Sony HT-CT500 Home Theater Sound bar Review 2022

his Sony HT-CT500 home theater sound bar is a system that is an edition of the former HT-CT100 which is said to be a solitary speaker audio system. This soundbar belongs to the category of Sony which is considered to be best in quality. This package also contains a Sony HT-CT500 home theater sound bar along with a wireless subwoofer as most of the deals hold up but this soundbar also chains a wider speaker component as well as more authoritative and prevailing on board 400-Watt amplifier in it. The system conveys 3.1 effects by means of a left, right as well as center speaker contained by the soundbar.

Specifications of Sony HT-CT500 home theater sound bar

This system is a 3.1Ch configuration Sony HT-CT500 home theater soundbar along with a wireless subwoofer. Both of them weigh around 24.3lbs in total. The dimension of the Sony HT-CT500 home theater soundbar are around 37.7*2*3.5 inches as well as the subwoofer is 8.3*14.3*14.7 inches dimensionally.

Moreover it holds up different connection ports in it also which include 3 HDMI inputs at first and a DMP Digital Media Port which makes up association with additional external audio sources with no trouble. In addition it also holds up a flat screen panel in it. Remote control is also available. It also supports audio decoding codec’s which embrace DTS, Dolby Digital along with Dolby pro logic ll. This Sony HT-CT500 home theater soundbar also possess Sony’s audio technology.

The box of this package contains different things in it which consist of Sony HT-CT500 home theater soundbar along with a wireless subwoofer. Also contains a remote control which is not used for all of the system but Sony HT-CT500 home theater soundbar system only. Moreover it also contains batteries with it. Manual is present in this box as well as set up guide too. These both are helpful in setting the system for the first time.


The systems will enchantment the fans by way of its 3 HDMI inputs along with two component jacks in this soundbar. This soundbar also permits analog inputs to be exchanged or switched into HDMI output easily and for this reason eradicating the need for supplementary cables in succession to your TV. This soundbar is slim sleek in design and had an attractive look. This also contains a subwoofer along with it which is can be connected wirelessly to the system. Both of the components weigh around 24.3lbs in sum.

The speaker is 37.7 inches wide as well as 2 inches deep and 3.5 inch high. As well as the subwoofer is 8.3 inches wide, 14.3 inches deep and its height is around 14.7 inches. From its dimensions it is cleared that this soundbar is slim and analogous to the Sony’s BRAVIA W5100 as well as XBR9 TV series ropes full 1080/60p as well as 24p video. This soundbar holds up a deep color plus x. v. Color.

Sony HT-CT500 is also a S-Air ready, with the aptitude to send out wireless audio up to 164 feet intended for multi room listening. For the moment a DMP Digital Media Port is worn to makes associations and links with further external audio sources straightforwardly.

Even though this may not be a preference for audiophiles as well as it may be enough for the standard users. This soundbar along with a subwoofer perform perfect and sound quality produced is awesome for the user expectations. As it fills the user expectations and a good sound quality is produced.

This Sony HT-CT500 carries out its design which is considered to be stylish on this system as well. For this reason it harmonizes well as well as may seem like a part of any sleek. This Sony HT-CT500 has a modern and latest design and also contains a flat screen panel TV specifically designed for those 42” and exceeding. This deal also contains a remote control in it which doesn’t have the ability to be used by other Sony devices.

Setting up

The process of setting up this system is the easiest task. The user does not need to worry about the space or the hassle of wiring. The user can simply place this soundbar on the ground or at the side of the TV set and it looks like a part of the whole system. If user is interested to mount the system on the wall then it could also be done.

The user can also mount the whole system on the wall instead of placing it over the ground or any furniture. It is up to the user that how he desires to place the subwoofer etc. The soundbar is suitable for the 42 inch TV as a result it can also be positioned on top of or beneath a flat screen panel TV and still appears like a part of the overall design. The users may possibly also let it rest without help on top of electronics cabinets over the TV or mount it to the wall.

Moreover the system automatically wakes up from the standby mode whereas the panel display is off. This Sony HT-CT500 system involuntarily becomes active to response to the signal from a unit which is connected.

The system works as a device concentrator as well as users can also decide on optionally the settings from the friendly GUI menu to exceed HD video signals straightforwardly to the HD TV rather than going throughout the systems video processor first. The non HDMI devices also get transformed by the system by means of Faroudjas’ DCDi Cinema Chip included in this system.

Sound Quality 

This Sony HT-CT500 soundbar decodes audio codec’s which include DTS as well as Dolby Digital along with Dolby pro Logic ll. Sony HT-CT500 also installs its S-Force Pro surround sound as well as S-Force front surround sound effects in favor of this system. Moreover this system also includes the digital sound processor.

An incorporated receiver is in this system which offers smooth controls with a bass plus treble equalizer. Sony HT-CT500 also holds a LPCM playback along with a portable audio enhancer that is used to expand the quality of sound of the devices that are connected to it.

Besides the settings of the sound field includes standard along with movie, drama as well as sports, games music, pop and live etc. The sound effects may be levelheaded but cannot achieve the real surround sound system particularly in huge and bigger rooms.

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  • Sufficient sound experience is delivered.
  • Ideal for small rooms.
  • Standby mode is available in this system.


  • Remote control suffers from mess and confusion sometimes.
  • Control does not control all the devices of Sony.


In a nutshell it is concluded that this soundbar is considered to be perfect for small rooms. It gives an incredible sound experience also. I advise you that it is not good for large and big rooms. But straightforwardly it is good preference for the owners of apartments. The user does not get irritated with muddled wires as well as cables.

I hope this article would be helpful for you people to select the best sound system for your home theater and if you have any confusion about this topic or else then you may ask in the comment section. I will try my best to respond to them as soon as possible.

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