Vizio V51-H6 36 5.1 Channel Home Theater Soundbar System

The Soundbars of this category are said to be the oldest Soundbars. It has number of Soundbars transversely all price segments however we believe the midrange being its strong point. Most of the companies were losing their quintessence and spirit while Vizio Company proved its modesty by launching this series Vizio V51-H6.

Scheduled at USD 250 as well as the wadding an outstanding 5.1Ch configuration for the price, we have been attracted to acquire our hands on Vizio V51-H6 from the time when it was launched. Now let us see that is it able to replicate the specifications sheet in real life performance or not.

Specification of Vizio V52-H6 soundbar

This is a 5.1Ch configuration soundbar along with many more specifications. The dimensions of the Vizio V52-H6 soundbar are 36*2.24*3.18 inches while on the other hand the subwoofer is 4.72*2.24*3.19 inches dimensionally. The weight of the soundbar is round about 2.20 kg. it does not contain any amplifier output feature.

It contains a feature of wireless connectivity by means of Bluetooth. Vizio V52-H6 soundbar also contains different decoding codec’s of audio which include DTS digital, DTS along with Dolby digital plus. The subwoofer provided in this deal is wireless. Moreover it also contains different connectivity options in it also for instance optical audio in, optical audio out, 18HDMI in as well as an USB port.

The box contains Vizio V52-H6 soundbar along with subwoofer. It contains 2*surround speaker as well as 2*surround speaker audio cable along with 4*cables ties and 2* power cables. A wall mount template is also available in the box along with the brackets and the screws of wall mounting. Optical cable and HDMI cable are also included in the box along with a remote control and 2*”AAA” batteries. A 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm RCA cable is also present in a box along with a manual for the users and a quick start quide.

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  • Contains dedicated surround sound speakers in it.
  • Vizio V52-H6 soundbar has a balanced sound with a wide soundstage.
  • Reasonable price range.
  • Best for action movies and heavy bass content.


  • It holds up limited wireless connectivity.
  • Surround sound performance need improvement.

Design of Vizio V52-H6 soundbar

The Soundbars of this company are said to be simple and sleek. Just like most of the Soundbars of this company, this soundbar is also made up of plastic of a good quality and a covering or casing of a thin fabric at its front and the sides. This soundbar extends 36*2.2*3.2 inches as it is not too broad and tall.

It can fix anywhere easily about 55 inches. Its weight is round about 2.2kg which is not so heavy. There are two openings at the back side of the soundbar which are used for the input ports. It also contains holes at the back which are helpful for mounting them on the wall.

The subwoofer in this deal is wireless which can be placed anywhere in the room within the range. You don’t need to put this subwoofer at some specific place. The dimension of subwoofer is about 8.3*9.8*8.3 inches. The subwoofer is also made up of plastic and to the sides of the subwoofer there is a little touch of addition of four plastic hooks with a rubber hold.

There are two jacks and a single port at the back side of the subwoofer. The port is used for power cable and jacks are used for connecting the satellites. This soundbar comes with two satellite speakers which are also made up of plastic with the fabric wrapping at the sides and front. Dimensionally these speakers are 4.7*2.2*3.2 inches.

These can be positioned anywhere in your room. There is also a cable connection at its back side as well as you can also mount them on the wall but for that you have to buy the brackets for mounting them separately by yourself from the market.

This Vizio V51-H6 soundbar is decently built. The quality is unbelievable as it is built with the high quality solid plastic. The design is well planned and deliberate. But the fabric used in it is prone to torn. It can collect dust over it very easily and can be torn out easily.

Controls of Vizio V51-H6 soundbar

This Vizio V51-H6 soundbar doesn’t come up with a display and instead of that there are vertical lights for this purpose at the left front side. These lights turn on and off according to the setting you choose. There are also buttons available at the top of the soundbar also which perform specific functions.

There are five buttons at the top which include power on and power off button along with change input button plus Bluetooth on and off button. The button for increasing and decreasing volume is also available at the top.

Moreover a remote control is also given in the deal which is used to perform all the essential function and more. This remote control houses the ties for running all the functions of the soundbar. The buttons of this remote are fussy and choosy. By the way the overall track could have been shorter. Beside this Vizio V51-H6 soundbar also comes up with a power saving mode.

This mode is used to switch of the soundbar after twenty minutes only if there is no activity performed during this time period. Moreover you can use any remote universally to control all the functions and setting of your soundbar.

Connectivity of Vizio V51-H6 soundbar:

Subwoofer can be connected wirelessly with the main bar. There are three input ports one is for powering and other two are for the surround sound speaker connecting. Satellite speakers also connect wirelessly with the subwoofer.

There are many other connectivity options involved in this system also which include optical audio, HDMI ARC, traditional 3.5mm AUX port along with a USB. It also contains the feature of wireless connectivity by means of Bluetooth only. One can connect directly with the system using Bluetooth. Moreover it also does not contain the Atmos support in it.

Performance of Vizio V51-H6 soundbar

It is a 5.1CH configuration setup. This system comes with a wireless subwoofer and two satellite speakers. It produces a balanced sound with a slight V shaped representation. It also offers brilliant stereo frequency response because of its flexible configuration.

Subwoofer adds necessary boom to the sound to make it more relaxed to your ears. This is good for large rooms and crowded places. There is negligible distortion even at higher volumes because of stereo dynamics. But sorry to say that its surround sound experience is not too good as the further harp on bass compose the output grubby. Might be this Vizio V51-H6 soundbar is best for games, movie, direct and music and dialogue enhancement is found.


This Vizio V51-H6 soundbar is a knock for cash product. Excluding an underwhelming surround sound performance we are enormously in fear of what they have created. But its overall performance is good. It is having a reasonable price and also contains a wireless subwoofer along with satellite speakers in it. Surround sound is also experienced in it. In a nut shell it is a good version of the Vizio for most of the lovers of sound.

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