Sonos Beam Sound Bars | The Small But Smart TV Soundbar

The Sonos Company has released their new product in year 2019. Sonos company is a famous and is now  among some of the company’s which make wide verity of products including TV, sound bars wireless Audio and also Smart home Sound systems.  Talking about Sonos beam sound bars these sound bars are very well design and classy sound bars in terms of design but they do not have the edge in terms of the new technology.

But Sonos beam sound bars work good and more fast and smoth as compared to other sound bars in terms of features and functions and the sonos company has to improve and work on their sound quality. The sound quality of sonos is fear enough but not so good as compared to the other soun bars especially when the volume is high. So the sonos company has to improve their department of sound and bass system so they can easily attract peoples to their products.

Sonos Beam Sound Bars

Sonos beam sound bars comes with a lot of features and also has a fear price of just $399 and sonos company is one of those company which provides a best sound experience in this budget. Sonos beam sound bars are pretty decent sound bars in this price tag and are used itself, without any satellite system  and sub woofers but it gives a bit of lag in the sub bass system which can be over come by attaching Sonos beam sound bars to a subwoofer externally.


Sonos beam sound bars have some of the specifications which you may not found in the normal sound bars of this cheap rate. So some of the specification of Sonos beam sound bars is,

Sonos beam sound bars have an dimension of 25.6 x 2.7 x 3.9 inches with an input of HDMI ARC. And also has a 4 full range sub woofers with a micro phone which have 5 interface for voice. And also has a specification of 3 passive radiators, Ethernet and Wireless  connectivity  function.  Sonos beam sound bars has a driver of 4x elliptical mid woffer and 1x tweeter and has a weight almost ranging 2.8 kg. so these are some of the major specification of Sonos beam sound bars.

Build and Design

Now talking about the design and the overall look , Sonos beam sound bars are formed like a smooth and extended  pill  with the dimension of almost 25.6x 3.9 .  And the beam of Sonos beam sound bars is also small as compared to the other sound bars and has a average weight of 6.35 Ibs. Sonos beam sound bars produces a room filling and a loud sound because of the 4 woofers and a tweeter which helps the sound bars to produce a loud sound.

The HDMI , Ethernet  and the power ports are found at the back of Sonos beam sound bars and the microphone button is present right on the top of the Sonos beam sound bars along with volume control buttons and a power status LEd that can be turned on and off by the users own choice.

The only issue with the design of Sonos beam sound bars is the Sonos logo on its front just saying that it can be a littke smaller to look nice and decent. And another issue is that the beam do not comes out with a remote control  like the other Sonos sound bars but this issue can be resolved because the beam can be controlled by your TV remote control if it supports ARC-CEC HDMI and another bright and important feature is that you can also control it by your voice by using Amazon Alexa.

The user can also control the adjustment of volume and usage of other features  and can also handle all the settings of the beam its voice and Tv remote control and Sonos application.

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we have tested the performance of Sonos beam sound bars these sound bars have a bit of lag of 0.4 second while having the Dolby Digital processing of the sound . And the lag is due to the Optical output which we have seen to be questioned almost every day on the Sonos community forms.

The lag of sound when playing the Dolby Digital sound is highly recognizable. Sonos beam sound bars essentially do not work with the Sony TV’s and also with all LG OLEDs. So this shows that the Sonos beam sound bars are might not be available for a very vast and verity of TV’s of different Brands.

Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa Control

Sonos beam sound bars supports the Google assistant and Siri and Alexa voice control feature after the May 2019 update.

All of the Google fundamental and basic assistants voice controls work on Sonos beam sound bars but uyou must have to switch between your favorite or on which its easy to work or talk an understand it can be any one of them you can only chose one at a time between the Google assistant , Alexa and Siri. So that you can easily and openly converse with the assistant at once at a time.which we can understand and also makes a sense . you can can control the smart home gadgets and can also check the climate broadcast and now can easily line up your music list by just simply giving the verbal orders to the Siri , Alexa and the Google Assistant.

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  • Compact in size
  • Cheap price
  • Easy to set up
  • Alexa/Google and Siri assistant
  • Wide soundstage


  • Bass lacks (The most important)
  • No support of Bluetooth
  • No remote


Sonos beam sound bars are one of the most important and a amazing expansion of the sonos company lineup of the sound bars. Sonos beam sound bars are also very much fabulous for small rooms. And Sonos beam sound bars are one of the best and most demanding sound bars under the range of $400.

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