FUGOO Style XL: Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Device 2022

FUGOO Style XL Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: the FUGOO Style XL is a party sized water-resistant Bluetooth speaker device you can take anyplace. True 360 degree audio with eight drivers delivers amazing full reliability music and grave bass. Fully mud-proof, water-resistant, dustproof, shockproof and it even floats. Most important 35 hours of battery life keeps the occasion going for a weekend and you can even fast charge your phone from the included power bank.

FUGOO Style XL Overview 2022

Firstly I would like to give details shortly about the FUGOO Company. USA based FUGOO company has a long history in tactical product design of hardware and software.

FUGOO Style XL: Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

FUGOO claim their appointed executive team has some members from award-winning influential industry who have been vital in the creativity of many significant technology industry milestones. Their executive team is motivating the improvement and industry adoption of Bluetooth.
They also claim, their executive team’s combined experience age group more than 100 years in the design, innovation, and development of the industry. FUGOO’s Bluetooth Speaker devices were manufactured to contest on a global market, and the company steps ahead to find a way to get their products into the hands of customers.

Met with the competing challenge against several reputed Speaker device manufacturers those who spend millions on advertising, the FUGOO team realized it would need to highlight the product’s ‘first impression’ to generate craze and introduce the brand in a remarkable way.

FUGOO Style XL review

Before telling something about ‘FUGOO Style XL’ portable rugged waterproof wireless Bluetooth Speaker device, I feel the necessity of explaining to user ‘why I’m writing this FUGOO Style XL review?’ I have a retail Speaker device business in my town especially Amazon collection.

I visit Amazon random, try to find out a good quality Speaker device and buy it. Before I buy, I prefer its design, read feature and reviews. I also prefer to know about the manufacturing Company and their targeted consumers. The Style XL Speaker device’s interesting robotic looks and ‘Amazon’s choice’ attract my attention.

Moreover, Style XL Called the Best All-around Speaker device by ‘Outside’ Magazine and most user reviews saying positive too. Finally, I buy it for retail sale and now I can tell user something more about it.

It is the fact that there’s an ocean of available choices and different categories of portable wireless Speaker devices, each with their own capabilities. The FUGOO Style XL portable Bluetooth Speaker device is something different to me cause of its robotic design, rugged cover and IP67 rating.

There are many different portable Bluetooth Speaker devices in this price ($ 169.99) range, but most of them are not featuring 8 drivers with true 360 degree sound as like the Style XL. Its max volume output of 97dB sound pressure level.

FUGOO Style XL Design:

Talking about the design in this Style XL review, it is required to talking first about the invented design of FUGOO’s Speaker devices which are little deferent than others. They maintained to present some invention extraordinary design for their all models.

If user look at Style XL Speaker device without rugged, user will be impressed to see its interesting robotic design. Along with the rugged cover, the Speaker device looks more like a designer woman’s handbag than a piece of electronics.

FUGOO Style XL speaker device dimensions are 11.4 x 3.9 x 4.6 (LBH) inches and weight is around 3.8 Lbs. with Sand and Black colors rugged. Its IP67 rating ensures it can go 3 feet under water for 30 minutes, though it will float as well for easy retrieval, and it also fully mud-proof, dustproof and shockproof to 3 feet as well.

It has operating soft touch buttons placed on the top of the rugged with the sign. Style XL has Google Now / SIRI compatible full-duplex built-in Speaker phone for hands-free chatting with Omni-direction echo cancellation microphone.

It has 8 Core-X acoustic drivers that are 4 tweeters, 2 mid/sub drivers, 2 passive radiators give 360-degree quality sound. The 8 drivers symmetrically placed nicely, 2 tweeters with 1 mid/sub drivers placed both front and back longer side and 2 passive radiators placed both shorter side of the Speaker device which gives crank out clean highs, midrange punches and deep, roaring lows, rich audio and a 97 dB. Sound pressure level.

FUGOO uses 4 Lithium-ion batteries and only have 3.5 hours charge time and users are ready to go for another 35 hours. Not only that, FUGOO uses the battery as power bank, user can easily quick charge user phones and tablets through the included USB Port.

It is placed on one side panel of the Speaker device, user will find here 3.5mm stereo input too and it is safely rubber covered, and on the other side user will find for a charging port, power button, and Bluetooth connection indicator.

What’s In the Box?

User will find:

  • The FUGOO Style XL Speaker device with Rugged.
  • An AC adapter.
  • A USB cable.
  • A 3.5 mm audio cable.
  • The Speaker device’s Manuel book.

