio SB3821-C6 is low as compared to other speakers. The buttons are present on the top of the soundbar.

Vizio SB3821 C6 soundbar review 2021

The overall color of the system is black. On the back of the soundbar, users can find the input ports for coaxial and audio cables. The speakers produce a room-filling sound without any distortions or noise. The package comes with a remote and subwoofers.


The Vizio SB3821-C6 comes with plenty of features at an affordable price. The Dolby Digital surround sound technology is also installed in these speakers. This technology ensures that the users are getting clear and consistent sound from the speakers.

The Vizio SB3821-C6 gets quite loud sometimes, therefore, delivering clear and crisp sound to the audience. There is no harmonic distortion on the bass.


The overall performance of Vizio SB3821-C6 is very impressive. Some drivers and subwoofers combine to give spectacular effects.

That means that the users will be able to listen the very whisper and sound of the dialogues and background music. Overall performance is amazing based on the price of soundbars.

The Vizio soundbar comes with strong bass technology and the users love it. There is a DTS volume technology that enables the users to set the volume once and then sit back and enjoy the live theatre.

There is a remote that comes with the package that allows the users to change the volume, channel, or play and pause the content.


  • Small and affordable
  • Good sound production
  • Solid build


  • Not good control
  • Design is not best


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