Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth Review 2022

Sony is a manufacturing company based in the USA. The company makes different electronic devices. If we talk about portable audio, then Sony has made it all.

The company makes high-definition audio from compact and small speakers to gather the crowd. There are small speakers as well that you can carry in your portable bags easily.

The small speakers also give some high definition sound quality, one of the main features of Sony manufacturers so that you do not need to bring any wires for the connectivity.

The speakers are portable and rechargeable. The new design of the speaker also includes lighting so you can get the party going wherever you desire.

Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker Design

The Sony XB20 Portable bluetooth Speaker is among the best wireless speakers available around the world. The speaker is very lightweight. One of the amazing features of the Sony XB20 is the unique blue light that makes it even more attractive.

Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth Review

The mirrors are also added to the speakers that surround them and the lighting makes the illusion of gathering lights. The Sony XB30 speaker has a rechargeable battery that can run up to 12 hours continuously with maximum volume and lightning. If the lights are on then the time is shorter as compared to lights off mode.

Performance of Sony XB20 speakers

Sony gives an incredible speaker that lets you arrange a huge festival at your place and gather all of your friends and family members. The speaker also comes with an extra bass technology with which you can turn a party into a nightclub.

The speaker is portable and you can take it with you to any place as no wires are required. Sony XB20 High Power Home Audio System has intense power as it produces the bass sound that makes the people want to dance continuously.

The sound experience of the speaker is also automatically adjustable so that you do not have to go to the system again and again to adjust the music. NFC technology in your smartphone also lets you control the volume and music with just one touch from your smartphone.

Features of Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker

Following are the features OF XB20 speakers by Sony

  • It gives the feel of extra bass
  • It allows the users to connect with Bluetooth and NFC on smartphones and it is also adaptable to LDAC
  • It gives the splash of light, a single colored line of light around the surface of the speaker
  • This design of Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth, Blue is water-resistant, so that you can carry them indoors and outdoors
  • The user can use these speakers for all day and night as it has a battery life of up to 12 hours
  • The weight of the device is very less so that you can pick it up easily and then play your favorite list
  • The users can also add an extra speaker to Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker for an extra stereo sound
  • The transmission range for the audio is about 10 meters

Specification of XB20 speakers

Following are the specification of XB20 speakers by Sony manufacturers:

  • The speakers have a 42-millimeter range of full drivers
  • The impedance of the speaker is about 4 ohms
  • The speaker has a Bluetooth version of 4.2
  • It is also accessible with NFC
  • 20 HZ to 20 kHz is the frequency range of the Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth, Blue
  • 12 hours is the battery timings of this speaker

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The XB20 speakers have Bluetooth connectivity as well as smartphone connectivity. If the smartphone supports NFC, then the speaker can easily be connected with the smartphone and you can change the songs or volume with just one touch forms your smartphone.

In this way, you do not have to go to the speaker again and again to adjust things. The chain feature allows the user to expand the area If you are having a party at your place then you can use the party host feature where many speakers can be connected in a chain to give loud music.

If you want to physically wire many speakers together then you can also do that with RCA inputs and outputs. The Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker also supports LDAC that makes this speaker unique and important.

Party Chain

The speaker consists of a party chain that allows you to connect at least 100 speakers in a chain to get an extremely loud sound. The speaker has a button labeled as a physical party chain that you need to press to connect to the party chain.

The Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth, Blue also has a button for the battery that tells you about the current percentage of the battery via audio.

The party chain can be activated from the button on the speaker or you can activate it from your smartphones. There needs to be one host that will connect all other devices so that you can enjoy loud music.

Dustproof and Waterproof speakers

The Sony XB20 speaker is best as it is dustproof and waterproof as well. The speaker will not affect water. So you do not have to worry about the rain anymore.

You can still have your party going in the rain. You can also submerge the speaker in the water or wash it will not have any effect on the sound or lights. The quality of sound will remain the same with the bass. The speaker is also dustproof so you can take it with you on long drives etc.

You can arrange a party at your place and the Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth, Blue will be your best companion.

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