LG SL6Y Sound bars With High Resolution Audio Sound Bar

This LG SL6Y Soundbars belongs to the category of LG which can be known by its name. This soundbar is said to be mid range soundbar which offers a 3.1 Ch configuration. There is a little subwoofer also present with this soundbar which enhances the output sound quality which is around 420W and above. These Soundbars doesn’t include satellite speakers with them and if you are interested about them then you have to buy them separately to increase as well as improve the output.

LG SL6Y Soundbars

Nowadays almost all of the televisions used to skip the powerful speakers from them which makes complex for the viewers to understand the dialogues of the movies as well as they are not able to enjoy their favorite movies and programs etc and for that problem here a solution, LG SL6Y soundbar, which is used to make your programs and movies good so that you can enjoy them.

Specifications of LG SL6Y Soundbars

This LG SL6Y Soundbar has 3.1 channel configurations. The dimensions of this soundbar are 41.7*2.2*3.4 inches and of subwoofer is 6.8* 15.4* 9.8 inches. Soundbar weights around 3.45 kg and weight of subwoofer is 5.3kg.  Moreover the amplifier output of soundbar is 200W and subwoofer is 220W. It also contains wireless audio protocol.

Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy for the user to play songs as well as things which are favorite easily.  Or simply we can say that this makes this soundbar user-friendly. This soundbar contains wireless audio decoding codec’s which include Dolby Digital as well as DTS Virtual: X. The subwoofer along with this soundbar is a wireless type. It also contains different ports for the sake of connectivity. Ports include a USB port, HDMI In/Out optical as well as TV sound sync.

The box of LG SL6Y Soundbar contains a lot of things which include LG SL6Y Soundbar along with a subwoofer and a battery. Also a remote control is available in this deal along with the battery. For mounting these Soundbars on wall there are brackets also available in the box.

You can use them and mount this soundbar on wall as screws for mounting are also available in the box if you are interested. A user manual is also in the box which is helpful for the user to first-time use that soundbar. This soundbar has a warranty and a warranty card is also available in the box. 1 additional foot is also available within this box of soundbar.

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  • Due to its 3.1 Ch configuration, it allows an excellent performance while playing a dialogue based or any other content on TV.
  • It has a brawny and sturdy style as it is well built.
  • It has a big and huge LCD screen.


  • This soundbar lacks in wifi providing.
  • Moreover, it has limited surround sound capabilities which is said to be its disadvantage.

LG SL6Y Soundbars Design

LG is following a minimalistic look of design as far as the design goes on. This LG SL6Y Soundbar is just similar to the SL5Y. Both of them look like siblings but they both had a comparison also. This LG SL6Y Soundbar is made up of mostly plastic along with a perforate and pierced metal is used to cover the front part of this soundbar.

LCD screen can be found on the front as well as rubberized buttons are present over the right side of the soundbar. The plastic used in making of this soundbar is of good and fantastic in quality as well as add heft and durability to the device.

The subwoofer in this deal is made up of mostly wood from the outside as well as the ports are available at the back side of the subwoofer. The front part of the subwoofer is covered with the black fabric as well as we there are no qualms as well as uncertainties with the matter which is used to build the package.

The soundbar is 41.7*2.2*3.4 inches and weight is around 3.4kg. The subwoofer is dimensionally 6.8*15.4*9.8 inches and its weight is around 5.3kg. Plastic is used for the manufacturing of the soundbar exterior due to which it seems to be light in weight but actually it is healthy and robust.

But on the other hand subwoofer is small in size and low in weight due to which you can easily place it over anywhere easily. All the ports are available at the back side of them and power port is built little far from other congested built ports.

Wall mounting screws are also present in this deal due to which you can easily mount them on the wall as if you desire to do so. Otherwise you can also place these Soundbars on the top of the furniture. The subwoofer contains a single port of power connector at the back due to which it looks clean. Moreover it also contains the feature of getting off if there is no activity happened over soundbar for minimum 15 sec. This built is very impressive and incredible but the thing to worry is fabric used in it whose time period is unknown.


On the right of the soundbar contain two volume buttons along with a power on and off button and  an F button which have multiple cases and scenarios which depends upon the time you are going to press the button. The let them dust free you just have to put them under some protective thing or casing. Both SL5y and SL6Y are same Soundbars but the LCD involved in SL5Y is placed on centre of device while other one is moved to the right between two channels. The middle channel performs uninterruptedly and due to which its output is improved.

A universal remote is obtainable in this deal which can be same for all of the LG Soundbars. It also having the facility of a control app named as the LG Music Flow Bluetooth App which can be used to control the settings of the soundbar. This app is available on both android and iOS platforms. The HDMI CEC support is also available to you due to which your TV remote can be paired with the Soundbars too.


This soundbar is capable of outputting 420W in total. Soundbar tops at 200W while subwoofer tops at 220W with 82dB and 85dB of sensitivity and impedance of 4ohms and 3ohms. Moreover this soundbar also supports Hi-Res Audio due to which you are able to play your FLAC and WAV files in limited range along with usual MP3,WMA and vice versa.

LG SL6Y Soundbar is okayish furthermore this soundbar doesn’t use any element to amplify the sound. The focus is acceptable but if you had experienced flagship then you will find problem in the accuracy sometimes. This soundbar gives expected response. Presence of soundbar is not making the quality of sound comfortable. Sometimes on high bass it produces muddy bass and you feel uncomfortable.

The sound produced is centre dedicated because satellite speakers are not available along with this deal. It is best for you if you are radio and podcasts lover. There is sometimes experience of incomplete audio because of lack of height channels.

Ending words

In a nutshell it is concluded that this soundbar is a good product. This is incredibly built and mostly loved. This soundbar and subwoofer is a combination of wood and plastic which makes it attractive. Its cost is around $300 mark which is very impressive and simple for everyone to buy it.

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