Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker device Reviews [2022]

Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best Wireless speaker devices brought to user by Sony. User can take it as a highly sustainable one in almost all situations.

keep sony srs xb 12 device at the top of their choice in case of travels or picnics. A strap will be provided with the ordered package, and by using this strap, user can bear this lightweight Speaker device like a necklace.

Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reveiw

It looks so attractive, especially for girls. 16 hours playtime is to be provided by this Speaker device. Now we’re going to talk about the Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker device. This sony xb12 review will cover all aspects of the product so that one can easily approach the buying decision.

Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What’s the distinguishable feature of this wireless Speaker device?

This one is made by underscoring the compatibility in every situation. While a few top-class Speaker devices only keep the waterproof feature, this portable Speaker is not only waterproof but also dustproof.

For this feature, this best wireless Speaker is IP67 rated. User can use this Speaker srs xb12 wherever user like. This Speaker gadget is available in six different colors and user can choose any of them.

Now come to another question- What do user want to get from this Wireless Speaker? Does user want to get extra bass or punchy sound? User will easily get all these sound qualities from this Waterproof Speaker.

Even there is no need to use any app from the play store. For enjoying all these, user can order this Speaker without wasting user time.

What conditions should user know before buying this one?

Before clicking on the BUY button, user has to be sure about certain conditions to make sure that it will be suitable for user. If it can fulfill user desire, then user can step forward to buy this. Now we’re going to show user some of these conditions-

  1. The dimension of this one is 3.4 x 3.4 x 4.2 inches, while the weight is 8 ounces. To almost all of us, it is easily portable. It can even be kept in one’s hand.
  2. It uses a Lithium Polymer battery for running this Speaker device, although this battery will be provided to user with the ordered package.
  3. After charging the battery fully for once, user can play this sony xb12 extra bass speaker for more or less 16 hours. Yet this issue is dependent on the volume used. If the volume is not so loud, then the time-frame may be increased.
  4. Bluetooth is the only connective technology for establishing a connection between this Speaker of sony xb12 extra bass and the other device.

If the conditions or limitations mentioned above can fulfill user desire, then user can order sony srs xb12 bluetooth speaker today. Before ordering, check at least once the ASIN Number- B07P85CDHG, and the Item model number- SRSXB12/B.

How can user use this Best Wireless Speaker device perfectly?

When user get the whole package in hand, User will see some tools, like- USB cable, strap, Warranty Card, user manual, and the like. Don’t lose any of these because these are needed for using sony srs xb12 bluetooth speaker
device properly.

Here the strap will be attached to the body of the Speaker device. With this strap, user can hang up the Speaker wherever user need. First, user need to charge it fully for once. When it is charging, start to read the whole user manual carefully.

Sony xb12 extra bass waterproof Bluetooth wireless speaker

  1. The first thing is to charge the battery before using it. User will get a USB cable in the package. Take the cable and insert it into the Speaker for charging. After several hours User will see that the charge is completed, and it will show user a sign on completing the charge. Then user may start to use this one by establishing a connection with any device user want. But remember, the other device must be Bluetooth supported because the connective technology of this one is only Bluetooth.
  2. User will see that a detachable strap is attached to the sony xb12 extra bass portable bluetooth speaker device. This strap is provided for hanging up the portable Speaker anywhere user need. This strap will help carry the Speaker device with user. If user want to carry or hold user Speaker without this strap user may also do so. Just detaching the strap will do. Don’t worry. This will not create any impact on the Speaker device as it doesn’t carry any technical value.
  3. User may establish a connection with any other device in the same way we use Bluetooth on our mobile. After turning on the sony xb12 bluetooth speaker by pressing the power button, User will have to establish a connection with the other device. Most interestingly, it is a stereo mode supported. User can connect another Speaker device using the Bluetooth technology with this Speaker device for louder sound. In that case, user will need another Speaker device besides this one.
  4. In case of using any Speaker device, the cleaning issues should not be ignored, yet this issue is often overlooked by many of us. It has been told previously that sony xb12 wireless speaker contains the dustproof feature. This means it can be used in dusty places, and it will provide the same service in any dusty areas. But it doesn’t undermine the importance of cleansing the the device. Every week, user should clean the Speaker device if user uses it every day. For cleaning, user can use any wet cloth or towel. It is the waterproof one so user should not worry about using a wet cloth.

Some functions of this Speaker device that user need to know

Generally, people are reluctant to know the inside materials. But it is often important to fix any problem and smooth playing. Even it is also important for understanding some terms used in the user manual and product description. Here we mention 4 points showing the meaning and details of some functions of this Speaker device.

  1. Adding Speaker devices: Sony SRS-XB12 Speaker device is the “Speaker device Add Function” supported one. Due to this function, user may add an extra Speaker device with this one. As a rule, this feature is needed for those people who need a much louder volume of sounds. To do so, just add another Speaker device with this one using the Bluetooth technology. If user wants to terminate the pairing, just press and hold the “ADD Button” for 3 seconds, and User will hear a beep sound. By doing this, user can switch between modes just in seconds.
  2. IP67 Resistant: Sony xb12 wireless speaker is famous for both the waterproof and dustproof features. IP67 designation is applicable in this Speaker, and user can take it for sure that it is sustainable against immersion. It is durable in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. IP67 resistance represents this feature.It is also applicable in the case of dust. The manufacturers of this Sony srs xb12 watt provide some pictures for introducing it. One of the pictures is keeping the Speaker just on the dusty soil. It indicates the effectiveness of this one against all kinds of dust or dirt.
  3. Punchy Sound: If users are reluctant to use the stereo mode, user can use this sony xb12 extra bass portable bluetooth speaker alone. It will provide user “punchy sound.” What does it mean? It is such a strong sound that it will surely affect the audience. Why has stereo mode been kept? Manufacturers have kept this mode for people who want to arrange concerts or open-air programs and need extra heavy sound.
  4. The Battery of This Speaker device: Like other Speaker devices, srs xb12 amazon runs its functions through a battery. This is a Lithium Polymer battery kept inside the sony srs xb12 waterproof by the manufacturers, with a small portion of the charge.The working procedure of this battery is “intercalation and de-intercalation.” It will apply this principle to the lithium ions and work accordingly. The playtime of the Speaker device is entirely dependent on the remaining charge of the battery. xb12 sony price is very affordable.

Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker


  • This Speaker device will provide user 16 hours of playtime. That is suitable for all professional and non-professional singers or musicians.
  • A detachable strap will be given by the sent package that user may use for hanging up the Speaker device. Such use will also augment the beauty of this Speaker device while playing or not.
  • This one is highly sustainable against water and dust. Most importantly, this Speaker device is IP67 rated one that represents sustainability.
  • This best wireless Speaker device supports the Speaker device Add Function that will enable user to add an extra Speaker device if user need to do so.


  • The connective technology of this Speaker device is only Bluetooth. User cannot use this Speaker device with Non-Bluetooth devices.

Concluding remark on the Best Bluetooth Speaker device

Now we are at the eleventh hour, and almost all the information on this Speaker device has been told already. But some beneficial features are still left and cannot be mentioned about all in such a short article. To avail of all the benefits of this Speaker device, user can use it for user home and outdoor programs. Certainly, this one will provide user the much-boosted outcome in comparison with all the others for the feature of its sustainability. Only, for this reason, Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker device is worth to use.


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