LG LSB316 Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer Review 2022

After the revolution of the Soundbars they are given more and more importance as they are considered to be less expensive Soundbars and they have also replaced the 5.1 surround sound systems too.  if you want to enjoy the incredible sounds then you may replace your TVs speakers with these LG LSB316 Soundbars systems which also include a wireless subwoofer  with it.

This is not said to be the highlight for the reason that the feature of Bluetooth is still onboard and it also steals the whole spotlight. This feature take you back to the music of IOS devices which is mostly liked and loved by almost all the people as it is having more fan base and along with it by using it you can be able to support more Smartphone.

Specifications of LG LSB316 soundbar

This LG LSB316 soundbar contains a powerful 2.1 channel surround of 280 W. it also contains a subwoofer that can be connected wirelessly. It includes Bluetooth streaming also and it is slim and sleek so that it can also be mounted on the wall. Model number of this LG LSB316 soundbar is LGLSB316.

The type of speaker is soundbar by means of four mid range speakers as well as two silk dome speakers in it. The output range of this soundbar is around 280W (70 W * 4). It contains MP3 along with WMA audio format. It includes LPCM also along with Dolby digital, DTS, Dolby Digital 2 channel down mix  as well as Dolby digital plus.

It can also be muted and we can also set it to sleep. The dimensions of soundbar are 39.4* 3.2* 2.0 and dimensions of subwoofer are 7.7*15.4*12.5 inches. The soundbar weighs around 20.3 lb and subwoofer weighs TBD.

Design of LG LSB316 soundbar:

The design of this LG LSB316 soundbar is mostly similar to the design of many other Soundbars. This is a long soundbar in width and along with it this soundbar contains a subwoofer which can be connected wirelessly. Measuring the dimensions of this soundbar comes to know that these Soundbars are tremendous and thin as they are only 2 inches deep.

As this is a long and thin soundbar then you don’t have to worry if you are having a HDTV which takes up most of the space over your TV cabinet. This soundbar will be easily fixed and takes less space by letting more space unused. This soundbar does not come up with a fencing speaker as like other Soundbars does so you will be able to see the drivers at both the ends of this Soundbars. This soundbar comes with a average weight of 20.3 ponds so you don’t have to worry for it.

Features of LG LSB316 soundbar:

This LG LSB316 soundbar contains the feature of Bluetooth connectivity which performs the functions of Airplay just like the airplays of iOS devices does.  You just have to trigger or turn on the Bluetooth feature and then nod anything according to your wish and taste.

The next step is that you have to select the “LG Audio” from the icon of airplay and then all the music will flow directly on the soundbar. This makes using it very easy, smooth and user friendly due to which any one can change and alter the songs or anything very easily and along with it this soundbar is not only supported by the iOS devices but also supported by the other smart phones which is a good feature in it that is rarely found in the series of LG Soundbars.

This soundbar contains a virtual surround mode due to which it covers wide area with its sound and gives the best and incredible experience ever. In this system the connectivity feature is not as bad because you do get quite few simple options in it. The surround mode is not considered to be the best mode but it is even nice on your soundbar.

Furthermore there are two input options for starters for Blu ray players also anything else like PS3. For instance you also got a mini jack input which is essentially labeled as handy and movable audio input. There is one more option of giving input to the soundbar and that is USB port.

Through this port you can play your favorite music or anything else very easily by just putting a flash drive or pen drive in the USB port. This LG LSB316 soundbar is also responsible for managing your standard Dolby as well as DTS decoding.

As it is mentioned above that this soundbar is thin and skinny in design due to which it takes less space of your room. But if you are interested to mount these Soundbars on the wall then there are brackets available in the box also which are given to you along with the package. You can use them and mount soundbar on the wall also.

Moreover the subwoofers can be placed at any place of 32 feet away from the surround bar. There are two optical inputs present over there and if you are interested to add more inputs then you can use your TV for that purpose (switching) or else there is remote also present for this purpose.

Performance of LG LSB316 soundbar:

This LG LSB316 soundbar offers different surround modes of sound affects but one of them that is mostly used in it is virtual surround sound affect. This is incredible effect used in this soundbar but lacks a little bit in the sound quality but broadens the stereo image of the soundbar to definite point.

Besides this due to addition of some additional effects this soundbar provides a good and incredible soundstage depth. The subwoofer shows some defects in producing deep bass sometimes.

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Pros of LG LSB316 soundbar:

  • Wireless connectivity feature that is Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Supports iOS devices as well as smart phones.
  • Descent connectivity options are included in it.
  • Remote built was descent and user friendly.
  • Perfect size as it can be fitted in any kind of room easily.

Cons of LG LSB316 soundbar:

  • Sound quality is not said to be fantastic and powerful.
  • No clarity is found in producing deep bass.

Concluding words:

In a nutshell it is concluded that this soundbar is not as like the standard of Vizio and Sony Soundbars but can fulfill all your needs in your budget. There is some problem in providing deep bass otherwise it is best and sound quality is also good. I hope this article would be helpful for you people. If there is any confusion regarding to this topic or any else then you may ask in the below comment section. I will definitely respond to them as soon as possible.

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