The Samsung HW-Q900A Sound bars Review 2022

The Samsung HW-Q900A is wireless Soundbar which was released in 2021 recently last year. It is comparatively heavy and huge in size. It is build so beautifully and precisely as it is made up of plastic and a fabric is compactly decorated across (from corner to corner) it’s top. The box includes the Soundbars, subwoofers, manual for users, mounting template, HDMI cable, 2x power cord, 2x mounting brackets, 2x mounting screws, 2x mounting collars, rubber feet pad along with remote and batteries (2xAA).

Features of Samsung HW-Q900A Soundbars:      

This Soundbar is robust and secured because of plastic shell worn in it. On the other side the fabric used in it can be easily ragged and dust is collected in it easily. This Soundbar is 1232.0*69.5*138.0 mm.

It is widely built and cannot fit under the TV having stands but can be perfect for the TVs hanged on the wall. These Soundbars comes with brackets so that we can mount them easily on the wall. There are some small openings at the back of the Soundbars for input such as input for power cable.

It also contains subwoofers which are mostly made up of wood. Its size is just similar to PC and due to its wireless feature you can put it anywhere where it can get the access and power. There is also a plastic port along with a pairing button at the back of the subwoofer and the inputs are located in the bottom for power cable.

This Soundbar also contains a small display on the top which is used to show the level of the volume, settings of speaker along with input. It also contains physical controls which helps us to fix or change the volume and turn on or turn off the microphone etc.

It also contains a voice feedback feature which can be turned on and off by pressing the multi function button for up to 5 sec which helps us to change the input. These Soundbars also come with the remotes same as the remotes are for the Samsung TVs. This remote lets you set the bar’s setting and this remote is not universal as it is having less options which makes it awesome.

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Specifications of Samsung HW-Q900A Soundbars:

There is also a built-in support for voice assistant of Amazon Alexa too which helps us to mute the mic if we don’t want it to hear us. HDMI CEC is another feature in the Soundbar which helps us to control the basic functions of bars using our TV-remote. An app is also used with it to control some of the basic functions of the bar.

The app used is SAMSUNG SMARTTHINGS APP which helps us to control, change the source, play sound and music, adjust the volume, adjust the EQ and select different sound modes from your own device (mobile etc). To access some features like virtual surround feature, the Sync feature and the centre, side, wide along with top level controls are accessed by the remote.

Connection of Samsung HW-Q900A Soundbars:

This SAMSUNG HW-Q900A Soundbar supports most of the new generation devices of audio inputs as well as outputs. HDMI, Optical Audio In and Full HDMI In slots are the most liked standards used by the people.

On the other hand some of the older devices are not supported by these Soundbars as they don’t come up now with 3.5mm AUX Port and RCA inputs. It is also having a built-in connectivity of wifi and Bluetooth in it. You can also stream audio from your phones, tablets, laptops as well as Smartphone etc as this model comes with Airplay2.

Subwoofer in this is connected wirelessly to the Soundbar, you just have to connect it or plug in it with power. By means of ARC this Soundbar is having an incredible format of audio. This Soundbar also supports eARC along with Dolby atmos and Dolby digital with DTS, Dolby Digital Plus as well as DTS: X (eARC only), Dolby TrueHD (eARC only), DTS-HD MA (eARC only) and 5.1 PCM (eARC only).

Along with these it also supports a lot of these formats by means of HDMI In together with Dolby Atmos DTS: X, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus, along with DTS, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA and 5.1 PCM.

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Performance of Samsung HW-Q900A Soundbars:

Moreover this Soundbar has a channel configuration 7.1.2 with an enthusiastic subwoofer. It also has an incredibly neutral default sound profile along with a wide and focused soundstage and a lot of sound modification and customization options.

In addition it does not come with satellite speakers like standard hence the sound will not be as immersive as someone may be expecting. Other than it can get in actuality loud and furthermore by means of its customizability that makes available flexibility, it should fit the necessities of different users.

The centre channel on this bar set on an incredible performance as well as the keen centre speaker performs a good job replicating the speech segments of the audio. These Soundbars doesn’t come up with satellite speakers but can be purchased separately according to our desire.


  • These Soundbars have customizable sound by means of graphic EQ.
  • It also contains features of Bluetooth, wifi and Airplay support.
  • Contain dialogue enhancement features.
  • It gets loud and it is its great advantage and along with this it also have a incredible and immersive sound.


  • Atmos performance in these Soundbars it little uninspiring and boring.
  • Fabric used at top of can be tattered easily and get dirty because dust is collected into it easily.
  • Bass is little less as it could use a little more bass.


This article was about Samsung HW-Q900A Soundbars. These Soundbars are having lot of features in it which would be loved by the people. These Soundbars get pretty loud and also contains lot of customization options in it. Also contains subwoofers in it. I hope this article would be helpful for you people to select the best Soundbars for yourself according to your needs as well as wishes.

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