Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System With Bluetooth Technology (GTK-XB72 Wireless) To Turn Your Home Into A Nightclub

Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System is an amazing wireless speaker that has adapted to combine deep base effects with mesmerizing lights. The XB72 has 30 watts per channel RMS power along with With a long battery life of up to 24 hours. This one-box sound system gives a vibrant sound experience to its users.

It also comes with Bluetooth technology and NFC pairing so that you do not need to worry about wiring. The music that you play with Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System can be enhanced by using the bass and live-to-stream speakers.

There is a multi-color line of lights that makes the atmosphere vibrant and happy. The speaker also has DJ effects that let you enjoy your parties and festivals.

Sony GTX XB72 Bluetooth Speaker Review 2021

The Sony Company is a US-based company that makes high definition audio from compact and vibrant speakers to gather the crowd. The speakers have handles so that you can carry them easily.

Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System With Bluetooth Technology

The small speakers also give some high definition sound quality, one of the main features of Sony manufacturers so that you do not need to bring any wires for the connectivity.

The speakers are portable and rechargeable. The new design of the speaker also includes lighting so you can get the party going wherever you desire.

DJ tracks on the speaker allow the user to put their kind of track on the go. The Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System has built-in technology that alternated the range of frequency.

Specifications of Sony XB72 High Power

What’s New: The Sony xb72 wireless speaker with extra bass is a compatible device that is being used by many people. Following are the specifications of this device:

  • It is compatible with smartphone apps
  • It can connect to the Bluetooth
  • It has tweeters and woofers
  • It has an audio input “Audio in1”
  • It has a USB port for play and charge
  • It also has a carrying handle that makes it portable
  • It can work in both position either vertical or horizontal
  • It also has analog audio input and output as well
  • It has a line of light on the surface
  • MP3 is also playable on this device
  • It has an extra bass boost function
  • Music equalizer is added to gather a huge number of people
  • Party chain is also available with this device (up to 100 devices can be connected)

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Extra Bass

There is a button on the speaker that you can just push to get the effect for extra bass. The bass blows away the resounding bass of the music.

The vertical and horizontal setting

The Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System has a flexible two-way setup that gives the users great sound wherever you place the speakers. You can place the speaker horizontally or vertically to get the classic feel. There is built-in software that controls the sound in the stereo.

Easy control with the app

There is an app that you can easily install on your smartphones for free. This app allows you to control the speakers from your phone. You can adjust the volume, change the song, dim or brighten lights, etc directly with just one touch. The app also lets you take charge of the light colors so you can select the light color you like.

Streaming with NFC and Bluetooth

The Bluetooth and NFC technology has removed the usage of wires. It is good because wires need to be carried everywhere and you don’t need to find an outlet there.

The NFC set up on your device allows you to directly control all the features of the Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System by your hand. You do not have to go to the speaker every time.

USB port

There is a USB port at the back of the speaker. You can now charge your devices from the speaker. You can also plug in a USB to play the memories. You can also plug in your devices such as smartphones, tablets, Laptops, etc to play all the digital memories.

USB is a great advantage f Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System as you can play your favorite music streaming and get your device charged at the same time.

Voice guidance of Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System

The voice guidance tool of the Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System is very handy and effective. For example, when you will connect your smartphone to the device you will hear Bluetooth connected. This is an amazing addition to the existing features of the speaker.

Performance of speakers

Sony gives an incredible speaker that lets you arrange a huge festival at your place and gather all of your friends and family members.

The speaker also comes with an extra bass technology with which you can turn a party into a nightclub. The speaker is portable and you can take it with you to any place as no wires are required.

Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System has intense power as it produces the bass sound that makes the people want to dance continuously.

The sound experience of the speaker is also automatically adjustable so that you do not have to go to the system again and again to adjust the music.

NFC technology in your smartphone also lets you control the volume and music with just one touch from your smartphone.

Expand the music via Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System

The Sony speaker has an amazing feature that you can add extra power to your wireless systems. There is an option of Party chain on the speaker that you can connect the Bluetooth.

You can connect multiple speakers as well for a higher quality louder sound. You will have to make one of the devices a party host then sync all other devices to the host device. In this manner, all of the people can enjoy the same high-quality beat.

Sony XB72 Pros and Cons


  • 24 hours on only a single charge high resolution


  • Expensive a little bit

Sony XB72 Key Specs

  • Dual 6-3/8-inch woofers, 3 x 2-inch cone tweeters
  • Useable vertically or horizontally
  • The LIVE setting for simulated three-dimensional audio
  • Bluetooth wireless-enabled with AAC, LDAC, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP
  • NFC and Bluetooth pairing
  • RCA, and USB Audio input,  and RCA audio output
  • FM radio tuner
  • LED speaker lights
  • 2.1A USB output for smartphone charging
  • Microphone input + built-in mic for hands-free calls
  • Supports Sony Party-Chain feature for wirelessly connecting multiple speakers
  • On-speaker control
  • 13 5/8 x 25 7/8 x 15-inches
  • weighs, 27 pounds

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