Bose SoundLink Revolve plus Bluetooth Speaker Device Reviews [2022]

Bose SoundLink Revolve plus Bluetooth Speaker or Wireless Speaker device is one of the best Bluetooth speaker devices  for having a good number of connective technologies. User can use this one with any devices, whatever it is. The other device supports Bluetooth or not matters little because user will have the opportunity to use cables for connecting with Non-Bluetooth devices. Below soundlink revolve+ review will make you to sure about making decision to get or not.

Bose SoundLink Revolve plus Bluetooth Speaker or Wireless Speaker Review

In the case of using this bose soundlink revolve plus waterproof device, user will be able to enjoy various modes, and it is easy to switch to another mode if user like. In addition to those, user can enjoy the services of voice control apps, like- Siri or Google Now, using this speaker device. For enjoying all these, user can order Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker device today.

Bose SoundLink Revolve plus Bluetooth Speaker or Wireless Speaker 2020
Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus
Portable | Bluetooth Speaker
360 Wireless Surround Sound
Triple Black360 Degree Coverage
Wireless Range up to 30 feet
Up to 12 hours of playtime

Why user can treat this as one of the Best Wireless Speaker devices

The term “360 Wireless Surround Sound” exists in the name of the speaker device. It indicates an important feature of Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker device. In using this speaker device, user can connect up to 8 devices.

If user wants to get a much louder sound, user can connect two of these speaker devices using as App. It is easy to use, and it will provide user some additional features. For outstanding water-resistant features, this speaker device gains an Ipx4 rating.

This speaker device will provide user 12 hours of playtime without any intermission. User will get all the features of “party mode” and “stereo mode” without experiencing any problems. USB power supply will be provided to user for charging this speaker device. For all these features, the demand for this speaker device is increasing day by day.

What conditions or limitations should user know?

In the case of choosing a product, before jumping to the conclusion, user should plan thoroughly at first. It is doubly important in the case of speaker devices. In that, generally, people use speaker devices at various family gatherings and functions. Here we mentioned some features and limitations of this speaker device.

  1. When user plan about where to place this speaker device, consider this issue- the dimension of this one is 3.3 x 3.3 x 6 inches while the weight is 1.46 pounds.
  2. User can use this speaker device for 12 hours when it charges fully. But this time may be more or less in case of hearing in loud or low sound. A Lithium Polymer Battery will provide user such support.
  3. The connective technology of this speaker device includes- Bluetooth, TF Card, USB, and Auxiliary cable. That means user can use this speaker device with Non-Bluetooth devices too.

The aluminum body of this speaker device is resistant to water. For this feature, it gains the Ipx4 rating.

If the features mentioned above seem desirable to user, then user can choose this one. But for at least once, check the ASIN Number- B06XCQKTKR, and the Item model number- 739523-1110 for making sure that user choose the right product.

How to use Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker device perfectly?

For using it perfectly, user should read the user manual at least twice. It will make user known about all the functions and materials in it. Now we’re going to show user some points regarding the using procedure.

  1. First off, users have to establish a connection between the speaker device and any other device. To do so, user should keep the other device anywhere within 30 feet; this distance is the Bluetooth range of this speaker device. If users face any complexity in establishing a connection, then keep two devices without keeping any obstacles of wall or gate in between. user will not be able to establish a connection using Wi-Fi. But user can try with a 3.5 mm audio cable for establishing the connection. User can also use Amazon Echo Dot for such connecting.
  1. If users want to get all the features of this speaker device, user should use the Bose Connect app. It is recommended to use the updated version, and that’s why user should maintain the time to time update. Selecting a language is a must, and commonly people select English, although 18 languages have been shown in the manual. For getting the available languages, press the volume up or down button simultaneously. Then it will show user available languages, and a voice will ask user about the language preference. User can select here one language of user desire. If users hear that voice, then the multi-function button has to be pressed and held.
  1. Sometimes users experience that the speaker device doesn’t provide the sound quality up to the mark, or the speaker device shows poor performance. It may occur due to long time use without proper maintenance, pressing buttons in the wrong way, using the speaker device until the charge ends totally, etc. These sorts of actions make the materials used in the speaker device quickly weak over time. If the poor performance is only related to the sound quality, then user may turn off the connection and may re-establish the connection again with the same device. This system is especially helpful for the connection established with AUX Cable. Even the audio setting of the connected device may hamper the sound quality of the Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker device.
  2. More often than not, people use the stereo mode of the speaker device. In this mode, user can enjoy sounds from two different speaker devices. Here one condition is those users have to keep these two speaker devices within the distance of 10 feet. To go to the stereo mode, users have to press the Bluetooth button and volume up button simultaneously. After that, user will hear a voice say, “Stereo mode.” If user press the buttons mentioned above simultaneously again during the stereo mode, it will switch to the party mode. In case of using such modes frequently, user have to do some chores for the maintenance of the speaker device. If users see the poor performance after a few days, then user may reset the speaker device.

Some options in the Best Wireless Speaker device

The options of a speaker device are to be used by pressing buttons. Four points have been mentioned as follows regarding various options and features of this speaker device.

Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus features

  1. Existing Buttons:When users get the speaker device in hand, user will see “BOSE” at the top of the speaker device, and buttons are places surrounding this writing. The power button exists at the top. The function of this button is to turn on the device. We’re going to show user all the buttons in the left direction. At the left of the Power Button, the Bluetooth button, the volume down button, multi-functional button, volume up button, and the input button are placed respectively.
  2. Multi-Function Button: All the buttons except this one are familiar with us. But understanding the job of this button is more important than the others. This button is used for many purposes. If user want to stop the play, then user have to press it. Pressing it twice works for going to the next track, and thrice is for the previous track. If users press the button and hold it for a while, then “Switch a call from speaker device phone” function will be enabled.
  3. Voice Control Option: On using this option, user will be able to enjoy the microphone of this speaker device just like that of user Smartphone or Android. By doing so, user can use the voice control option for playing a song, answering a call, and the like. In this case, user will have to use any top-class voice control App like- Siri or Google Now App. This feature will make using the procedure more comfortable and convenient.
  4. 360 Wireless Surround Sound:If users see the name of this speaker device carefully, user will see the term “360”. It is also mentioned in the product description. This feature is unknown to many of the users. It indicates that this one has the super capability to “fire up or down.” This type of speaker device can provide the best quality sound distribution in all the places in the room where it is placed.

Pros and Cons of Bose SoundLink Revolve plus Bluetooth Speaker device

Pros and Cons of Bose SoundLink Revolve plus


  • User can use this speaker device at all the wet places and in the rain as it gains an Ipx4 rating.
  • Without any harmonic distortion, user can enjoy the services of “Party Mode” and “Stereo Mode.”
  • User can connect 8 devices simultaneously with this Best Bluetooth Speaker device. This feature is unknown to many speaker devices.
  • Besides the Bluetooth supported devices, user can use this speaker device with the Non-Bluetooth devices.


  • The Bluetooth range of this speaker device is only 30 feet, and user cannot establish the connection beyond this distance.

Last utterance on the Best Bluetooth Speaker device

User can try this one if user needs any speaker device to connect a good number of devices. It can also provide user different modes of audio at user heart’s content. Here Bluetooth range is not the fact because more than 30 feet is not commonly needed.

This one can provide user all the features that a top-quality speaker device can provide. For sure, Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker device will satisfy user in terms of its provided service.

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