Best Samsung HW-A650 Sound bar Review 2023

This Samsung’s HW-A650 soundbar is a elegant and fashionable soundbar along with subwoofer and combo in the midst of 3D surround sound capability. But how would you know that this soundbar is up to your expectations and needs. This article would be helpful for you people to select the best soundbar for yourself according to your needs and wishes. Here is a complete analysis of the soundbar Samsung HW-A650 which would help you.

Specifications of Samsung HW-A650 Soundbar:

This soundbar has a Channel Configuration of 3.1. The dimension of product soundbar is 2.3*38.6*4.1 inches and of subwoofer is 8.1*4.182.3 inches. The weight of this soundbar is 19.5lbs and weight of subwoofers is 6.8 lbs.

These Soundbars also have the feature of wireless connectivity as well as wireless audio protocol by means of Bluetooth. It also has a surround sound supported audio (DTS Virtual: X).

It having a connectivity through 1*HDMI for input as well as for output. These Soundbars can be mounted on the wall and also contain the feature of remote control through which you can operate and alter the changes in it very easily according to your needs and wishes.

The box of these soundbar includes many things in it like Samsung HW-A650 Soundbar along with Subwoofer, a Remote Controller, an Optical Cable and a kit for mounting that soundbar on the wall as well as Remote Controller Battery along with a Power Adapter. All these things are included in the box which is necessary.

Design of Samsung HW-A650 Soundbar:

This Samsung’s HW-A650 (3.1) soundbar is 2022’s collection of the fraction of the company. This soundbar is just the thing for the ones who love to snoop to a wide range of audio material right out of the box because it is having a neutral sound profile.  On the other hand, this soundbar fails to reproduce a thumpy low-bass.

It also has a visual EQ as well as many plug-in used for the enhancement of sound, which also includes ‘Adaptive Sound Lite,’ and it can let the dialogue get better, addition to ‘Bass Boost,’ which can provide more punch to the audio.

Moreover as it also supports surround content, even though it has to down mix it to the stereo with the purpose of playing it. The slender and slim Samsung HW-A650 soundbar along with a subwoofer can be mounted on a wall otherwise can also set horizontal on a tabletop. If you love to mount Soundbars on the wall then it is best idea because you don’t have to buy furniture for to let soundbar along with subwoofer on it and it is cheap.

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On the other hand the buttons of this soundbar are of same color due to which distinguishing them and their functions is not easy and this makes it less user friendly which is its disadvantage too. This soundbar (Samsung HW-A650) stretches 2.3*38.6*4.1 inches and its weight is around 19.5 pounds. Its build is of high-quality just like the rest of the Soundbars of this Samsung category.

The top as well as the front of these Soundbars are enclosed or covered with a metal grille/ fence just similar to the Samsung HW-T650 and despite the fact that the rest of the soundbar is made up of plastic. The subwoofer is generally made up of wood.

At the back there is a port present furthermore the front is covered with plastic. Moreover there are two holes present on the back of the soundbar to control the inputs as well as the control cable. There is a plastic port available on the back side of the subwoofer also. It includes even a power cable link and a pairing button too and it is up to you that how you like to use it.

Controls of Samsung HW-A650 Soundbar:

Samsung HW-A650 soundbar contains four physical buttons on the top of the soundbar that are used to allow you to turn the soundbar on as well as off. Moreover it also allows you to alter the speed as well as vary the input source.

The remote used along with this soundbar is quite simple as well as straightforward and it has the ability to monitor any of the functions of the soundbar. On the other hand this remote controller is not said to be a universal controller because you can’t use it on your television for all functions.

While on the other hand this Samsung HW-A650 soundbar has the feature of auto-off that turns the soundbar off when a definite amount of time has passed. Soundbar turn off by itself after some specific time if it is not in use. Along with these features this soundbar also supports HDMI CEC which tends to allow you to keep an eye on some of the basic features of the soundbar with the help of your TV remote.

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Connectivity of Samsung HW-A650 Soundbar:

Multiple physical inputs are available/ present on the Samsung HW-A650 soundbar which are helpful in connectivity. It also contains a full HDMI In port which allows you to use the soundbar just like a hub for a number of gadgets.

On the other hand there is no AUX port present in it due to which you are not able to connect devices to the soundbar which are older to play the music you like.

This Samsung HW-A650 soundbar is supposed to use ARC to hold up the content of Dolby Digital and DTS which is said to be a standard on Blu-ray discs along with streaming platforms. On the other hand the object-based surround formats for instance Dolby Atmos, are not supported.

The Samsung HW-A650 also has the feature to connect wirelessly with a phone or any tablet by means of Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to play audio from these devices not including the requirement for a wired link. Still you cannot use Wi-Fi as well as Chrome cast built-in or else Apple Airplay to play the music wirelessly and which can be considered as a drawback.

Performance of Samsung HW-A650 Soundbar:

The frequency response of the Samsung HW-A650 stereo is outstanding and brilliant. It contains a reasonably neutral as well as unprejudiced sound profile out of the box which makes it supreme and perfect for listening to a wide variety of the audio material. Auspiciously there are sound customization options available in these Soundbars for instance a graphic EQ along with a plug-in as well as bass and treble changes are easily reached.

This soundbar has a tremendous as well as incredible stereo dynamics performance and these Soundbars are best for using them at jam-packed events as well as in big spaces for the reason that it is very loud.

Middle channels in balanced of these Soundbars and does not get very high which is not liked by most of the people who like to listen music loud. Moreover this sound bar’s surround performance is relatively bad because it uses the left as well as right speakers to down mix surround material into the stereo as a result things for instance voices along with footsteps are not as clearly or appropriately portrayed within the soundstage.


  • The design of these Soundbars is lustrous, simple and it has an attractive design.
  • It contains the feature of Wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • It also has the feature of Adaptive SoundLite.
  • Moreover it contains the 3D surround sound feature in it which is quite impressive.


  • These Soundbars doesn’t support Apple Airplay or else Chrome cast built-in.
  • In these Soundbars there is Lack of Dolby Atmos support which is its disadvantage.
  • This soundbar in not much loud.
  • Older devices cannot connect to it.


This article was about the Samsung HW-A650 soundbar. In this article we have discussed about these Soundbars in detail and it would be helpful for you people to select the best soundbar for yourself according to your needs and wishes. Moreover id there is any kind of confusion you may ask in the comment section below.


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