COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Device Revisers [2022]

User can treat COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker device as one of the best Bluetooth speaker devices for many good reasons. User will get the longest playtime here, which will be provided by two batteries kept in it. You can make your buying with the help of this comiso waterproof Bluetooth speakers review as below.

COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Revisers 2022

This one is fit for all the purposes that can be provided by any wireless Speaker device these days. User can even use this Speaker device from long distance because of its having an extended Bluetooth range. Users can also pair two of these Speaker devices for an extra loud sound. This piece of article is an attempt to show User all the niceties of COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker devices Outdoor Wireless Portable Speaker device.

COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Device Revisers

COMISO Bluetooth Speaker Features

  • Outdoor Wireless Portable Speaker device
  • 20 Hours Playtime
  • Superior Sound for Camping
  • More Suitable for outdoor activities like Beach, Sports, Pool Party, Shower

How can User choose it without thinking anymore?

It is highly recommended nowadays for some of its distinctive features. User will not experience any harmonic distortion in the output sound. User may even pair two of Waterproof Portable Speaker devices for ultra-loud sounds. 4400 mAh battery has been kept in this Speaker device that can provide User 36 hours of back-up when it charges for once.

Such a long playtime is not possible to get in any other Speaker device. This one is fit for all the purposes, from indoor family programs to outdoor concerts. User may choose this one for all User needs.

Some distinct features of this Best Wireless Speaker device

Before finally choosing it, User should know the specific characteristics of this one. It is essential for understanding the effectiveness of this one for fulfilling User desire from a Speaker device. Please take a look at the features mentioned below-

  1. The dimension of this Speaker device is 3.2 x 3.2 x 10.5 inches, while the weight is 1.2 pounds. Consider these two for the place User want to keep this Speaker device. If User is going to bear this Speaker device with User, this issue is also important.
  2. While other Speaker devices use only one battery, this one uses 2 Lithium-ion batteries. These two will be enough for providing User thirty-six hours playtime after charging fully for once. But this time-frame may be more or less depending on the volume.
  3. In the case of the water-resistant feature, this one gains an IPX4 rating. This Speaker device is also resistant to dust, splash, and some others.
  4. The Voltage Input of this one is DC-5V / 2A, while the Frequency Effects are 75 Hz to 20000 Hz.

If the features of this Speaker device suit User needs, then User can step forward to buy it. Before ordering this one, check at least once the ASIN Number- B0744JGZ1T, and the Item model number- X26.

Want to know how User has to use it?

Playing this Speaker device is very easy because all the buttons are placed at the top and are easily understandable because of its appearance. User will even get the user manual with a video online, and one copy of the user manual will also be provided to User with the ordered package. For early understanding, we mention here some points.

  1. When User gets this Speaker device in hand, place it for charging. Mind it- this Speaker device contains two batteries and for that reason, it may take more time to fill the battery. In the meantime, User can pore over the user manual provided with the ordered package. User will see a strap attached with this Speaker device, and it is for the convenience in terms of portability. When the batteries get charged fully, User can take the Speaker device for use. For that, press the power button placed in the middle of the Speaker device. Then User will see that the Speaker device is turned on.
  2. For starting to use this Speaker device, first User has to establish a connection with other devices using the Bluetooth technology in the ordinary procedure. After establishing a connection, when User plays a piece of music in the connected device, User will hear the sound from the Speaker device. If User feels any problem such as weak signals or poor sound quality, then try to fix it immediately. For fixing the poor signal, keep the two devices closer without any barrier between them. To solve the poor sound quality, User has to understand the parts of this Speaker device and the use of buttons.
  3. There are only four buttons of this Speaker device beside the power button. All the buttons of this Speaker device are placed at the top of it. The power button is placed in the middle of the Speaker device. Not only is this button used to turn it on, but also it is used for turning the Speaker device off. This Speaker device will provide 360 ° sound, and for that reason, User can keep it anywhere in User room; it will provide User room-filling mode. For its IPX4 rating of waterproof, User can keep it even in wet places like the kitchen.
  4. For sound-related issues, User should look at the other four buttons. Four buttons are placed at the four sides of the power button- Left & Right, Top & Below. At the left, the TWS pairing button is placed, and it is for pairing another Speaker device. At the top, the volume up button is kept, and it is for increasing the volume. On the right side of the power button, the play or pause button is placed. The functions of this button include pausing an existing play and restarting the paused play. In the area below, volume on button exists, and this button is for decreasing the volume of existing play.

Some Tools and their functions

This wireless Speaker device contains several distinctive tools that are unknown to almost all the Speaker devices these days. Those tools work for providing boosted outcomes in terms of improved audio. Some points relating to those tools are given below-

  1.  Sound Quality: It is mentioned in the product description that “High-Quality Crystal Clear Sound” will be provided by this Speaker device. What has been used to provide such a sound? Two acoustic drivers have been kept in the Speaker device for delivering such high-quality sound. From the passive bass radiator, User will be able to enjoy all the features of enhanced bass. These tools will make this Speaker device suitable for use in all programs, like concerts or open-air festivals.
  2.  TWS Function: User will be able to enjoy this mode in a few Speaker devices. This mode will enable User to use two COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker devices at a time. The other name of this mode is called the stereo mode. For using this mode, User has to press the button placed on the left side of the power button. User can check the “TWS master device” for making the output audio in sync. Generally, this mode is enabled by people who want to get an extra loud sound. But don’t worry, it will provide User sound free from harmonic distortion.
  3.  Materials for Protection: This IPX4 rated Speaker device keeps durable fabric materials over the Speaker device for protecting it from rain and dust. The buttons of this Speaker device are placed at the top. When rain-drop falls on the Speaker device, it hits these buttons directly. But the fabric materials on it protect all the buttons from being damaged. For the same reason, it is safe to use in the swimming pool or beach. This Speaker device is also resistant to dust and splash.
  4.  Battery: There is a big difference between this Speaker device and the others; that is the number of the battery. This Speaker device contains two Lithium-ion batteries that have to be charged for at least three hours. After these three hours of charging, User can use this Speaker device for 36 hours at the volume of two-thirds. But if User needs to raise the volume to the top, User can play it only for 24 hours. Generally, more than that time is not needed for anyone after charging it for once.

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  1. This Speaker device will provide the longest playtime of 36 hours.
  2. User can keep this Speaker device and use it anywhere User needs for its highly protective feature.
  3. It is easy to pair two COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker devices for the extra volume of improved audio.
  4. This Speaker device will provide User the most extended Bluetooth range in comparison with the other wireless Speaker devices.


  1. The 36 hours playtime may decrease when User play in the highest volume. It may even come down to 20 hours.


Final verdict- Is it the best option to choose for me?

If User want to get the longest playtime, super quality audio, and other attractive features, then this one is perfect for User. User will not experience any poor quality performance from this one. User can use this one for all the purposes for those a Speaker device may be used. Considering all these, COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker devices Outdoor Wireless Portable Speaker device is certainly excellent for User use.

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