LG GX Soundbar System Review With Wireless Subwoofer 2022

LG GX soundbar is said to be standalone product. This soundbar is packed in 3.1 Ch configuration as well as its expenditure is around 1000 $ to boot.  The terrain is full of offering that take account of a amalgamation of upward firing along with satellite as well as complicated and complex software to be obvious. LG is pleasing the classical and standard route plus it is focusing on stuffing quality in a small package or wrap up. This soundbar belongs to the category of LG which is already clear from its name as well. This soundbar also contains a subwoofer with it and lot of more features in it regarding to audio augmentation.

Specifications of LG GX Soundbar:

This LG GX Soundbar contains a 3.1 channel configuration. The product dimensions of soundbar are 56.7*5.9*1.2 and subwoofer is 8.7*15.4*12.3. Moreover soundbar weighs about 4.65 kg and the subwoofer weighs around 6.4kg. Along with these specifications this soundbar has amplifier output of 200 W and the subwoofer has amplifier output of 220 W.

This soundbar contains a wireless connectivity feature in it too which is known as Bluetooth connectivity which makes this system user friendly and easy to use. Moreover it also contains audio decoding codec’s also for instance DTS Digital Surround, DTS: X, DTS HD along with Dolby digital plus as well as Dolby atmos plus 5.1 PCM and a Dolby TrueHD etc.

The subwoofer included in it is wireless type. In addition it also has different connectivity options like 1*HDMI In and 1*optical TOSLINK audio as well as 1*HDMI out and a 1* micro USB that is used for files.

The box of this soundbar contains LG GX Soundbar along with a subwoofer and a remote control with 2*AAA batteries and a 2* wall brackets also which are mostly useful. Furthermore it also includes a 2*stand brackets in it and a HDMI cable also along with a guide which is used to start this soundbar quickly.

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Design of LG GX Soundbar:

This LG GX Soundbar is slightly different from all the Soundbars available in the markets and its design is bit different from all. It slightly matches the design of LG TVs in a small form of factor. It doesn’t follow the boxy and squares designs but follows a slim, sleek and unique design. It is made up of plastic which is said to be black in color as well as tarnished with a fabric which is tightly fixed around it.

This soundbar extends around 56.7*5.9*1.2 inches and it is weighted as 4.65 kg. This soundbar is said to be tall and wide by seeing it. Due to its shape and size it is not able to be fitted under your TV if it is 55 inch TV.

Moreover it is also an angled soundbar due to which there is complexity in placing it under any TV or placing it anywhere else comfortably. Furthermore the front of this soundbar houses on OLED display that is used to display the changes made to it, current inputs and the volume range in it. It also includes fit in buttons in it which are just similar to the mobile phones (Smartphone).

It houses two openings from which one is for the power cable and another one is used for the input slots. You can also mount these Soundbars on the wall according to your wishes and interests and the accessories used in mounting it on wall are there in the box. The subwoofer in this package is woreless and can be connected by means of Bluetooth. This subwoofer is made up of the combination of melamine and plastic. And it is covered with a fabric which can collect dust in it very easily and it is said to be its disadvantage. The weight of this subwoofer is 6.40 kg which is a good thing as it can get easily fix under your TV. Its size is just similar to the PC desktop. The back of the button houses a detachable or removable power cord as well as a pairing button to attach it to the subwoofer. It can be said that this soundbar of LG is classy and descent and stands outstanding at the same time.

Controls of LG GX Soundbar:

The buttons are present at the side of this soundbar. It contains four buttons on its right side which include a power button along with switch inputs and volume up and down buttons. This bar also contains a remote control with it which gives access to the users to control all the functions of the soundbar very easily without moving from their place. This control is also made up of plastic and also gives it a matte like finish. Its buttons are rubbery and makes user comfortable. Unfortunately this remote in not said to be universal because it cannot be used for accessing the settings of TVs etc.

It also has a companion app which makes it more fantastic. The app used is known as LG Music Flow Bluetooth. You can be able to access all the settings of the soundbar using this app. Furthermore this soundbar also contains a option of power saving mode in it but the accurate time is not particular by the producer or maker.

Performance of LG GX Soundbar:

This soundbar is prepared with a wide array of inputs and after that it is presented. It also contains a subwoofer in it. It has different slots present at the back side of the bar for inputs. You can connect your phones etc by means of wireless connection for instance Bluetooth for playing songs etc. it costs much more and we expect it to work best but unfortunately it weakens in surround sound. This soundbar can get appealing loud but there is huge thrashing along with compression artifact at a loud sound as well as for there is no room correction available for sound correction also.


  • This soundbar looks first-class quality as premium and also catches the eye immediately.
  • It also contains Atmos support in it.
  • It also support for a companion app also which makes it user friendly.


  • This LG GX Soundbar struggles in surround sound which is said to be its disadvantage.
  • It is having strange feature ratio.

Ending words:

In a nutshell it is concluded that for some condition this soundbar is considered to be perfect and incredible but in surround sound system it is considered to be weak. This article is about LG GX Soundbar and I hope this would be helpful for you to select the best one for your TV systems. If there is any query you may ask in comment section.

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