Sonos Play Base Sound bars Reveiw 2022

Sonos playbase soundbars are 2 inches tall, which show that these soundbars are smaller then the Sonos playbar series. The company Sonos playbase soundbars Sonos design the soundbars more conventionally. The best home theater component created by the Sonos Company is the  Sonos playbase soundbars with a classy and gorgeous look and a loud and vista-like sound.

Sonos Play Base Soundbars

Sonos playbase soundbars is all in one package of speakers like the play bar was never before. Sonos playbase soundbars are now available in the market under the price tag of $699 the same price as the Sonos playbar has. Between these two soundbars of Sonos Company Sonos playbase is a far better option then the Sonos playbar. Sonos playbase sound bars are now available in white and a either black color in the market and can be purchased easily online as well.


Sonos playbase sound bars may be flat like a pancake, but the way it produces a loud and a clear sound  we were impressed. One the other hand if we compare the Sonos playbase sound bars  with Sonos playbar soundbars  so there is not hell a lot of difference but Sonos playbase sound bars had more oomph.

The base system of Sonos playbase sound bars is deep and clear enough so that the user can enjoy and the base sound is clearly defined.  Sonos playbase sound bars have a high performance because of the 10 amplifiers fitted in it of D class and 10 drivers of a speaker system.

Sonos playbase sound bars has a 5.1 setup with a Sonos speaker and a Sonos sub and play base sound bars can support the MP3 , WMA, ACC , OGG, ALAC, AIFF, FLAC, and WAV. And has 16-bit support with no hi-Res 24-bit support.

There is more bass when the Sub  in involved with the Sonos playbase soundbars but the playbase is more capable and produce more bass by its own without depending on any other thing. The Sonos playbase soundbars delivers a more clear and natural range of dialogues to the listener and covers its distance of sound with a good and loud frequency. Sonos playbase sound bars are mostly used and designed for the home theater purpose.

Sonos playbase sound bars can support the CD quality (16-bit) likewise the Sony and LG Company offers with their multi-room systems. We have never found any problem in the sound system of Sonos playbase soundbars and they always offers an extra ordinary sound experience but you will find some peoples who will fell disappointing from the sound system and music speaker of the playbase.


Sonos playbase sound bars have some awesome and charming and a cool design, and have a fabulous speaker system and as well as performance. Sonos playbase soundbars have a slim body  and can be remained un noticed when we put it between the TV stand and a TV it self.

But if you have ha TV mounted on a wall so probably wall mounted sound bar will be a better option. The corners of Sonos playbase sound bars are rounded  while the top of the sound bar is super smooth and super flat and has a TV set sat on the top.

Sonos playbase soundbars have a lining design which gives it an classy and super cool look so that it can attract the user or buyer. And all the internals of Sonos playbase soundbars is wrapped with a glass-filled polycarbonate to save them from being damage.  The logo of Sonos is mounted at the front of the playbase which increases the beauty and classy look of the soundbar.

Sonos play base is made up of solid plastic material and is available in two colors white and black, but the white color looks more classy and beautiful than the black one.  And the bass exhaust ports are present at both sides of the soundbar.  And the top of the Sonos playbase soundbars is made in such a way that it can lift the TV upward up to 75 pounds of TV means it can lift the TV having the weight of 34 kg.

Use can also use playbase soundbars with your different devices as well. The Sonos playbase soundbar also comes with a remote controller which you can use to mute or alter the volume of the songs, movies, and games, or any other thing you are playing.

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What’s in the box

The playbase sound bar of Sonos comes with the following things;

There is a 4.5 HDMI-to- Optical Adapter with 5 HDMI cable and a product guide ,Sonos Arc soundbar for sure with a 6.5 AC power Cord and a quick start guide for the user. And its pretty enough form the box.

So these are the some of the things that you can see in the box of Sonos playbase sound bars of the Sonos Company normally.


  • Clear and powerful audio generator
  • Responsive touch keys
  • Easy to use and setup on the TV stand
  • Beautiful built in qualities
  • Can support a TV of 75 pound on its own
  • Powerful and clear audio when you are watching a movie


  • Expensive
  • Won’t work perfectly in every room
  • Single optical input
  • Unlikely to support high resolution digital audio
  • No DTS support
  • No Bluetooth support
  • Won’t work with non-IR remotes


From the above little discussion it is clear that the Sonos play base sound bar is a good enough choice for home theater, and watching movies and can also support and lift your TV having a weight of 75 pounds. Sonos playbase are slim and classy and easily fit in the TV stand and is super slim. But they are a little bit of expensive and cannot support high resolution sound.

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