JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Device Black Reviews [2022]

JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker: Portable Waterproof Bluetooth JBL Clip 3 Speaker device is one of the best wireless speaker devices for its super attractive look. Its outside appearance is much different from the others. For its convenient portability, this is the fittest one for keeping with user on a picnic or during travels.
Besides these features, this one contains a strong and durable fabric material over the Wireless Speaker device as effective protection against dust, rain, splash, etc.

JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

This Speaker device is to provide high-quality audio in which user will not experience any harmonic distortion. It is applicable in case of full volume too. In this article, we’re going to show user all the features of Portable Waterproof Bluetooth JBL Clip 3 Speaker device.
JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Which features bring this Speaker device in the top choice list of the users?

This Speaker device contains some attractive features that are just alien to all the other competitive Speaker devices these days. First, we would like to talk about the outward appearance of this one. It looks like a lock that can be held in hand conveniently.

The manufacturers mentioned this feature as “unique ultra-portable.” Another thing relating to the outward look is that it is available in many colors.

JBL clip 3 charge time

This battery-powered Speaker device keeps a “1000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery” in the Speaker device, which can provide user 10 hours of super playtime after charging it for several hours. For its effective waterproof feature, it obtains the IPX7 rating.

Some mentionable issues that user should know before choosing any Speaker device

For choosing a Speaker device, user should consider some issues at first. On understanding these issues, user will be able to catch on the effectiveness of this Speaker device for user. Let’s see those issues!

  1. First, user should plan about the place user want to keep it. In that, the dimension of this one is 2.4 x 5.7 x 7.8 inches, while the weight is 7.8 ounces.
  2. 10 hours is the mentioned playtime that will be provided by this Speaker device after fully charging the battery for once. But it is recommended to stop using it when only a little portion of the charge remains.
  3. Bluetooth is the only connective technology in establishing a connection with other devices. User will not have options other than this one.
  4. An Integrated Carabiner has been used with the Speaker device to provide user the convenient portability.

If the nature of this Speaker device mentioned in the above four points is suited for user desire, then user can choose this one. In that case, check at least once the ASIN Number- B07Q6ZWMLR, and the Item model number- JBLCLIP3BLK of Portable Waterproof Bluetooth JBL Clip 3 Speaker device.

Issues relating to the using procedure of this Best Bluetooth Speaker device

Knowing the using procedure is not a hard job as the user manual will be provided to user. Before going through the user manual, user should know some primary issues. These issues will help user to understand the manual properly. Even all the terms of the user manual are not friendly to the newbie. Considering all this, we mentioned some primary issues that user should know at first.

  1. When users get this Speaker device, user will see a user manual with the other things. Firstly, user should carefully read every point mentioned in that manual. If users see any abstruse words in the manual, search it online. The reasons are that understanding the manual is of utmost importance. Then place the Speaker device for charging before anything else. Just a small portion of the charge will remain in the battery of the sent Speaker device. Users have to charge it fully for the first time, and it may take several hours.
  2. After being charged fully, user may start to use this Speaker device by connecting this with any device user want. For establishing the connection, users have to turn on the device by pressing the power button. User will see the power button at the top right of the Speaker device. The position is not exactly the top because Carabiner is placed at the top, and the Speaker device is of a round shape. For establishing a connection, user has to use Bluetooth technology because this is the only connective technology. The manner of establishing Bluetooth connection is the same as the other Bluetooth supported devices.
  3. User can use this Speaker device for many good purposes, like hearing songs or music, answering calls, or other issues for which we use a Speaker device. But user cannot use this Speaker device with the devices that don’t support the Bluetooth option. For controlling the sound issues, users have to go at the back of the Speaker device where the volume up and down button is placed. Here, users have to play this Speaker device by pressing a button, not the touch.
  4. Don’t worry about the place where user wants to use this Speaker device. User can use it in any place; it doesn’t matter how dusty the place is. It gains an IPX7 rating for its sustainability against the water or rain. User may use this Speaker device when it is immersed in water too. It is convenient to use for its Carabiner feature because user may hang up this Speaker device in any place using it. But it is recommended not to do so for a long time. The shiny look of this Speaker device may be spoiled on regular use. To avoid this issue, user should clean it every week with wet and clean cloth or towels.

Methods & Materials- inside and outside of JBL Clip 3 Speaker devices

At this point, we’re going to show user the feature of some materials used in this Speaker device. This Speaker device is different from others because of its materials. These materials are not only for increasing the beauty but also for protecting the Speaker device.

  1.  Integrated Carabiner: For this tool, this Speaker device looks like a lock. This tool is made of metal and is kept for protecting the Speaker device from certain issues. This metal tool holds the Speaker device from all the circular sides. This tool makes it possible to hook this Speaker device to the backpack. It is very sustainable as user can hang up the Speaker device using this tool, and it can bear the weight of the Speaker device easily. Even it doesn’t sever from the things user attach it with, in the heavy movement of the journey.
  2.  Crystal Clear Calls: It has been told previously that user can use this Speaker device with any of the devices that support Bluetooth. If user uses this Speaker device with user Smartphone or Android, user can hear the sound of a call from the Speaker device. An important feature of this Speaker device is that it can provide user the echo-canceling output. Does user know what echo-canceling mean? This means that by using this Speaker device, user will not hear the sound or noise of the surrounding areas where the phone is placed. Even all top-class Speaker devices do not have this excellent feature.
  3.  Wireless Bluetooth Streaming: The term “Wireless Bluetooth” is mentioned in the name of the Speaker device. And it is also mentioned in the product description that Bluetooth is the only technology for establishing a connection with other devices. The speed of Bluetooth is dependent on the distance that exists between the device and the Speaker device. If user keeps the device closer to the Speaker device, user will be able to get a boosted outcome.
  4.  Waterproof Feature: Almost all the Speaker devices nowadays are waterproof. But how much the feature is effective may be a question. Commonly, it depends on the methods or material used for this purpose. In the case of this Speaker device, it keeps two things- “durable fabric material” and “rugged rubber” for protecting this Speaker device from water or rain. These two can protect user Speaker device from water even when it is immersed.

Pros and Cons of Portable Waterproof Bluetooth JBL Clip 3 Speaker device


  1. This one is available in different colors and easy to carry because of having an Integrated Carabiner.
  2. Durable fabric materials are used to protect this Speaker device from rain, dust, splash, and the like.
  3. This Speaker device is a super effective one in any outdoor program like- picnic, tour, concert, etc.
  4. It is able to provide high-quality audio without any harmonic distortion, even in the highest volume.


  1. Only 10 hours playtime is available here after fully charging it for once. That may not be enough for meeting the needs of some professional musicians or singers.

Final say- Is it worth to use for all the purpose?

JBL Clip 3 Speaker device can provide user all the features or opportunities that a super quality Speaker device can provide. Even different modes are available here. For all the places, it is easy and convenient to use. It is highly protective against all evils like water and dust.

Besides these, user can choose this one in different colors according to user choice. Considering all these aspects, user can surely order JBL Clip 3 Speaker device Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker device today.


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