VIZIO SB36312-GB Sound bar Premium Home Theater

In this time period people used to love the products that are sleek and silky in design. People are attracted towards Soundbars for their home theatres. They love to enjoy their favorite movies games etc at perfect sound quality. They love to enjoy the dialogues of the movies clearly. For that reason a lot of Soundbars are now released in the market. But selecting the best one for your home theatre according to your desires is little bit complex. And I hope this article would be helpful for you people.

Most of the people love to have sleek designed products for them by surrendering various essential internals. Speakers now a day are bearing burden as well as getting paltrier with the passage of time. Most of the people are now switching themselves from the TV speakers towards the Soundbars. This VIZIO SB36312-GB Soundbar is also offering from the company that is looking to facilitate users to promote from their TV speakers.

Specifications of VIZIO SB36312-GB Soundbar

This channel configuration of this VIZIO SB36312-GB Soundbar is 3.1.2 Ch along with heavy bass output. It also holds many more EQ presets to tug it as per your liking. Dimensionally soundbar is 36*2.5*3.2 inches and the subwoofer is 3.3*17*13.5 inches. Both of them are sleek and lustrous.

The weight of the soundbar is around 2.4 kg that is very impressive, as well as the weight of the subwoofer, is around 4.8kg. The amplifier output of this soundbar is not mentioned by the manufacturer. It also holds the facility of wireless connectivity via wifi, Bluetooth as well as chromecast.

It also surrounds different audio decoding codec’s also for instance DTS Digital Surround, DTS: X DTS_HD, Dolby atmos, Dolby digital plus, 5.1 PCM as well as Dolby True HD. The subwoofer is also added in to this deal and the subwoofer has the ability to be connected wirelessly with the device. It also holds different connectivity options which include HDMI In, HDMI Out, Optical TOSLINK Audio, micro USB along with3.5mm.

The box of this deal contains a VIZIO SB36312-GB Soundbar along with a wireless subwoofer, a remote control along with 2*AAA batteries as well as HDMI cable in it. Moreover RCA to 3.5mm cable is also found in the box along with an optical cable as well as AUX cable. Also contains 2* brackets for mounting them on the wall as well as screws that are helpful in mounting.

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This VIZIO SB36312-GB Soundbar is sleek designed soundbar as well as follows a minimalistic look. There is a black exterior fabric at the drivers of the bar and metallic inflection is at the sides to highlight the whole glamour of this product. The exterior plastic used in this bar is of extremely good quality as well as the sides are same yet. We would have favored or chosen the front to acquire a metal fencing to up the value quotient moreover the feel too.

Moreover this VIZIO SB36312-GB Soundbar enlarges 36 inches long, 2.5 inches tall as well as 3.2 inches wide. This is said to be a sleek and glossy soundbar. In addition this soundbar weighs around 2.4kg which is easily acceptable by all of the standards. The size is known as it fit around 55 inch TVs very easily.

Its height is quite enough as well to permit it to sit flush below it expediently as well as easily. This Vizio Company also allows providing all the necessary accessories that are required to mount these Soundbars on the walls and if you are interested to do so then you can use them and easily mount them on the wall of your room as brackets are also provided in the deal.


This soundbar offers the incredible quality of sound. This soundbar follows different surround sound codec’s which are helpful in the appearance of good quality sound. VIZIO SB36312-GB Soundbar supports Dolby atmos as well as DTS etc which are helpful in the good performance. A dedicated center channel is enclosed in this soundbar and which is considered to be an advantage. Sometimes this VIZIO SB36312-GB Soundbar produces a dark sound also at very high volume but not much uncomfortable. Wireless subwoofer is also a part of this deal and this helps the system to improve the overall performance of the sound as well. You can place it anywhere in the room under acceptable range.


VIZIO SB36312-GB Soundbar holds up different connectivity options in it which makes it user friendly. It supports chromecast also along with wifi and Bluetooth. User can connect to the device easily via these connectivity options. Moreover there are additional connectivity alternative also which are HDMI In along with HDMI Out as well as Optical TOSLINK Audio and micro USB along with3.5mm. These are different connectivity options supplementary in this deal. Through these ports one can easily connect with the device also as the cables for connectivity are also available in the box.


  • This VIZIO SB36312-GB Soundbar holds good options for connectivity.
  • It supports audio decoding codec’s like DTS and Dolby atmos also.
  • It also has a dedicated centre channel in it.
  • Contains a wireless subwoofer.


  • VIZIO SB36312-GB Soundbar has a Dark sounding right out of the box also.
  • Unfortunately it lacks room correction as well.

Concluding words:

This SB36312-GB Soundbar edition of Vizio Company is said to be a perfectly designed soundbar in the market as it is sleek and glossy. Most of the people now days get attracted towards sleek and descent products and this is the attention of these kinds of lovers.

This Vizio SB36312-GB Soundbar produces good quality of sound and has an excellent performance. Also provides deep bass but sometimes produces dark sound. I hope this article would be helpful for you people. If you have any query related to this topic or else then you may ask it in the below comment section and i will try my best to respond to them as soon as possible.

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