Best Samsung HW-Q60T Sound bar Review 2022

This Samsung HW-Q60T is another category of Samsung which is a mid-range soundbar along with a MSRP of $500. Soundbars of this category are already very incredible and outstanding but how you got to know that which one is best for your home theatres. Moreover if you are interested to improve your home theatre system then how you come to know that this soundbar is helpful or not. Here is an article related to the discussion over this soundbar which will help out you to select the best one for yourself.

Specifications of Samsung HW-Q60T Soundbar:

Just like other Soundbars this also has a channel configuration of 5.1. The product dimensions of sound bar are 2.3*38.6*4.1 inches and the product dimensions of subwoofer are 13.9*8.1*11.9 inches.

The weight of the soundbar is 7.5 lbs and subwoofer weighs 13.7lbs. it also contains wireless Bluetooth connectivity which makes this soundbar user friendly and more people are attracted towards it.

It also contains DTS Digital surround, Dolby Digital and DTS Virtual-X which are Audio Decoding Codec’s. Soundbar has 200W and subwoofer has 160W of amplifier output. It contains optical input, USB input, HDMI ARC input as well as HDMI input connectivity. Moreover it has wireless subwoofer and satellites type.

The box of this soundbar contains Samsung HW-Q60T Soundbar, Wireless Subwoofer, and Remote Controller along with Batteries meant for remote controller as well as Wall mounts kit and a HDMI Cable in it.

Design of Samsung HW-Q60T Soundbar:

This Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar stretches 2.3*38.6*4.1 inches as well as weighs 7.5 lbs which proves that this is a heavy soundbar. Just like other most of the Soundbars through Samsung this one also comes with a slightly high-quality build.

This soundbar has a appealing sleek along with attractive design that is capable of fitting almost all the TV or else interior setups. This soundbar is fully enclosed in metal grills which add to its weight as well as gives it a heavy duty feeling too. Totally 9 of the drivers are built into the soundbar also.

On the whole the quality of the design and build of this soundbar is upright/ descent as is with the majority of the Samsung Soundbars. Moreover it is covered completely in metal grills to guard the interiors of this soundbar. The smooth and sleek design makes it appropriate as it fits the majority TV setups as well as interior designs at your home.

Controls of Samsung HW-Q60T Soundbar:

Some of the physical buttons of this soundbar are located on the top. Understanding them is quite simple and straight forward as there are controls present for any audio devices like power button, increase/decrease volume as well as the button to switch among inputs.

There is a remote controller also present with this soundbar which makes this system user friendly and you don’t need have to get up for changing and altering the settings according to your needs and wishes.

Remote control also contains simple and straight forwards controls over it which are easily understood by the users. It also contains a power button, input select button and play/ pause button along with mute button, button to switch among sound modes.

There is sound control button to access the equalizer too and a button to access Bluetooth pairing mode also, direction buttons for navigation furthermore volume buttons that rock up and down to change and regulate the volume of the subwoofer as well as the Samsung soundbar.

A display interface is also to be found on the right side of the frontage panel and the display interface also lights up at the back of the metal grills at whatever time you make several adjustments for instance volume or else sound mode.

Connectivity of Samsung HW-Q60T Soundbar:

This Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar comes prepared by means of a HDMI ARC input along with a HDMI output and a USB input as well as an optical input too. Along with these connections which are physically available then you would not have to worry about what TV setup you are running. You can also play your favorite music by plugging in the pen drive to the Soundbars and then enjoy it.

Moreover this soundbar has the only one feature of wireless connectivity which is Bluetooth connectivity as if you have a Samsung TV that also supports Bluetooth connection then you can attach it to the soundbar devoid of having to utilize a cable.

Though then you would not be able to connect your phones (smart phones) if it is associated to the TV. This soundbar is having the capability to connect the two different mobile devices at the same time other than this will necessitate a cable connection from your TV to soundbar.

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Performance of Samsung HW-Q60T Soundbar:

These soundbars are perfect for using them with the Samsung TVs as you don’t need to use a individual remote to control the settings. By a single remote of TV you can operate it accordingly. Moreover this soundbar is prepared with the feature of Q-Symphony of Samsung. The need of purchasing this soundbar is to upgrade your TVs sound quality.

On the other hand the Q-Symphony feature of this soundbar permits the TV’s speakers to work in tandem by means of the soundbar with the intention of creating a wealthier as well as more immersive cinematic practice.
Sorry to say that the low-bass frequencies from the subwoofer are not inspiring. For this reason, it might be a slight inadequate when it comes to theatrical sound effects like explosions and blasts.

But whenever it comes to music then it gives upright however not the best bass thumps, particularly in the low-bass frequencies. If you love songs with a heavy bass then this soundbar may come off as a little insufficient for you. Auspiciously, you can also change the sound with the equalizer accessible.


o This Soundbar Offers HDR10+ as well as 4K video pass-through.
o This soundbar has a sleek and attractive design along with solid build quality.
o It contains wide soundstage intended for immersive experience.


o It lacks in Wi-Fi connection.
o Moreover it also lacks high-resolution audio support


In a nutshell it is concluded that the Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar is a well-mannered mid-range soundbar that is enough for mixed usage. This soundbar necessitates connecting to a companionable Samsung TV in order to reveal its full potential.

Moreover it features a well-built heavy-duty build by means of a lustrous design that fits everywhere. These Soundbars may be disappointing for you if you are a deep bass and a heavy thump lover. I hope this article would be helpful for you and if there is any confusion then do ask me in the below comment section. I will respond to it as soon as possible.

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