Samsung HW-A450 Soundbar Review 2023

This is said to be another soundbar from Samsung which is named as the HW-A450. It is glossy, smooth and modest in design. This soundbar is having a reasonable price and it would be the best soundbar for you.

Specifications of Samsung HW-A450 Soundbar:

Its channel of configuration is 2.1. Dimensions of product are (2.1* 33.9* 2.9 inches) of Soundbars and (13.5 * 7.1* 10.7 inches) of subwoofers. The weight of Soundbars is around 12.81bs and weight of subwoofer is 9.61bs.

It is having Bluetooth, a wireless audio protocol too. Moreover audio decoding codec’s are not valid. Normally ostensible output power of these audio systems is 300W. Connectivity is 1* optical input of these Soundbars.

The thin fabric used in it not only feels loose other than seems as despite the fact that it could easily be torn. These Soundbars contain optical cables, remote (along with 2* AA batteries in it), power cables of 2* AC, brackets for mounting them on wall, along with remote controller, a cable, a kit for mounting them on wall and a manual for users in the box of these Soundbars.

Graphic EQ and presets are available in these Soundbars. The Volume of these Soundbars can go exceedingly very loud. Its Design is lustrous, smooth as well as minimalistic.

Some Features of Samsung HW-A450 Soundbar

Design of Samsung HW-A450 Soundbars:

These Soundbars are designed as perfectly as they are built in a rectangular shaped design. Moreover its top and front sides are covered with a fabric at its majority parts and some other parts are made up of plastic.

Its subwoofers are made up of mostly wood and just like Soundbars covered with fabric these subwoofers are also covered with fabric from its front. The fabric used in it is rather thin which gets dirty easily as dust completely get over it.

In terms of its size, the HW-A450 enlarges at 2.1 * 33.9 * 2.9 inches which is well thought-out to be speck too long for the majority. On the other hand, if the size of your TV arrangement is 55 inches and beyond and exceeding then it should have no troubles fitting in between.

On the whole the HW-A450 Soundbars has an average or regular build because the greater part of its body stuff is prepared from slight and thin plastic as a result it lacks in permanence and stability.

Along with Soundbars the subwoofer are of no difference as they are made up of wood and both front sides of the speakers of Soundbars as well as subwoofers are covered with a thin layer of fabric which is similar in both Soundbars and subwoofers. The thin fabric used in it not only feels loose other than seems as despite the fact that it could easily be torn.

Controls of Samsung HW-A450 Soundbars:

The controls of these Soundbars to a certain extent are clear-cut as well as simple. There are four buttons at the top middle of the Soundbars. From side to side along with these buttons you can turn the bar on or else off.

These buttons can also switch inputs and adjust as well as alter the volume. The style of the remote is as similar to the Samsung HW-T450 remote. It also allows the users to control all of the settings of the Soundbars by means of a single click. Sorry to say but this model does not come with a companion app hence for that reason confining the controls to that of the soundbar itself along with the remote.

Connectivity of Samsung HW-A450 Soundbars:

Moreover with a lot of disappointment it is concluded that this model only come up with two inputs and those inputs are USB and Optical Audio. Seeing that there is no HDMI input port in these Soundbars then using this soundbar as a hub between more devices is not feasible. Even though in the setbacks these Samsung HW-A450 Soundbars does support and sustain Dolby Digital as well as Digital Theater Systems (DTS) content by means of the Optical Audio input.

Despite the fact that the HW-A450 contains subpar playback options too in it due to which it does support the Bluetooth connectivity and as a result streaming your preferred and much loved content to the soundbar can be done wirelessly and it is much easier.  While for the subwoofers it can also connect wirelessly to the soundbar.

There are pairing button included in it which can be found on the bottom right side of the back of soundbar. Moreover wired cable connections are also available in it. You can also avail them according to your likes.

Performance of Samsung HW-A450 Soundbars:

The frequency response of the stereo for Samsung Hw-A450 is relatively very incredible and good because it produces so neutral sound which is incredible and along with it, it also adds a boom to the sound effects in the movies.

The bass deficient’s a deep thump which can be slightly unsatisfactory and disappointing for those people who love deep thunder in their music having huge bass. There are different sound enhancement features in it too which would be loved by you people specially those who prefer different sounds. It also includes presets along with a graphic EQ which permits you to tune your music very well.

For instance, the Adaptive Sound Lite preset in it performs as a dialogue enhancement feature. For this reason if you are going to press and hold the button of ‘Sound Mode’ even as the soundbar is off then you can also turn on or shut down the auto volume mode of these soundbar. This model can also get really very loud as enough to fill a relatively large room.


  • Wireless connection of Bluetooth connectivity is available.
  • 300 watt of audio output power.
  • These soundbar are much loud.
  • It also includes presets along with graphic EQ.
  • It is having a huge bass feature.


  • Dolby Atmos is not supported.
  • Surround performance of this soundbar is poor.
  • Fabric used in these Soundbars and subwoofers can be torn easily and dust is collected over it very easily.
  • These soundbar cannot be handled through any companion app.


In a nutshell it is concluded that these soundbar relate to the category of Samsung which are well known in the market and used. These soundbar are having lot of specification as well as features in it and along with these there are some defects too in it which are its bad part. I hope this article would be helpful for you people to select the best soundbar for yourself. If there is any confusion in this article you may ask in the below comment section and I will respond to them very soon.


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