Sonos Play 5 versus Sonos play1 Speaker 2022

When you think of refined music, what should linger in your mind is Sonos 5 speaker. Since its first launch in 2009, this model has dominated the music streaming field as a standalone speaker thanks to its plug-and-play capabilities. Over the years, the speaker has undergone tremendous changes in its design and software update by incorporating Airplay 2 and TrueTrue play port for the iOS devices. Learn more about this best speaker for echo in this review so you may have a clear picture of its features and performance in comparison with Sonos Play 1 Speakers.

Sonos Play 5 versus Sonos play1 Speaker

Sonos Play 5 versus Sonos play1 Speaker

Given that both devices have the superior sound quality, their comparison could give you a clear view of which of the two models of smart speakers is best for your needs. Apparently, Play 1 is compact and readily affordable while Play 5 comes out as one of the highest fidelity audio devices on the market.

Features: Similarities

Adjustable bass and treble controls

When you invest in high-quality smart speakers, you expect to get the best in terms of sound output. In that case, both models offer support for the adjustable Bass as well as Treble allowing you to achieve that finetune you have always wanted. The Bass sound on each of the devices is notable and it will fill your room with rich deep and booming sound.

Humidity Resistant

Even though the two speakers are not waterproof, the good news is that they are humidity resistant. All you need is a Wi-Fi or a plug connection and you are good to go in any given environment such as your bathroom, kitchen or when relaxing by your poolside.

Ethernet Port

Play 5 and Play 1 speakers come with an Ethernet port to keep you enjoying listening to your favorite tunes even if your Wi-Fi signal gets low or become unreliable. In fact, you can save a lot of money by getting a Wi-Fi extender such as Sonos Boost to support Ethernet connection on your device.

Setting Up Over Wi-Fi

The two models support 802.11b/g (wireless standards) at 2.4 GHz frequency to enable the speakers to run via Wi-Fi.

Features: Differences

Stereo and Mono Output

One advantage of Play 5 over Play 1 is its ability to support both the stereo and mono output. To achieve this feat, you can change the speaker to a vertical orientation when you want to play mono and horizontal for stereo. On the other hand, Play 1 is designed to only support mono sound but when you pair it with the same model (Play 1) it can separate into right and left channels to provide you with bigger, wider and deeper stereo sound.

Sound Quality

With Play 1, its audio capabilities are limited due to its small size where it features a single mid-woofer and tweeter which cannot match with Play 5 sound quality output. What makes Play 5 superior, in this case, is the fact that it is designed with, three mid-woofers, three tweeters and an amplifier for every audio element within the device. These features make Play 5 to have superior sound quality in comparison to Play 1.

Audio line-In

It is only in Play 5 that you will find an audio line-in among the Sonos speakers. This means you will be able to still enjoy streaming music to your speaker when offline, which is not the case with other models.


Both speakers can use an app for easy control and also, they have built-in controls in case they don’t access the app. However, controls on Play 5 are incorporated in the touch user-interface and they are more robust to allow you to have an easy time changing the volume, swiping to change the track and so on.

Voice Control Options

The two devices can support Amazon Alexa voice control with Play 5 having an added advantage of supporting other voice controllers like Airplay2 and many more.

Final Verdict

Both Play 1 and Play 5 Sonos are great audio devices with good features. But the real question that should be in your mind is whether to settle for Play 1 or Play 5 provided that you can pair two of those speakers to get better sound quality. If you have a small room, it is advisable to buy the Play 1 speaker or buy Play 5 for a larger area for you to experience the best possible sound quality.

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