JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews 2022

JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker device Black is one of the best wireless speaker devices  in terms of some rarest features. Different connecting methods are available in this Speaker device. This Speaker device is commonly bought for giving as gifts as it is available in several attractive colors.

JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

On using this Speaker device, user will be able to enjoy music or songs without any surrounding noise. User can use this best Bluetooth Speaker device for both indoor and outdoor parties. The water-resistant feature is perfectly applicable here, and user can use it outdoor in the rainy season. Our today’s story is about all the niceties of JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker device.

Some features that made it a Hot Selling Piece

This one is brought to user by JBL for those people who need a super quality Speaker device at the least price. That doesn’t mean that the features of a top-notch Speaker device are just absent in it. Instead, it contains all those attractive features but to a lower extent in comparison with other Speaker devices. The most attractive thing is that it is available in 12 different colors while other Speaker devices are available in only 5 or 6 colors. The Speaker phone of this one can show all the attributes of noise cancellation. User can use audio cable input to connect this Speaker device with other devices if user do not want to use Bluetooth technology. User can also use it in everywhere as it has waterproof features.

What should I check before ordering?

Before buying anything else, planning for that is necessary. It is doubly important in the case of wireless Speaker devices. In the following four points, we mentioned several aspects that user need to consider for examining the effectiveness of this one for meeting user needs.

  1. The dimension of this Speaker device is 3.8 x 1.4 x 4.2 inches, while the weight is 6.6 ounces. It is a lightweight and easily portable one.
  2. This one is for spending several hours of user pastimes with music or songs. The battery of this Speaker device will provide user only 5 hours playtime without any intermission. It is not for professional singers or musicians who need more than that.
  3. This Speaker device uses a Lithium Polymer battery, which is also provided with the Speaker device.
  4. The connective technology is only Bluetooth and if user wants to avoid Bluetooth technology for some reason or user device doesn’t support Bluetooth then user have to use an audio cable.

If the features mentioned above suit user needs, then user can choose this one for user use. Generally, this Speaker device is bought by people user love music and need to play music for several hours a day. But for picking up the right product, check the ASIN Number B07QDPRYYD and the Item model number JBLGO2BLKAM.

Easiest User Manual in only Four Points

Proper knowledge about the using procedure is not only important for enjoying all the features, but also for keeping the Speaker device without being damaged. Here we mention only four points that will show user the easiest methods of use. Even on reading this point, it will be easy for user to understand the user manual provided with the ordered package.

  • After some days of ordering, user will get the ordered package. When user gets this one, user will see a Micro USB Cable and a Quick Start Guide besides the Speaker device. Almost all the issues are narrated in the Quick Start Guide in easy words. It is highly recommended to read the guideline by line at first. After that, charge the Speaker device before starting to use it. It may take several hours to fill the charge.
  • After charging it entirely, user can start using it. User has to establish a connection with the other device at first. To do that, press the power button of the Speaker device and turn on the other device. Search the nearest Bluetooth network from the other device, and user will get the network of JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker device. If user doesn’t get the network name, keep the other device closer to the Speaker device.
  • When user sees the network name of the Speaker device on the interface of the other device, just establish the connection by pressing the “allow” button from the other device. This button may vary from device to device. But the connecting procedure is the same as all the devices. If users feel any complexity in establishing the connection using Bluetooth technology, user may use an “Audio Cable” for establishing the connection. The connection using such cable will be stronger than the Bluetooth all the time.
  • Like all other Bluetooth Speaker devices, this one contains several buttons. User has to press these buttons for using this Speaker device. The lausert of these buttons is in a line. These buttons are five in number. The first button is the power button, and user has to press this button when user wants to turn on the Speaker device. The next button indicates the Bluetooth function. The third one is to reduce the volume of play. The fourth button is just opposite to the third, i.e., the volume up. The fifth button contains an arrow sign, which is for going to the next track.

Tools and Features of the JBL GO2 Waterproof

A good number of features of this Speaker device have been previously told, but a good many are still left. Now we’re going to mention some points that will show user a few essential features and tools of this Speaker device. These include one feature and three tools.

  • IPX-7 Waterproof:Many of us hear about IPX-7 Waterproof, but we don’t know what it exactly is. This one indicates a standard of waterproof, which means that devices containing IPX-7 Waterproof feature can protect itself from heavy rain. In this standard, the maximum raining time is 30 minutes, while the depth should not be more than one meter. This Speaker device maintains the standard, and for this reason, user can use this best wireless Speaker device in any places user want.
  • Speaker phone:One of the reasons behind the high selling rate of this Speaker device is that it is available in 12 attractive colors. Another reason is the super quality Speaker phone. This device can provide user the feature of “crystal clear conference calls” in which user will not experience any surrounding noise. Even this Speaker phone will provide user such qualitative sound in every situation whichever it is.
  • Audio Cable:Generally, Audio Cable is familiar to all of us nowadays. Generally, this Speaker device is a wireless one, but that doesn’t mean user cannot use any cable here. Besides the wireless feature, this one keeps the option of wire. If any of user devices don’t support the Bluetooth option, then user can establish the connection using such a cable. User has to insert the cable in both the Speaker device and the device user want to use.
  • The Battery of the Speaker device:A rechargeable battery is kept in this Speaker device that is made of lithium polymer. User may see this battery in the short form, i.e., LiPo. This battery works on the “principle of intercalation.” Generally, the charging voltage of this battery varies from 2.7–3.0 V. In the case of this Speaker device, it will provide user up to 5 hours back-up. If user plays music in the lowest volume, the playtime may increase.

Pros and Cons of JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker device


  1. This wireless Speaker device is available in 12 different colors that are the rarest feature in comparison with other competitive Speaker devices in the world market.
  2. It is such a lightweight device that it can easily be carried to any place. Even the dimension of this one is not so long.
  3. IPX-7 Waterproof feature is applicable here, and for that feature, it can sustain under the water for at least 30 minutes.
  4. If user is reluctant to use the Bluetooth option, then user can use an audio cable to establish a connection with this Speaker device.


  1. This Speaker device will provide user only 5 hours of playtime. Such a short playtime cannot meet the needs of any professional singer or musician.

Ending part- Is it fit for meeting the needs of a Speaker device?

As a Speaker device, it is perfect for its job. It will provide user amplifying sounds from any connected devices. A water-resistant feature is also applicable here. Playtime may be a fact here, but it matters little for some reason. For how long do we enjoy songs every day? Is it more than five hours? Certainly, spending 5 hours enjoying pastime in our day to day busy life seems a little bit laughable. It may not be for professional musicians, but it will meet all the needs for which general people use the Speaker device. For that reason, it will be the best choice to order JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker device Black.

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