Sony HT-CT150 3D Soundbar Review

This soundbar of the Sony Company is one of the newest collections. This Sony HT-CT150 3D soundbar is offered by Sony. This soundbar as well as a subwoofer is a part of this package and the subwoofer is said to be the center piece of this system.

Sony HT-CT150 3D Soundbar

Most of the people of the Sony decided to use the subwoofer as an amplifier as well as a main control station instead of turning it to an auxiliary device. So if you are interested to connect a device to it or turn down the volume then you need to look firstly at the subwoofer.


A wireless subwoofer is added in this package. Soundbar is small in size as compared to the subwoofer as the subwoofer is dimensionally 7.75*17.75*16.25 inches and the soundbar is 31.5*2.6*2.8 inches dimensionally. This soundbar contains different connections like HDMI in along with one digital media port as well as two stereo inputs. Two optical S/PDIF inputs as well as one coaxial input are also included in this package. This Sony HT-CT150 3D soundbar supports 1080p HDTV along with Dolby Digital as well as DTS plus 3D.

Design and build

The Soundbars of this category mostly come up in simple designs. You will always find them straightforward. This includes a fabric of black color at the top of the wide sound unit which can be placed lower than under the TV. This is a simple system and looks incredible and perfect in its minimalism. Although you would have to take care of your TV that it must look bulky enough placed next to the soundbar that is to say around 31.5 inches wide plus 2.6 inches high. Moreover this unit is only 2.8 inches deep as a result you will always include the intuition that the whole system is entrenched as well as fixed into the wall. This system weights around 2 pounds only. In addition it also contains two drivers which measures two inches each.

The subwoofer is large and bulky as compared to the soundbar. This subwoofer weighs around 23 pounds which is a huge weight. For handling this subwoofer one needs to prepare up a solid hold for holding this large unit. This soundbar looks so bulky by it is designed perfectly due to which it looks quite impressive also. A great finishing touch is used in this subwoofer which makes it perfect and mixes together into the environment easily. This subwoofer is dimensionally 7.75*17.75*16.25 inches. It is 7.75 inches wide, 17.75 inches in height as well as 16.25 inches in width. This proves that it is bulky and large in huge in size.

At the top of the subwoofer holds up a small display screen also which is worn to show the current functions as well as buttons are also included in it. Moreover on the bottom side you will notice a label of Sony as well as a nice slick design. There is also included a driver of 5.1 inches beneath the black grille. This driver will surely get the job done no issue how much you injure or damage it. 

Setting up

After you discover the perfect mark for both of the sound units that you will stumble on in the package you have to come to a decision that which one connection you want to use. From different connections which are available in this package you have to select the one you want to use. This soundbar comes up with different connectivity options which involve three HDMI inputs as well as one digital media port along with two stereo inputs plus two optical S/ PDIF inputs along with one coaxial input in it. You could use any of the connection above mentioned.

This soundbar also holds up the feature of BRAVIA Sync through which you are able to control this soundbar. Moreover with this feature you are also able to control any other Sony device also with a solitary remote that is incorporated in the package.

Sound Quality

The subwoofer unquestionably lives up to the anticipations and beliefs and the users won’t be disappointed ever by the delivery of the notes by the system. On the other hand the mids as well as the highs might be a little below powered moreover this is something that you will observe or perceive in the scenes of clear dialogues. The sound of this Sony HT-CT150 3D soundbar will be checked as well as balanced. Moreover it will be finicky to see that this soundbar can actually offer a suggestion or clue of surround sound as well as you will repeatedly feel wrapped up into the scene relatively deep.

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  • This Sony HT-CT150 3D soundbar supports 1080p HDTV along with Dolby Digital as well as DTS plus 3D.
  • Attractive design.
  • It also contains three HDMI inputs for connectivity.
  • Outstanding quality of built.
  • Sound quality is good for small sized rooms.


  • Subwoofer is huge and bulky.
  • Finding place for subwoofer is most complex thing.
  • Remote control doesn’t work if you don’t see the subwoofer.
  • Sound quality is not good for large rooms.

Ending words

If you people are from those who are tired of listening and enjoying the sounds from the speakers of your TV then this soundbar will be considered the best choice for you people at all. This soundbar has a good quality if you are having a small room but if you have a large room then I advise you to look for other Soundbars.

This soundbar is great and perfect in looks. Moreover it also contains a subwoofer separately in this package which is wireless.  If you want a soundbar just for your audio needs then this is the perfect set for you. And if you own a BRAVIA TV set then you can control all the settings of your TV as well as the system with a solitary remote control.

I hope this article would be helpful for you people. If there is any query related to this topic or else then you may ask in the comment section available below.

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