Sony SRSXB23 Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker Review 2022 (Extra Bass) Knox Gear Hard-shell Travel of speaker

The Sony SRSXB23 Extra BASS Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker has unique features that make them stand out from others. They have passive radiators that give the bass extra tones.

There is clarity of sounds in these speakers. The speakers also have an X-Balanced unit that is present to end any distortions in the music.

Sony USA manufacturers have launched Sony SRS-XB23 speakers with extra bass technology that is fit for the people that enjoy parties and festivals.

Sony SRSXB23 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review 2022

The Sony SRSXB23 Extra BASS Bluetooth Wireless Portable speaker has party lights as well that are present in the form of a line at the front surface of the speaker.

The lights are amazing as they can change their colors and blink at the same time without any distortions. The design of the speaker is portable as it also has rechargeable batteries.

Sony SRSXB23 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 2022
Sony SRSXB23 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

It is a versatile speaker from the Sony manufacturers that provides excellent sound with good bass quality. There are three different modes of the speakers that allow you to adjust the bass according to your taste.

There is a multi-color line of lights that makes the atmosphere vibrant and happy. The speaker also has DJ effects that let you enjoy your parties and festivals.

The battery life timing of the Sony XB23 is about 24 hours without lighting. However, with bass and full volume, the timing is 12 hours.

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Specifications of SRSXB23 

Following are some of the amazing features of Sony XB23 speakers:

  • The manufacturing brand of the speaker is Sony
  • It is powered by the battery
  • It is wireless
  • It can be connected via a Bluetooth
  • It can be connected to a smartphone via NFC
  • The weight of the speaker is 4.1 pounds

Features of XB23

The features of XB23 contain:

  • It contains dustproof speakers and it also has an X-balanced speaker unit
  • The Sony SRSXB23 Extra BASS speaker is waterproof and shockproof
  • The bundle also includes a Knox gear hard shell for travel
  • It consists of side passive radiators
  • It also has analog audio input and output as well
  • It has a line of light on the surface
  • MP3 is also playable on this device
  • It has an extra bass boost function
  • Music equalizer is added to gather a huge number of people
  • Party chain is also available with this device (up to 100 devices can be connected)
  • The battery is long-lasting
  • Produces a deep and clear bass sound with no distortions
  • The weight of the device is very less so that you can pick it up easily and then play your favorite list
  • The users can also add an extra speaker to Sony XB23 Portable Wireless Speaker for an extra stereo sound
  • The transmission range for the audio is about 10 meters

Knox Gear Hard-shell Travel of speaker

The design of the Sony SRSXB23 Extra BASS Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker is very stylish and lightweight. The company builds a hard shell cover for ht speaker that comes in with the package.

The cover is very strong and it protects the speaker from damage while traveling. The shell is made with strong fabric material, which makes it durable and waterproof. The shell also has a handle so that it is easy for the users to carry the speaker to different places.

Dual passive radiators of XB23

Sony SRS XB23 Extra BASS gives you a deep and punchy sound where you like. The speakers have dual passive radiators that work along with speakers of the full range to give a boost to a bass. It also enhances the low-end tones of the speaker.

Dustproof and Shockproof speakers

The Sony XB23 speaker is best as it is dustproof and waterproof as well. The speaker will not affect water. So you do not have to worry about the rain anymore.

You can still have your party going in the rain. You can also submerge the speaker in the water or wash it will not have any effect on the sound or lights. The quality of sound will remain the same with the bass.

The speaker is also dustproof so you can take it with you on long drives etc. You can arrange a party at your place and the Sony XB23 Portable Wireless Speaker will be your best companion.

The Knox Gear Hard-shell is also provided with this speaker that gives extra protection and safety to the speakers. There is a handle as well with the cover so that it is very easy and handy for you to take it to far places. The weight is also very less. So, overall it is a smart device with all protective coverings


SRS XB23 Extra BASS speakers

The speaker is very durable with long-lasting battery timings. It will not let you down in any of your events and parties. The design of the speaker is very tough so that you can have the freedom to party anywhere you like. You can take these speakers to the beach, mountains, or anywhere, they will not die or their sound will not be affected.

X-Balanced speaker Unit of XB23

SRS XB23 Extra BASS speakers are developed by Sony manufacturers. Sony electronics have huge goodwill around the globe in manufacturing high-quality stereo products as well. The X- balanced speaker unit of XB23 achieves a very powerful and high-quality sound. The speaker gives a rich, deep and rewarding listening experience to the users. If you once use these amazing speakers, you will love them.  The speaker is wireless and offers many other connections as well. X-balanced unit produces a premium quality sound so that the users can have a soothing music experience. The passive radiators on the speakers in XB23 are reformed. So that users can have clear and deep bass lines. The Sony manufacturers are providing the best quality speakers in the market with an affordable price range.


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