Devialet Phantom Silver Wireless Speaker 2022 (Bluetooth / Wifi)

Devialet silver phantom wireless speaker: Devialet, a French manufacturer, is known for good quality sound and world-class amplifiers. The three versions of its speakers Devialet Phantom, Devialet Silver Phantom, and Devialet Gold Phantom are best-sellers on major online retail stores such as Amazon.

Devialet Phantom Silver Speaker Review

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The amplifier of Silver can generate up to 3,000 watts. The wireless speaker can stream via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and has multi-room support capabilities. The deep bass and audio are exceptional, especially in the highs.

The dramatic experience of the two loudspeakers does moving back and forth is exhilarating. The smart speakers come with outward-firing woofers and front-firing tweeter.

Devialet Gold Phantom (4500 Watts) with Insurance

The Silver weighs a whopping 21.5 pounds. You need two Silver Phantom with the Devialet Dialog wireless hub for a seamless wireless streaming experience. In fact, you can sync more Silver Phantoms if you like.

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If you want to unlock the multi-room features and pairing you need the Devialet Dialog hub for both speakers. This helps you use Devialet’s Spark App to connect the two as stereo pairs.

The sound quality of the two speakers’ amplifiers is bigger than their small sizes. The acoustic measurements and cutting-edge technology used in the designing of these two speakers is brilliant. The Silver has an aluminum dome, while the Gold has a titanium enclosure. Both speakers have a very low distortion threshold of less than 0.0005%.


The Gold has a crispier, deeper bass than the Silver. While the Silver incorporates an amplifier with a power of 3,000 Watts, the Gold’s amplifier generates 4,500 Watts.

The D-Premier digital amplifier on both speakers have a massive switch-mode power supply designed for multi-way speaker and is as configurable as the new Devialet Expert Pro amps.

The ultra-stiff aluminum cones and titanium for the Gold version reproduce low frequencies to optimize their transient ability to switch between frequencies.

Internals such as ADH and SAM are more updated in the Gold than in the Silver model. The Silver model has a better cost/benefit ratio compared to the Gold.

Devialet Gold Phantom (4500 Watts) with Insurance



  • Neutral
  • Integration
    with multiple online music services
  • Impressive
    sound quality
  • Deep bass
    and audio


  • Better
    performance of the second generation ASIC
  • Very quiet
    at an attenuation of above 12 KHZ heights
  • Stronger



  • It is
    slightly noisier
  • Needs some
    improvement through software updates
  • You have to
    use a tablet or smartphone to tweak settings or control the speaker


  • At more
    than $2,900, the speaker is too expensive
  • The
    recordings are too sharp for ear
  • You have to
    use a tablet or smartphone to configure settings



The Devialet Phantom Silver and Gold versions have a convincing sound delivery and aesthetics. The mono mode performance of both speakers is persuasive.

While the Silver’s range is firmer with stronger bass, the Gold has a clearer and brighter range. Although the Gold doesn’t have the best sound in the world, at least the model can fill the listening room with captivating sound.

Both speakers are great depending on the user’s specific needs: Gold is perfect for classical and singing while Silver is great for playing dancing type music such as dancehall or hip hop. The ovoid shape of the two models is eye-catching,

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