DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker Device V4.0 Reviews [2022]

DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker: HD Sound and Bass, 12H Playtime, Built-in Mic, Portable Wireless , Speaker device, Compatible with Tablet, Phone, TV.

DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker device V4.0 Reviews

This is one of the best Bluetooth speaker devices for its HD Sound and Bass feature. This wireless Speaker device is user-friendly in the sense that it flashes different lights for showing different indications. This feature is easily understandable for any newbie.

DOSS SoundBox Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker
DOSS SoundBox Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass, 12H Playtime, Built-in Mic, Portable Wireless Speaker Compatible with Phone, Tablet, TV and Gift Ideas (Black)

This light device is easy to carry, and user will be able to carry it in the pocket of user jacket. User can conveniently use the Echo Dot with this Speaker device. A waterproof protective sleeve will be provided with this Speaker device for protecting it from water drops or rain.

First look

The DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth SoundBox looks great. It is only 6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches and weighs in at 1.23 pounds, a very lightweight device, but can deliver high quality sound. With this size, it is very easy to carry in user backpack or handbag whether user are going for hiking, biking or camping.

It has a gentle touch button with laser carving finish. Easily switch between user 3 options on how to play user SoundBox. It comes in four colors – black, red, white and blue.


Although DOSS Touch is a wireless Speaker device, it also comes with a line-in slot where user can use the aux cable to connect to user device. In addition, DOSS Touch 4.0 features a Bluetooth version that is sophisticated and compatible with all Bluetooth devices.

To complete the pairing process, make sure user Smartphone or tablet has Bluetooth turned on and enabled. Next, hold down the Play button. The ring on top will start blinking alternate colors. At this point, user should see the “DOSS SoundBox” in the list of available Bluetooth connections. Select it and the pair is complete. The SoundBox automatically reconnects to the last device used.

Why Is This A High Demanding Piece?

This Doss Bluetooth Speaker device gained overwhelming popularity these days. Here user will get the facility of all connective technologies, like- Bluetooth, Micro USB, AUX, and Built-in Microphone. This Speaker device offers the most elegant control system, i.e., touch control.

User can conveniently switch between any of the connective technologies by applying this control system. Built-in Li-Ion 2200mAh battery has been used here, which can provide three times longer service than its charging time. Aren’t those features worth enjoying?

Certain Conditions That User Should Consider before Clicking the “ORDER” Button

Before finally deciding to order this wireless Speaker device, user has to consider some issues. Such consideration will help user to know about the utility of this Speaker device. If the following conditions seem convenient, then user can buy it. Let’s see those conditions!

  1. This 1.65 pounds weighted best Bluetooth Speaker device needs 6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches for setting up it.
  2. User can use the Bluetooth system of this Speaker device by keeping it within 33 feet distance from the other device. It will not be effective if user set up this Speaker device in a much more than that as the Bluetooth range of it is 33 feet.
  3. The frequency response of this Bluetooth Speaker device is 100 Hz-18 kHz. User can use it for 12 hours continuously at the three-fourth volume rate.
  4. User has to keep this Speaker device away from sunlight if user wants to play it for a longer time. Here rainwater matters little if user use the waterproof protective sleeve provided with the ordered package. But without using the waterproof protective sleeve, user should not use it at an open place in the rainy season. User should not keep any heavy metal or object on the Speaker device. This provision is applicable for all the time. User will also have to keep it away from high scale humidity, and other dusty places.

If user can obey all the conditions mentioned above, then user can decide to buy it, after checking the ASIN Number- B01CQOV3YO and the Item model number- DS1681.

Step by Step Procedure- From Establishing the Connection & To Fixing Any Issue

Now we will show user how to use this wireless Speaker device perfectly. User has to follow these steps for establishing the Bluetooth connection and for playing it without any complexities. Yet user will be familiar with all the options of this Speaker device after using it for some days.

  1. Like all other Bluetooth devices, user has to establish the connection between two devices at first. To do so, the first step is to get the two devices ready using some options. For doing that, user have to place another device like a Smartphone or laptop not exceeding one meter away from the Speaker device.
  2. When user sees such a flash of the blue LED, user can consider that user Speaker device is in pairing mode. After that, user has to give permission from the other device to the Speaker device. For this permission, user has to identify and recognize the “DOSS SoundBox” from the other device.
  3. When the connection is established, user will not see the LED blue any more, from the Speaker device. In that, the light will be turned into a “steady blue.” The other device will show the signal of establishing such a connection. If user sees any complexity in establishing the connection, please try again after some time.
  4. When we use the Speaker device with any Smartphone, sometimes calls, or messages may come. In that case, this Speaker device will show user a notification with a certain tone. User will also have the opportunity to answer the call using it. When the call is ended, the previous music or lecture will restart automatically, and the Speaker device will also accept the data from it. User will not have to do anything but to end the call.
  5. If user desire to use Echo Dot, user can also do so. For the use of Echo Dot, user has to use a 3.5 mm cable that will be attached to the Bluetooth Speaker device. Besides that, user has to use Alexa APP by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

Methods & Materials Used in the DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker device V4.0

This best wireless Speaker device contains several materials like the others. These materials and signs should be known to user for enjoying the super output. Now we’re going to show user those fundamental issues.

  1. Lithium-Ion Battery: The battery type of this one is Li-on 3.7V, 2200mAH. For charging it fully, user has to charge it for more or less 3 hours. The exact time cannot be mentioned, because a small scale of charge remains previously. And user has to charge it for filling the rest. After charging it fully for once, user can play it for 12 hours without any interruption.
  2. Light Signs:This best Bluetooth Speaker device will show user different signs for different conditions. It will show user the flashing blue when user places the Speaker device in the pairing mode. It will show user steady blue after pairing the device perfectly. When user switch the Speaker to any auxiliary input mode then device will show user steady red color. Steady green is for indicating the switch to a mode called TF.
  3. Output Issues:The best Bluetooth Speaker device will provide user a good number of features. User will have the opportunity to have a stereo sound of 360-degree. For that, 12W drivers & bass have been used in this Speaker device. These materials will provide user such type of sound, which doesn’t contain more than 1% of distortion. User will not be able to identify the harmonic distortion generally.
  4. Touch Control:During the use of this Speaker device, user may change the sound mode or anything related by just a touch. User can even easily switch to any of the three options provided for running the SoundBox in different ways.

Pros and cons


  1. Signs shown by LED flashlights of this Speaker device are easily understandable. A 10-year old boy can understand these too.
  2. A Li-Ion 2200mAh battery has been used in this Speaker device that may provide user 12 hours or more playtimes without interruption.
  3. Signal to noise ratio will not exceed 55db while the output power will be 6W x 2. These may be, and should be treated as excellent features.
  4. This Speaker device supports all these connective technologies such as Bluetooth, Micro USB, AUX, and Built-in Microphone.
  5. User cans any of these at user convenience.


  1. The mentioned 12 hours playtime is available just in 75% volume. If user wants to increase the volume, the charge may end in less than 12 hours.

We’re at the Eleventh Hour Now

All the issues regarding the best Bluetooth Speaker device have been told already. If user want to enjoy all these features mentioned above, surely this one will be the perfect choice for user. All the features provided by this Speaker device are of superior quality. Certainly, this one will be enough for both indoor and outdoor.

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