 FUGOO Style XL Features:

  • 360 Degree sound: 8 Core-X acoustic drivers that are 4 tweeters, 2 mid/sub drivers, 2 passive radiators nicely placed surrounding of the Speaker device, that’s why the Speaker device gives 360 degrees sound. Every place user put the Speaker device is perfectly placed.
  • Battery life: FUGOO uses 4 Lithium-ion batteries which only takes 3.5 hours to get a full charge and user are ready to go for another 35 hours with 50% of volume level.
  • IP67 rated: The FUGOO Style XL Speaker device is IP67 rated, which mean it is fully water-proof, mud-proof, dustproof and shockproof. IP67 rating ensures it can go 3 feet under water for 30 minutes, though it will float as well for easy retrieval, and shockproof to 3 feet as well.
  • Speaker device: The FUGOO Style XL Speaker device has Google Now / SIRI compatible full-duplex built-in Speaker device for hands-free chatting with Omni-direction echoes cancellation microphone.
  • Power Bank: FUGOO uses 4 Lithium-ion batteries which can preserve huge power. For this reason, FUGOO design the Style XL Speaker device as the power bank. User can quickly charge user Smartphone or Tablets from the Speaker device.
  • Connectivity: The FUGOO Style XL Speaker device uses Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connectivity; connectivity range up to 36 meters/120 feet outdoor and 10 meters/33 feet indoors. Out of Bluetooth, there is 4 connectivity port on the Speaker device such as 3.5mm stereo input, USB type A dedicated charge port for fast charging up to 1amp external device, micro USB port for downloadable firmware updates, DC-in jack for charging Speaker device’s internal battery.

Audio Performance

Unlike most other portable Bluetooth Speaker devices that cost about $200, the FUGOO Style XL hits the highs and the lows equally well. On St. Vincent’s ‘Digital Witness’ the Style XL nicely balanced the deep bass riffs with the vocals and the bright horns. It crispy reproduced the acoustic guitar picking on Beck’s ‘Heart Is a Drum’.

The impetuous flutes and threads at the beginning of Mendelssohn’s overture to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” came across with depth that other Bluetooth Speaker devices struggle too.

The FUGOO Style XL also handled the low-end growl on the Beastie Boys classic “Shake Users Rump” with more detail than any portable Bluetooth Speaker device we’ve heard. It is very difficult to reach ‘Stereo’ for a smaller Speaker device, FUGOO decided not to really try, and instead of ‘Stereo’, they focused on 360 degrees sound.

Whether user first and foremost use the Speaker device inside or out, in bad weather or on the sunny beachside, user will be preserving to a finely-tuned experience. With its eight-Speaker device setup, it dishes out the most successful attempt at true 360 degrees sound I’ve heard yet.

The sound profile defies its size, pumping out audio where I feel bass should little more, layered with mids distort is okay, but with full volume, there is a little bit distort though it depends on the recording quality.

Product information

Product Dimensions 11.4 x 3.9 x 4.6 inches
Item Weight 3.8 pounds
Shipping Weight 5.45 pounds
Manufacturer FUGOO
Item model number FXLSTSN01
Batteries 4 Lithium ion batteries required.

Pros and cons


  • Impressive robotic design.
  • High degree of ruggedness.
  • Quality 360 degrees sound.
  • True IP67 rated certification that puts it so far ahead of its competition.
  • Eight versatile drivers at user disposal.
  • Fugoo Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker device Remote.
  • Impressive high battery life.
  • Power Bank.


  • Presence of a slight distortion at higher end levels of volume.
  • Little bit require of bass at higher volume.
  • Low Bluetooth range.
  • No own operating software.


No Bluetooth Speaker devices in the market are absolutely perfect. If user eyes are only set on the big brands, the Style XL Bluetooth Speaker device might seem to have come from left field.

This Bluetooth Speaker device is priced to take on the likes of the ultimate Ear MEGABOOM or JBL Xtreme and gets the edge thanks to its true 360 degrees sound, reasonable price, and all-around solid performance.

No other portable Bluetooth Speaker device that costs under $200 can match the FUGOO’s combination of drivers, battery life and waterproofing. In fact, few devices that cost around $300 can match the FUGOO Style XL’s features and audio performance.

If user is in the market for a portable Bluetooth Speaker device, user may try for the FUGOO Style XL. As one that excels in outdoor, active, social settings, FUGOO markets this Speaker device very clearly and the Style XL delivers on that promise.

The FUGOO Style XL strong sound, ruggedness, and long battery life shine this Speaker device. If user are looking for a durable Bluetooth Speaker device that user can get directly from Amazon — and user don’t mind spending $169.99 — the Style XL should be high on user list.


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