Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Sound bar with Wireless Subwoofer Review

This Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar is a proof and demonstration that how far away this category of Vizio has come in the market. The first soundbar of this category is not considered to be so old. This soundbar is not said to perfect and fantastic in looks only but it also contains different connectivity options as well due to which it is loved more in the market. This is a soundbar which is goanna rock in the industry of Soundbars with the features involved in it.

Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar

This soundbar is 40.1*3.3*2.1 inches dimensionally and subwoofer is around 8.5*12.8*11.3 inches. This is a stylish and a lush soundbar as well as subwoofer containing glossy black finish over it. Subwoofer can be connected wirelessly and is sensible in size also. You can place it anywhere within the range of Bluetooth connectivity. Remote control is also available along with this deal.

Design of Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar

This Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar is said to be one the best looking soundbar. Its design is incredible so that anyone can get attracted toward it easily. The new Soundbars of Vizio are not said to be more advanced and refined but adds some glossy black finish which makes it more attractive and striking.

This stylish soundbar contains a dark grey speaker grille on the front of the panel which makes it in sight. This soundbar is dimensionally 40.1 inches wide as well as 3.3 inches tall and around 2.1 inches thick while subwoofer is 8.5 inches wide, 12.8 inches tall as well as 11.3 inches wide.

By calculating the dimensions it is cleared that this Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar is slim in design and subwoofer is also have a sensible size.

This soundbar from its bottom contains a metal feet at a certain angle. This addition makes it more attractive and stylish. With these cool additions of feet it also provides the facility of stability to the Soundbars.

This soundbar comes with a frontal panel display which makes it easy for the users to understand and identify different things as well as the input modes too that are currently in use. This deal also contains a remote control which is simple as well as a complete design. This controller contains some buttons over it which includes volume up down button, power button as well as one button for mute. On the other hand sliding out a panel on the base divulges additional controls for regulating different things for instance bass, treble and levels of subwoofer. You can change from the available modes also according to your choices and wishes.

Features of Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar

This Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar contains different audio inputs in it. These inputs include two HDMI inputs along with two audio digital audio inputs. Also contains coaxial and other optical inputs.

Away from each other this soundbar also contains an analog mini jack input. Other Soundbars mostly offer only one audio inputs and expect from the users to use the television as a switcher and on the other hand the Soundbars of this category like this Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar allows users to have different audio inputs as well as the users of this soundbar can rely on this soundbar if television runs out of inputs

. This soundbar also contains the feature of ARC (Audio Return Channel).  And if the TV you have supports this feature of ARC then you can simplify all of your cables on a single HDMI cable.

This soundbar also put forwards the SRS studio sound HDTM technology and this category of Vizio claims that this technology provides a delivery of immersive and incredible sound along with a deep bass and a clear dialog as well as levels the volume also.

This soundbar use to take the sound out from the two speakers and produce a surround sound experience also. Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar also comes with Vizio’s TruVolume which is worn to get rid of all those barbs and spears of volume that takes place every time the commercials stumble upon.

Creation of Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar:

The setting up of this soundbar is seen o be more tough just the once the soundbar as well as the wireless subwoofer are placed or sited and plugged in. one time the sources have been hooked up appropriately then there is not anything much else left to do because the subwoofer connect involuntarily to the soundbar by itself.

You can make different changes to the sound quality of the soundbar by clicking some buttons from the remote. From remote control you can alter different settings as well as adjust bass, treble that contain a +/-10 dB range of the adjustment. Moreover from this remote control one can also increase as well as decrease the volume of subwoofer.

Sound Quality of Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar:

This soundbar contains a feature to create a room as a small theater. It is having a fabulous sound quality and this was tested while watching an anonymous movie. The extravagant background music also sounds natural and the verbalization of the dialogues was also at the top of the mark. Simply it sounds perfect.

This soundbar contains two features of SRS Wow as well as SRS TruSurround and these both are capable of delivering the best surround sound experience. The SRS TruSurround performed his duty well by assembling the soundstage wider. Additionally other than these features it is having more power as well as flexible tone controls which make this soundbar a better preference.

Pros of Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar

  • This soundbar is slim and lustrous in design.
  • Subwoofer is wireless.
  • Subwoofer is also built glossy and reasonable in size.
  • Simple remote control can perform different actions.
  • This soundbar provides more connectivity options also.
  • This is under budget and had a perfect sound quality.

Cons of Vizio VHT215 Home Theater Soundbar

  • There are some issues with the sound quality of these Soundbars for instance the volume levels.
  • Sometimes does not sound clear when volume is put so high.

Ending words

The Soundbars of this Vizio category are reserved true for their offering of budgets and so is this VHT215soundbar.this soundbar is wonderful and faultless in its looks and designed glossy along with a wireless subwoofer. This soundbar performs descent performance while watching anything of your choice. May be you were looking for this soundbar and after reading this article you meet your expectations. I hope this article would be helpful for you.

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