Sony HT-S350 Soundbar Review 2022

This Sony HT-S350 soundbar is simple soundbar having 2.1 Ch configurations. This soundbar was released in 2019 and contains all of the features that one expects from all of the Soundbars. This is a low cost and under budget soundbar that is everyone’s attraction as well as expectation.

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar Review

This contains a wireless subwoofer also with it which adds to this deal. Both the subwoofer as well as Sony’s S-Force Pro front surround technology combine together and produce an incredible and immersive sound just like the surround sound and there is no need to add additional rear speakers with it for producing surround sound experience. Sometimes this speaker also gets pretty loud.

Specifications of Sony HT-S350 Soundbar

This is a 2.1Ch configuration soundbar whose dimensions are 35.5*2.5*3.5 inches as well as the subwoofer is 7.5*15.0*15.4 inches dimensionally. The soundbar weighs around 2.4 kg which is roundabout 5.3lb and the subwoofer weighs around 7.8kg which is roundabout 17.2lb. This soundbar also contains the facility of wireless audio protocol by means of Bluetooth only. It does not support wifi as well as chromecast.  Dolby digital is supported by this soundbar and no other audio decoding codes are available in this soundbar. Moreover it also includes different physical input ports which include Optical Audio In as well as HDMI ARC. Along with all these specifications it also holds up some special features in it. For instance HDMI CEC (TV remote control) as well as S-Force pro front surrounds.

The box of this deal includes different things which include Sony HT-S350 soundbar along with a wireless subwoofer as well as a remote control. Batteries for the remote are also included in this box along with the optical cables as well as a setup guide for quick setup. A manual is also given up in this deal.

Pros of Sony HT-S350 soundbar

  • This soundbar gets appealing loud sometimes.
  • Subwoofer along with this deal has adjustable level.
  • There is a auto volume mode in this soundbar.
  • Its price is quite impressive and any one can get attracted toward this soundbar with low price and lot of features.


  • There is no option for turning off the surround mode of this soundbar.
  • This soundbar lacks at a centre channel.
  • No Dolby atmos support is available in this soundbar.
  • Sometimes the bass surpasses the highs as well as mids.


A metal grille used at the frontal part of this Sony HT-S350 soundbar for coverage as well as most of the sides and a faux leather texture is used at the top of the soundbar. And the other parts of this bar are made up of pure plastic of high quality.

A port is available at the front side of the subwoofer which is also made up of plastic and metal grille that are used to protect the speakers on top of it. The sides as well as the top are built with wood.

This soundbar will fit well the TVs that are around 43 inches or more with the distance of 35.5 inches very easily. This soundbar is not so tall in design so it can be fit under the TVs that are not mounted on the wall. If it fit or not under the TV depends upon the width of the legs of the TV stands.

Moreover the size of the subwoofer is around the size of the PC desktop. This is said to be a wireless subwoofer which can be placed anywhere in the room according to your choice without any problem. You don’t need to make special furniture for this.

The ports for connection of different devices are present at the back side of the soundbar in the middle. This makes it straightforward to run wires devoid of having to worry about getting in the way of something.

There is lack of connectivity options involved in this soundbar which means cable management will be draft. You cannot plug in anything except HDMI CEC as well as a power adapter in this soundbar as it does not involve other connectivity options in it.


Sony HT-S350 soundbar is deficient in a display. And as an alternative LED lights are involved in it at the front of the soundbar that are used to flash when the settings are changed by the user. At the top of the soundbar contains five sensitive buttons that are used to control the basic functions of the soundbar.

Some of the functions are power the soundbar, selection of TV mode, increase or decrease the volume as well as pair up or connect with a Bluetooth device.

Beside all of this it also contains a remote control which contains all of the above functions in it. This remote is slim and smart in design and control all the basic and necessary functions of the soundbar. It holds the preset modes as well as can also control the volume of the subwoofer independently.

Moreover the TV remote can also be used to control the functions of the bar just because of HDMI CEC support. While the remote control are suitable but sorry to say that it lacks in scheming the features that are found in many modern soundbar similar to an app, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri as well as Google Assistant.


Sony HT-S350 soundbar holds up very critical selection of connectivity options in it. It only contains one wireless connection of Bluetooth connectivity through which one can be connected to the device and the other is a wired connection which contains only two options for it. They perform their task perfectly at its price.

With the help of Bluetooth connectivity option one can connect with the TV as well as a laptop, Smartphone as well as tablet etc. this soundbar be deficient in the wifi connectivity which contradicts any possibility of streaming directly from popular apps like spotify. Two connectivity options are found at the physical front of the soundbar which include optical along with HDMI Arc.

Moreover USB port can also be used for music playback. This soundbar doesn’t support the 3.5mm AUX port as well as RCA inputs in it due to which some old devices are not able to be connected to this system. Sony HT-S350 soundbar supports Dolby digital and Dolby dual mono only. Dolby digital is simply propped up by means of HDMI Arc though.


This soundbar lacks in the center channel because it has 2.1Ch configuration along with a dedicated subwoofer. Due to this lack the system used left and right speakers to generate a sound in center that sound less clear as measure up to dedicated center speaker. There is no enthusiastic satellite speaker involved in this deal.

The Sony’s S-Force pro front surround technology is used to reproduce the immersive sound. Still it does not produce the sound which is to be produced by good soundbar. Dedicated subwoofer brings overpowering shift of balance headed for the low end however there is also a realistically sharp high end the majority of the time.

It is a good soundbar but I advice you people to use it only when you are seeing or snooping to heavy content dialogue or podcasts as well as talk shows.

The gaming mode as well as the cinema mode is considered to be good beside all above performance. There is also lack of punches to the whole sound when listening at minor volumes. Sometimes the bass is overpowering and the sound is slightly fuzzy and imprecise. Moreover it also is deficient in room correction due to which it sounds different in different rooms.

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This Sony HT-S350 soundbar is a simple sleek and light weighted soundbar which is easy to lift up as well as set up. It costs less and reasonable. It contain small amount of connectivity options in it and people will love if it updates to more connectivity options and gets better.

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