LG SN8YG Soundbars: High Res Audio Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos® and Google Assistant Built-In

From the Soundbars of LG this LG SN8YG Soundbar is an updated soundbar which came in 2020. It contains a 3.1.2 setup along with a wireless subwoofer and there is lot of connectivity options also available in it. This soundbar is updated from the previous SL8YG soundbar. Both of these Soundbars are little bit same but differ in volume.

The sound of this soundbar is comparatively neutral with adequate thump just because of the subwoofer available in this deal. Moreover lots of sound enhancements are also available in it and you can tweak the overall sound output according to your desires. The 3.1.2 configuration of this soundbar comes with its own issues.

Specifications of LG SN8YG Soundbars:

Channel configuration of 3.1.2 and the dimensions of both soundbar and subwoofer are 41.7*2.2*4.7 inches and 8.7*15.4*12.3 inches. The soundbar weighs around 4.4kg and on the other hand the weight of subwoofer is 7.8kg. The amplifier output for both soundbar and subwoofer is around 220W.

it contains a wireless Bluetooth connectivity along with chromecast as well as wifi. It also contains different audio decoding codec’s which include DTS-HD, DTS Surround Sound, DTS: X along with Dolby digital as well as Dolby atmos, Dolby digital plus, Dolby true HD plus LPCM. Moreover it also contains a wireless subwoofer. It has different connectivity options also for instance HDMI in/out, USB, TOSLINK and Bluetooth 5.0.

The box of this soundbar contains LG SN8YG Soundbar along with a subwoofer and a remote control, also 2* AAA batteries and an optical cable. Also contains cable management hardware. For mounting this soundbar on walls it gives a bracket as well as screws used to do so inside the box which are helpful. A manual is also present in the box for the users to operate it correctly and warranty is also given and a warranty card is also present inside the box.

Design of LG SN8YG Soundbars:

This LG SN8YG Soundbar is conservative and a subwoofer route. The soundbar is long wedge or piece of strong and tough quality. It is made up of plastic along with metal grills on the front as well as the bottom. The speakers that are upward-firing in this soundbar also get a spherical metal grill at the top.

The subwoofer is also made up of most of the plastic but three sides of this soundbar are covered with the fabric. Sorry to say that the fabric is capable of collecting dust over it very easily as it is prone to catch dust quickly. You would have to clean it to ensure that this doesn’t get dirty.

This soundbar is 41.7*2.2*4.7 inches dimensionally due to which it is said to be a bit longer than the other Soundbars available in the market. It is said to short in width as if compared with its previous siblings.

This soundbar is not too tall in size due to which it can be placed easily anywhere because it does not take much space. The subwoofer is 8.7*15.4*12.3 inches dimensionally. This subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room. It is wireless and it is easy for you people to let it connect and place anywhere where you desire it to be.

It is not too large in size you can simply place this in the corner of the room as you wish. Only a power cable port is available at the back side due to which it is said to be a clean subwoofer.

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 Controls of SN8YG soundbar:

The buttons are present at the top of the soundbar. It contains two buttons for volume up and down, one button is for activating the Google assistant, one is for changing the input along with a button used to mute the microphone and a play/ pause button is also included.

This soundbar also contains a remote controller which is said to be similar to the LG SK9Y but in this soundbar one added button is also present which is said to be a button for Google assistant.  There are different toggle buttons available in this soundbar like volume button, power button, switch input button, change EQ presets as well as a play/ pause button.

It also contains an app for controlling this soundbar. This app makes this soundbar user friendly. You can simply tweak the settings according to your wishes. Standby mode is activated and if system is kept idle for several seconds then it automatically gets off.

Connectivity of SN8YG soundbar:

Descent variety of inputs is available in this soundbar. Moreover it also contains holes at the back which are helpful for mounting them on the wall. In this soundbar you can get optical audio in, HDMI IN and HDMI Out slots. Along with these USB options are also available.

This soundbar also supports couple of audio codec’s which makes it more attracted for the users and wide variety of people use it. You are able to play any kind of audio codec in this soundbar but some of the contents will be down mixed due to the limitations of the configurations. It also allows user to connect to any streaming device because it has optical. This soundbar is perfect for the gaming consoles etc.

Performance of SN8YG soundbar:

The stereo output of this system is said to be descent and incredible. The overall sound quality of this soundbar prejudice towards neutral and this is not said to be a bad thing. Subwoofer adds necessary thumps to the output and makes the sound perfect. If you love listening high music then there may be a problem in the sound as it will be produced muddy. This soundbar also fails to produce a perfect surround sound impact just because of lack of 5Ch configuration.


  • This soundbar is said to be loud enough for most of the rooms.
  • It contains a lot of options for connectivity.
  • It has a wide range of sound enhancements to pinch or tweak the final output.


  • It is having a weakest link known as surround sound.
  • It also lacks in analogue connectivity.

Concluding words:

If you are interested to have a soundbar for mixed usage then this soundbar is perfect. It is having a sufficient bass also for thriller and a center channel to highlight all of the dialogues. This soundbar can produce a descent sound in the large and huge rooms also. The chromecast as well as the Google assistant can make up the control setup enhanced and improved and If you are interested to have more information related to this topic or else then you may ask in the below comment section.

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