Soundcast VG7 Portable Outdoor Full-Range Loudspeaker System 2022

When looking to invest in sound, you should consider a few other factors besides sound. The Soundcast VG7 features a pair of portable outdoor speakers to enhance the outdoor entertainment experience.

Soundcast VG7 Portable Outdoor Full-Range Loudspeaker Review

The TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology allows users to connect and listen to incredible stereo quality. These speakers provide a 360-degree outdoor sound experience. The speaker is also designed to adapt to the listener or user, not vice versa.

Soundcast VG7 Portable Outdoor bluetooth speaker

The user can easily switch to the indoor mode to enhance the indoor listening experience. The outdoor mode is great for those who want to relax with friends and entertain themselves while enjoying the newly constructed patio.

Soundcast VG7 Bluetooth Speaker Features 

The speaker system features two modes: outdoor and indoor. This allows the users to switch modes depending on the surrounding environment. It adapts to the needs of the user, not vice versa.

The weather resistant enclosure provides the peace of mind needed when using the speakers outdoors. With Bluetooth and NFC pairing, users can easily listen to their favorite music playlist on their smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad.

The onboard track controls are very easy to use and the ergonomic design provides the required utmost comfort and reliable balance on the go.

Pros and Cons of Soundcast VG7


– The two modes (outdoor and indoor) enhance the user’s listening experience by adapting to the surrounding environment

– Allows the user to listen to music via Bluetooth and NFC pairing

– On-board track controls are easy to use

– Weather resistant design to provide peace of mind when listening to music outdoor


– The volume may not be as high as some users may expect
– The price can be higher than that of similar brands on the market


With incredible stereo quality and a high degree of portability, the Soundcast VG7 could just be the high-end speakers you need to enhance your audio experience outdoor. Despite the small size, the speakers produce great immersive sound.

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