Sonos Arc Soundbar Review 2022

Arc soundbars of sonos are one of those soundbars which have a whole audio entertainment system. Sonos Arc Soundbar have a crystal clear audio system which provides the user or buyer a good sound experience of movies, games , songs or whatever he/she is listning.

Sonos Arc Soundbar Review

Sonos Arc Soundbar comes in the price tag of USD 800 more than in the United State. It seems that it’s not a cheap price but when Sonos Arc Soundbar rings the bells so then its seems to be worth it. It’s the first time that the sonos company added Atoms compatibility to its soundbar lineup so far.

An another intresting thing about Sonos Arc Soundbar is that they do not come with the subwoofer or satellite speakers but the company had upgraded the system  and provided the user to add the options separately.

The overall package of Sonos Arc Soundbar looks pretty decent but the lack of subwoofer is rising a question on the performance of the soundbars because the availability of the sub bass woofer is preferred by most of the users. Let us take the review of the Sonos Arc Soundbar so that we will be able to so that the Sonos Arc Soundbar is worth it the price or not.


Following are the some specification of Sonos Arc Soundbar:

The channel of Sonos Arc Soundbar is 5.0.2 and the dimension of our product is 45 x 3.4 x 4.5 inches. The weight of Sonos Arc Soundbar is about 6.25 kg and comes with no built-in amplifier output. Apple Airplay wireless audio protocol are used with Dolby Atmos decoding.

Dolby digital, dolby Digital Plus , 5.1 PCM, Dolby TrueHD are some of the codecs used in Sonos Arc Soundbar. And again Sonos Arc Soundbar have no sub woofer and has a strong connectivity rate of 1x HDMI eARC , 1 x optical Audio In 1x Ethernet.

So these are the some specifications of Sonos Arc Soundbar.

Build And Design

Sonos Arc Soundbar are built a long alab excellent quality of plastic. Sonos Arc Soundbar has 76,000 drilled holes in it to makes it aesthetically and to provide a good sound quality to the user. The front and the sidebars of the Sonos Arc Soundbar are left clean while on the top there is housing capacity controls.

Sonos Arc Soundbar also have LED lights mounted in it but you can turn them off and on altogether if you find them annoying. Sonos Arc Soundbar are bit longer then the usual soundbar but it feels sturdy and well built. The weight of Sonos Arc Soundbar is about 6.25 kg which is a pretty dissent weight but it stretches about 45x 3.4 x4.5 inches which is almost the width of a 55 inches T.V so it is pretty difficult to adjust them together.

But its okay because Sonos Arc Soundbar have any ability that they can be mounted on the wall and because of its pretty descant shape Sonos Arc Soundbar mounted on the wall looks very awesome . Sonos Arc Soundbar also have an important feature that they automatically adjusts the frequency range of its sound to avoid providing awkward noises.

Sonos has paid more attention to provide a classy and a descant look  and paid attention to the minute details of the soundbar. The shell of the sounbar perforated and matte and the company logo is in a very classy and a cool color combo of black and white which provides a more descant and charming look to the Sonos Arc Soundbar.

You can also find a small opening in Sonos Arc Soundbar that houses the power cable and the other input ports which are used  it is mounted at the back of Sonos Arc Soundbar. There is also a plastic grille to protect the soundbars from any sort of damage.


Sonos Arc Soundbar has not  put a good effect on the user about its performance yet but it us jump deeper into it to find the results. Sonos Arc Soundbar have a low average performance of bass system which is one the biggest lack in these soundbar and also the frequency range is not so far but has a mediocre frequency response.

the sound that reflect from the wall also makes a impressive and immpersive experience for the buyer or user. There are also some dedicated central channels present on the Sonos Arc Soundbar. The best thing about Sonos Arc Soundbar or the key point to purchase Sonos Arc Soundbar is the reproducing sound and dialogues and the other vocals which is more enjoyable in most of the times.

Sonos Arc Soundbar have an excellent loudness but when it raises from 75 percent the way it handle the loudness and struggle is a shame because all the vocals are mixed up  because of which all the sound experience is affected very badly which do not make a good impact on the user because of the creeping and annoying voice produced by the Sonos Arc Soundbar. And the bass area is on of the part in Sonos Arc Soundbar that suffers the most and is affected the most when the volume raises above 75 percent.

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What’s in the box

Sonos Arc Soundbar comes with the following things

There is a 4.5 HDMI-to- Optical Adapter with 5 HDMI cable and a product guide ,Sonos Arc soundbar for sure with a 6.5 AC power Cord and a quick start guide for the user. And its pretty enough form the box.


  • Beautiful design
  • Upgradable
  • Classy look
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Room correction and Atmosphere support.


There are also some cons in every soundbar with their pros. So some of the cons in Sonos Arc Soundbar are,

  • Lack of bass / less bass
  • Doesn’t handle the volume well above 75 percent

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What sets the Sonos Arc Soundbar different apart from the other sound bars that I have been experienced is how everything in it feels like and is incredibly easy to use and is a user friendly device.

Do you agree with us and shortlisted Sonos Arc Soundbar in the list of soundbars?

So please tell us about your opinion in the comment section.

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