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Earlier I have mentioned in my Bose SoundLink mini Bluetooth speaker device article that, Bose Corporation is a privately held American corporation, founded in 1964 by Amar Bose.

He was an electrical and sound engineer, at first he invent a compact speaker device design with ‘high bass new sound dimension’ which is revolutionary popular to all. Bose is now one of the best American brands in the speaker device world.

Bose SoundLink Micro Review 2022

Bose SoundLink Micro wireless speaker is small in size but its impact is huge. This Bluetooth speaker is compact in size, but it delivers extraordinary sound performance and great audio quality.

Bose SoundLink Micro Review 2021
Bose SoundLink Micro Review

Here are some key point you will find in Bose SoundLink Micro:

  • Its dimension is 98mm x 98mm x 35mm
  • Weight is 290g.
  • fully waterproof design (IPX7 rated)
  • Drop-resistant.
  • Six hours battery life.
  • Having Multi-function button for Google Assistant & Siri voice control; Amazon Alexa compatible.
  • Micro-USB recharging system
  • Voice prompt battery percentage remaining.
  • Tear-free silicone strap for a hanging purpose.
  • Available in three colors such as Midnight Blue, Black, and Bright Orange.
  • Video by iGyaan

Other Features:


On tracks with intense sub-bass content, such as The Knife’s “Silent Shout”, Soundlink Micro gives a bass response that is very strong for its size. This change significantly when you maximize the volume, nothing will distort the result, but there is plenty of DSP (digital signal processing) at play.

Much of the new Grizzly Bear record has yielded similar results: the audio dips in large moments and the mixture grows at low intensity and high separation. This is not the worst case scenario, no one wants a distorted bass, but purists looking for a speaker that doesn’t do much for dynamics probably would not enjoy it.


The Bose SoundLink Micro’ build quality is brilliant for the most part and this little speaker device feels exceptionally well made. ‘The SoundLink Micro’ is deliberate 98 x 98mm and has a deepness of 35mm and its weight is 290g, making it simple to carry around.

It is covered in a soft-touch, impact-resistant rubber that feels ideally silky under user finger. It’s available in three colors such as Bright Orange, Midnight Blue, and Black and it looks pretty smart whichever color user go for.

The device is made with a textures rubber that could protect from some drops and also stop it from getting scratched when using it outdoors. The belt on the back has proved to be a great little addition that it is really handy being able to just hook it to a bag strap or over any handle.

Its sound is far improved if the speaker device is placed on a flat surface instead of being left to hang freely. Different from the other speaker devices in Bose’s portable lineup, ‘the SoundLink Micro’ is designed to be carried and usually battered.


The Bose SoundLink Micro is absolutely waterproof with an IPX7 rating, it’s able to survive under the shower or a dropped into the pool to a depth of one meter for up to half an hour. The speaker device will produce around six hours of audio with a single full charge and it has only a micro-USB port for charging its battery.

There is power and Bluetooth pairing buttons on the side of ‘the SoundLink Micro’, nearby the speaker device’s LED power level indicator. On the side-top are the volume controls and a button that can be used to play/pause or to move back and into view between the track list on user mobile device or computer.

The button also affords for Android and iOS users to access Google Assistant or Siri through the speaker device, not on the speaker device itself.

The belt on the back

After that main setup, the phone would pick up the Bose speaker device in a matter of seconds. The grip or loop, whatever user calls it, as mentioned is very handy.

Bose soundlink micro battery life is pretty poor for me. While Bose says publicly that the battery life is 6 hours, the reality is at louder volumes I have likely to get closer to 5 hours. That might be ok for some of user but, I prefer some more because every day charging the speaker device is a hassle for me.

Water resistance is fine; we put under shower it and after a quick jiggle off, the water cleared from the drivers and sound quality back to normal.

Sound quality

This Bose SoundLink Micro review let user clearly understand its sound quality. Bose has a reputation for a veil of secrecy detailed specifications of their speaker devices. This is comprehensible to a grade.

Bose has always maintained that listener experience matters more than numerical statistics, while many other manufacturers claim hugely overstated Wattage information or show off about driver sizes.

Volume and fruitfulness

Bose’s transducer and pair designs are highly customized with silicone passive radiators to amplify the volume and fruitfulness produced by such a small speaker device like ‘the SoundLink Micro.

There are dual passive radiators which can kick out massive bass than user might expect. We’re not talking ultra-low stand-in bass, but even so kick drums still boost, while even some lower-end starting point is still easily noticeable which isn’t something we’d expected at all.


The experience with these speaker devices, that small size usually has not been constructive for a couple of reasons.

First, since their size means maximum volume levels are never produced high adequate sound for outdoor activities.

Secondly, they usually have weak bass, awful treble and frequently sound comes not good. Which is why I was astonished how well ‘the SoundLink Micro’ works.

Maximum volumes are not produced on the same level sound as from the larger speaker devices, but they are still insane for a speaker device the Micro’s size and more than high adequate for outdoor listening.

However, the general sound quality is more than good, even though not the very freshest we have ever heard. The speaker devices front-facing is foundationally very much advance, so if the speaker device is not in line to user listening angle, it loses a lot of the top-end and sounds muted. It’s correctly positioning is important for better sound. Conversely, there’s sufficient energy of its output.

The Bose SoundLink Micro speaker device has a good punch of volume too, with standard listening levels it sounding the best. There might a few cranks if high push up the volume and the balance not quite crystal-clear quality, but user can’t say the sound is not loud! Even lower volumes accomplish enough balance to sound decent without annoying the surroundings.

‘The Bose SoundLink Micro’ has an exclusive DSP that are used to continue volume at differing levels, to try to normalize the way the product sounds.

Pros and Cons of Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker


  • Strong audio, with rich lows and distinct highs.
  • Good speakerphone mic.


  • A little overpriced.
  • No aux input.


Bose get better the functionality of the SoundLink Micro speaker device with smart voice features and the use of the Bose Connect application. While many Bluetooth speaker devices only play audio, Bose has added a microphone to enable voice calls.

This feature adds a lot of suitability if user keep user phone put away. It’s so relaxed to take calls with from the speaker device clipped to user backpack.

Moreover, pressing and holding the multi-function button will activate Siri on Apple devices or the Google Assistant on Android, allow user the ability to recover information, make calls, send texts, set reminders, and more without ever demanding to touch user phone.

Into the Apple App Store or on Google Play offered the Bose connectivity app which able to adjust between multiple connections to ‘the SoundLink’, user may allow to let someone else pick a song.

Also, if user have more than one well-matched Bose speaker device user can play from both at the same time in Party Mode or Stereo mode to play back the audio as it was originally planned.

A few Bluetooth speaker devices in the market go like ‘the Bose SoundLink Micro’ that take along mega sound and volume from a pocket-sized device that has to be heard to be believed.

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