Samsung HW-Q900T Sound bar Review 2022

Recently Samsung has introduced a fresh flagship variation which is named as the Samsung HW-Q900T. This soundbar costs approximately $1299.99 which places high quality anticipation by means of such high pricing compared to the others. This soundbar has a unique 7.1.2 channel configuration as well as it also chains a vast selection of audio codec’s which makes it one of the improved choices for the users looking in favor of mixed-usage.

Specifications of Samsung HW-Q900T Soundbars:

This soundbar has a channel configuration of 7.1.2. The weight of the soundbar is around 37.3 pounds. It also contains the wireless connectivity by means of Bluetooth as well as Wifi. The product dimensions of soundbar are 48.4*2.8*5.4 inches and subwoofer are 8.2*1.8*15.9 inches.

Moreover the audio decoding codec’s used in these Soundbars are eARC, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital along with Dolby Digital Plus and DTS as well as DTS:X plus Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA along with a 5.1 PCM. Its subwoofer is connected wirelessly. For connectivity HDMI and optical TOSLINK are used.

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Furthermore the box of this soundbar contains 2x AA batteries in it and a HDMI cable, a Remote and a 2x Power cord. It also contains a Wall-mount template by means of bar brackets as well as screws and a User manual as well as 1x HDMI cable.


  • This soundbar contains a dialogue enhancement feature in it.
  • Moreover it is dedicated centre channel.
  • For connectivity there are two paths which are Bluetooth and Wifi.


  • It doesn’t contain any auto-volume mode in it.
  • It has poor surrounds performance.
  • Moreover it has not noteworthy Atmos performance

Design of Samsung HW-Q900T Soundbar:

This Samsung HW-Q900T soundbar is made up of a mix plastic as well as a tightly wrapped fabric and the subwoofer is completely made up of wood along with fabric. The front side of the soundbar plus its top is enclosed in strongly wrapped fabric and its remaining body is covered in plastic. Moreover the sides of the soundbar are to some extent angled with vent like openings which are intended for the side surround speakers. The build of this soundbar feels rock-hard and robust long with the whole soundbar made typically out of plastic other than the fabric feels a little delicate and breakable that it could be tattered or can collect dust over it very easily. Same is the case with the subwoofers also.

Controls of Samsung HW-Q900T Soundbar:

The display of this soundbar presents current volume levels along with speaker settings and all the inputs. Furthermore you will also know how to dot three small lights that become visible, spark or disappear which depend up on the commands inputted.

You will also find four touch sensitive knobs or buttons at the top-middle of main bar which are used to improve the general look. Moreover you will also find a multi-function button in this soundbar that is used to control the input along with two-volume controls and a closure to quiet the microphone. This Samsung HW-Q900T soundbar comes with a remote too that is similar to the style of the most modern high-end Samsung TVs. Even though this remote is not said to be universal because for TV setting and soundbar setting it requires individual one.

Moreover this soundbar also supports a Samsung Smart Things app which can be accessible on both iOS as well as Android app stores and also allows users to modify inputs as well as control the volume and select sound modes and access the EQ.

This Samsung’s HW-Q900T bar also has support for HDMI CEC as well as Power Saving and this HDMI CEC permits users to make use of their own TV remotes to access convinced features.

Connectivity of Samsung HW-Q900T Soundbar:

This Samsung HW-Q900T supports most of the audio inputs and outputs of current generation devices because it is said to be a high-end soundbar. The standard inputs you are expected to use are such as the HDMI plus Optical Audio In and the Full HDMI In slot. And along with these it also contains a USB port. Yet, this soundbar does not come with a 3.5mm AUX port and so some older devices may not be supported.

The subwoofer in this soundbar can be connected wirelessly to the soundbar along with the only port that houses the power cable.

It also has Bluetooth and Wifi built-in wireless connectivity which makes it user friendly. But the device does not hold up Chrome cast or Airplay. It also contains eARC plus Atmos support too.

Performance of Samsung HW-Q900T Soundbar:

This soundbar has a much unbiased default sound profile along with a wide as well as focused soundstage and many sound customization plus connectivity options in it. These Soundbars can sound really loud as well as on point and with its whole performance that offers flexibility. Along with it, it also provides a deep thump as well as punches together with its audio to satisfy users into heavy bass genres by means of extended bass.

This Samsung HW-Q900T soundbar contains an excellent stereo soundstage and also has great stereo dynamics included in it. Moreover this soundbar can reach up to loud volumes which are ideal for those who map to make use of it in parties or packed out areas to bring up the mood. There is a minor density when brought up to maximum volume however it isn’t too important that people will observe it instantly.

This soundbar also has an inspiring total harmonic distortion performance. It contains the capability to filter out misrepresentations at normal volumes and then giving a clean and pure audio result to the users. Moreover this soundbar is appropriate for users who are attracted in maxing out the audio qualities.

This soundbar uses side-firing speakers to bounce sound off the walls because it doesn’t support satellite speakers due to which the objects in the soundstage do not sound as obvious and precise as they would in a system with fanatical surround speakers.


In a nutshell it is concluded that if you are looking to put away a variety of media as well as looking for an improvement for your current setup, the Samsung HW-Q9900T is said to be an excellent offer as it has a high-quality audio plus additional features.

Still with the deficiency of a 3.5 mm AUX port plus satellite speakers then the soundbar still does a huge job in most of the situations furthermore the sound enhancement features facilitate to find the right equilibrium for the users.


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