Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker device Review 2022

You can consider Bugani m83 Bluetooth speaker device as one of the best wireless speaker device for having its potentiality to provide “Astonishing Sound”.

Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker Review 2022

You can use this speaker device with any of the devices, like- iPad, MP3 player, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and the like. For 2 subwoofers of it, you will be able to enjoy pulsating bass. Bluetooth 5.0 technology is used here to connect this speaker device with other devices.

For that version, faster connections will be available, and you can connect devices in seconds. For having all these characteristics Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker device, Portable Bluetooth Speaker devices 5.0, 40W, are a hot selling piece these days.

Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker device Review 2020

Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker Characteristics

  • Bugani m83 Bluetooth speaker device
  • Bluetooth Speaker devices
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker devices 5.0
  • 40W Super Power
  • Rich Woofer
  • Stereo Loud
  • Suitable for Gathering and Outdoor Travel

For mainly which characteristics is this Hot Selling Now?

A good number of super qualities bring this speaker device in the top position. For its effective water-resistant nature, it gains the IPX5 rating. The signal transmission rate of this best Bluetooth speaker device is also up to the mark. 40 Watts power will be consumed by this speaker device while running its function.

“Dual accuracy stereo drivers” have been kept in this speaker device for providing tremendously louder output. The output music will also be free from any harmonic distortion, with the stereo mode.

You can use this speaker device for indoor and outdoor purposes. You can take it for sure as it will meet all of your needs relating to the speaker device. For its overall quality, the selling rate of Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker device is booming day by day.

Take a look below before clicking the ORDER Button

Before buying Bugani m83 Bluetooth speaker device, you should take notice of some of its important characteristics. This notice will enable you to understand how effective it is for you.

  1. The dimension of this speaker device is 12.7 x 6.7 x 4.3 inches, and the weight of this one is 4.7 pounds. Consider these two issues if you want to keep it in a place or bear it in your hand.
  2. 40 Watts of power will be consumed by this speaker device while playing music or songs.
  3. By using 3.5 mm Aux-in Audio Cable, you can establish a connection with the devices that do not support Bluetooth.
  4. A digital audio processor has been kept in this speaker device for meeting the user’s needs of improved bass.

If all these characteristicss can meet your needs or seem desirable to you, then you can choose this portable waterproof speaker device. But for at least once, check the ASIN Number of this speaker device- B07VP4N4JM. Such checking of the ASIN Number will protect you from scam products.

What to learn for using it smoothly?

For using it every day, there is no need to learn many things as many people think. Rather, just understanding some functions will be enough for using this one smoothly. You’ll also get a user guide with the ordered package. First, you should read the guide carefully. If you face any complexity understanding the guide, you may learn through the video guide available online.

  1. When you get the speaker device in hand, you can start to use this speaker device after charging it fully for once. When you take this speaker device, you’ll see a handle for taking it in hand. After that, take notice on the left side of the speaker device. The buttons of this speaker device are placed there. These buttons may be orange colored or black colored, depending on the color you choose to buy. There are six buttons here, and you have to use this speaker device by pressing these buttons.
  2. At the top of the buttons, the power button exists. You have to turn on the speaker device by pressing this button. The play or pause button is placed in the lower part, at the opposite side of the power button. Click on this button to stop and restart the play. Two buttons are placed on the right and left side of the power button. You have to use these buttons for different functions mentioned in the next point.
  3. At the top left side of the power button, a button containing a cross sign exists. This button is for connecting another speaker device. Popularly it is known as TWS connecting. At the beneath of this button, a button containing an “M” sign exists. You have to press this button for switching in different modes of play. Now, come to the right side of the power button. At the top right side, the volume up and volume down button exists and these buttons are for increasing and decreasing the volume, respectively.
  4. How can you establish a connection with another device? After turning on the speaker device and going to the Bluetooth option of the other device, you can easily connect that device with this speaker device, like any other Bluetooth device. Sometimes it is also important to go to the next and previous track during the play of any music. If you want to skip to the next track, long-press the volume up button. if you go to the previous track, long-press the volume down button.

Used Materials and followed Methods

Like all the other wireless speaker devices, this one contains several different materials. These materials follow a certain method programmed by the manufacturers. Now we’re going to show a few points on those tools and methods followed by this speaker device in providing the output.

  1.  Digital Audio Processor: You may have seen this term used in the product description of a good number of speaker devices. This is a microprocessor that receives signal from a device and sends that to the amplifier of the speaker device. This tool will provide the characteristics of an improved bass and extra loud sound. The distortion rate of the output sound is also highly impacted by this tool. So, keeping an improved digital audio processor is also important, and this one fulfills such quality.
  2.  Stereo Mode: When you need surprisingly loud sound in a concert or open-air festival, you may apply this model. For enjoying the characteristics of this mode, you have to connect another speaker device with the existing one. These two will provide you a very loud sound. For activating this mode, just short press the button placed at the top left of the power button. Generally, in a family gathering, this mode is not needed. This mode is generally used in a large stadium or concert.
  3.  Rubber Exterior & Other Durability: This stuff is kept on the speaker device for protecting your speaker device from evils like- scratching or others. TPU handle has been used in this speaker device for making the carrying procedure convenient. This speaker device gains an IPX5 rating for its high sustainability against water. That’s why you can use it anywhere you need. When you’ll see that the color of the speaker device becomes less shiny for the dust, you can use any wet cloth or tissue to clean it. The use of wet tissues or clothes will not cause any problems.
  4.  Use of Cables & TF Card: Here, you’ll have to use two cables- one is for charging the speaker device, and the other is for set up a connection between speaker device and devices. For set up the connection with the non-Bluetooth devices, you may use the TF Card as well. All these methods are really very effective for playing smooth music. Even when you use the TF card or cable, you’ll get a faster connection in comparison with any Bluetooth connection. For using the TF Card, you have to insert the card in the speaker device.

Pros and Cons Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker


  • Two subwoofers have been used in this speaker device for providing “Astonishing Sound” and all the characteristics of pulsating bass.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology will be applied for set up a connection with other devices, while only 40 Watts power will be inspired.
  • “Dual accuracy stereo drivers” are kept in this device for making the output sound louder. You can even use the stereo mode to get louder sounds.
  • Rubber Exterior used here for the toughness and TPU handle is used for making the portability convenient to the users.


  • The weight of this speaker device is 4.7 pounds. This weight is too heavy to carry by people of all ages and physical conditions.

Final say on the Best Wireless Speaker device

This speaker device is mainly for those who want to use an overall improved quality speaker device. The reason behind the weight of this speaker device is high-quality materials.

When you use such materials in a product, the weight must be heavy. If you buy a lightweight device and cannot enjoy your desired characteristics that will certainly be a bad investment for you, whatever the amount is.

Considering all these aspects, this Best Bluetooth Speaker device contains only such tools that can provide a super exciting outcome for a long time. For that reason, you may choose Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker device, Bluetooth Speaker devices, Portable Bluetooth Speaker devices 5.0, 40W for you.

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