Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker Device II 2022

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker device II – Soft black is one of the best wireless speaker devices offering a variety of sound modes. On using this device, user will be able to enjoy different types of audio without experiencing any harmonic distortion. User can easily use this one in both the Bluetooth & Non-Bluetooth devices. This one is easy to control and very friendly to the newbie.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker Device II

In a word, all the features that can be provided by a top-notch wireless Speaker device are provided by it. In this article, we’re going to show user some of the salient sides of Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker device II – Soft black.

Why would user choose it, barring all the others?

This Speaker device is one of the lightweight devices that can be carried and used conveniently. All the equipment that is needed to use this Speaker device will be provided with the ordered package. User can connect this Speaker device with any device through Bluetooth or auxiliary jack. The water-resistant feature is applicable here, and user can use it in any situation. This Speaker device is supported by Stereo & Party Mode, and thus, user can use any of the modes users like. If user use this Speaker device through the Bose Connect app, it will be easy for user to control or switch. It can provide user all types of audio, like- Crisp, balanced, and Bold. User can choose this one to get all these crazy features.

Take a look at the following points before ordering this Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker device II

Every user wants to fulfill some conditions. If a certain Speaker device fulfills those conditions, then he or she should order that one. That’s why primary knowledge about this Speaker device is necessary. Now we are going to show user some of those primary issues.

  1. The dimension of this Speaker device is 2.2 x 5 x 5.2 inches, while the weight is 1.2 pounds. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker device II Speaker device takes up a little place.
  2. Bluetooth 4.2 technology has been used in this Speaker device for connecting this one with any other devices supported by Bluetooth. If the other device doesn’t support Bluetooth, then user have to use a 3.5 mm Auxiliary Port.
  3. Lithium Polymer battery is kept here for running the Speaker device. After charging it completely for one time, user can play this Speaker device for 8 hours in Bold Sound. But if user want to play in Crisp or balanced sound, then user will not be able to play for more than 6 hours.
  4. In case of using this Speaker device with any device, user has to keep the other device at not more than 30 feet distance.

If all these features mentioned above can fulfill user needs, then user can step forward to order. Before ordering it, at least checks the ASIN Number- B01HETFQKS, and the Item model number- 752195-0100. It will enable user to pick the right one among a good many Speaker devices.

A Quick Guide on the Usage Procedures

User will get the user manual in both online and offline. Even a piece of that will be provided to user with the sent package. But user should underscore several points relating to the use of this one. Here we mentioned only four points that cover a vast arena, which is often ignored by us.

  1. When user orders this Speaker device, user will get it with one Speaker device and a USB charging cable. Lithium Polymer battery will be included in the package. A user manual will also be provided. First off, user should read the user manual properly. After that, user may download the Bose Connect app to enjoy all the features. It is recommended to use this Speaker device after charging it fully. But this rule is only for the first time, not all the time. User may choose a 1000 mA power source for charging. Then user can start to use this best wireless Speaker device.
  2. For establishing a connection with any device, keep a distance of 3 feet or one meter between this Speaker device and the other device. Bear in mind that the Bluetooth range of this one is 9 meters. Then press the power button of the Speaker device. When user turn on the Speaker device for the first time, the button indicating Bluetooth will show user a blue sign. Then a voice will recommend user to select user desired language. After that, user may establish a Bluetooth connection. After establishing the connection for at least once, the Bluetooth button shows user a white sign.
  3. This best Bluetooth Speaker device contains only six buttons. The first one is the power button; it works for turning on the Speaker device. The second button is the Bluetooth button, and it shows different signals depending on the status of Bluetooth. The third and fourth buttons are for indicating the “input” and “volume down” respectively. The fifth and sixth buttons are for “Multifunction” and “volume up,” respectively. User has to play this Speaker device by pressing these buttons. Here the multifunction button indicates several actions, like- Play, Pause Press, Skip forward & backward, and also some others.
  4. On using this Speaker device, user will have access to controlling the Speaker device through voice. The Multifunction button controls this feature. On using this feature, user can use this Speaker device by asking the voice assistant app, like- Siri or Google Now. Even this Speaker device can detect the incoming callers. User may also disable this feature if user wants to.

Methods and Parts relating to this Best Bluetooth Speaker device

The parts and tools of this Speaker device are almost the same as the other Speaker devices, although the distinction exists in the quality. The following points are just an attempt to show user several essential parts of this Speaker device as well as some methods with which it will provide user super quality output.

 Pairing method:

  1. As a wireless Speaker device, this one follows the Bluetooth technology for connecting with any mobile device. If user wants to pair the device in another way, user can also do so by using the Bose Connect app. If users are reluctant to use the Bluetooth system, then user can choose NFC. That stands for Near Field Communication, and it makes it possible to establish the connection by tapping devices in one place. But user mobile must have to be an NFC supported one.

 AUX Connecting Feature:

  1. If user sees any complexity in both the Bluetooth and NFC, then user can use the AUX connector. For that, users have to use a “3.5 mm stereo cable plug,” although it is not to be sent with the ordered package. User may use it to connect this Speaker device with any device user want. In order to do such a pairing, users have to press the third button, i.e., the input button.
  2. Different Modes: It has been told previously that this Speaker device can provide user with the sound of party mode and stereo mode. For turning on the stereo mode, users have to press the second and sixth buttons at a time. When that mode turns on, then user can release both the second and sixth buttons. User can switch to the Party mode by pressing both buttons again. If user wants to disable the stereo or party mode, simply turn off the power of 2nd Speaker device.
  3.  Battery: This best wireless Speaker device uses Lithium Polymer battery for boosted outcome. Just pressing and holding the power button will show user the remaining percent of charge. When the charging level is up to mark, it will show user “Solid green,” and when it needs to charge urgently, it will show the “Red” sign.


  1. This Speaker device supports a variety of modes, including Stereo & Party Mode.
  2. User can also enjoy the feature of some well-known voice assistant apps like Siri or Google.
  3. A 3.5 mm Auxiliary Port will provide user the opportunity to use this Speaker device with the Non-Bluetooth devices too.
  4. For charging, user will have the opportunity to use a 1000 mA power source, and it works better.


  1. The Bluetooth range of this Speaker device is only 30 feet that may not be up to the mark.

 Can User Order It Today?

User will enjoy all the attractive features of the best wireless Speaker device mentioned above if users use it for once. Reading line by line will not meet the needs of a Speaker device. To exploit all the benefits entirely, user have to use it. Don’t worry about the effectiveness of this one.

Due to high efficiency, it is the number one choice of many Speaker device users these days. Don’t think about features like the Bluetooth range. Usually, 30 feet is enough even if user place two devices keeping a long distance.

If everything seems okay, user can order “Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker device II – Soft black” today without any delay.

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