Vizio VSB200 Sound bar Review 2023

This Vizio VSB200 soundbar has an incredible level of volume and most up-to-date virtualization technology. Also it is a user friendly soundbar which is considered to be in budget with reasonable price and a stylish sleek look as well as a fantastic output.

Design of Vizio VSB200 soundbar

Vizio VSB200 soundbar is a plane and smooth panel soundbar. Its response of frequency is about 80HZ to 20KHZ. This is said to be a high definition soundbar that comes with pre installed stands as well as mount base by means of screws attached along with one RCA stereo cable.

There are three 3” mid/bass transducers built inside the soundbar which are said to be handmade and this also contains two 0.75” aluminum dome neodymium tweeters of high performance inside it. The amplifier is an incorporated class D at 15*2 channels by means of 0.01% THD.

At the back of the panel holds up different optical audio input ports for associations from the devices intended for example a house theater system, amplifier, receiver, set top box or else DVD player at the same time as the analog sub-out is to be linked to an amplified subwoofer input. Users are advised in opposition to connecting the device straightforwardly to another home theater system. There are two analog audio inputs caught up in this system also.

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Controls of Vizio VSB200 soundbar:

There are some basic buttons found at the top of the panel which are used to perform specific functions. It also holds up a LED array which is located at the lower right side of the soundbar. The total LEDs involved in this soundbar are 10.

They are used for different purposes. White LEDs from them are used for the indication of power, volume. Moreover blue light of LED represents inputs indicators. Different lights of LEDs are also used for more different functions also for instance for the functioning of the SRS TruVolume as well as the SRS TSHD.

Moreover this deal also provides a remote control with its self who contains all these functions which are available at the panel as well and many more. All the buttons perform specific functions. This is helpful for the users to alter the settings and the functions of the soundbar.

The sensor can be found at the lower right side of the soundbar which is helpful for the user to alter the settings using a remote. A remote contains different buttons which perform different function such as power button to on and off the soundbar, along with it contains an input button which is used to select the source, plus volume buttons are also present through which one can increase as well as decrease the volume of the soundbar.

TVOL button is also present which is used to set the sound system to have control over the level of the audio output as well as a TSHD button that ties the SRS TruSurround HD on as well as off. The TVOL avoids commercials usual programming from sounding louder than the volume of the program being observed by means of the SRS TruVolume function. 

Setting up Vizio VSB200 soundbar:

There are two ways of placing these Soundbars. You can place it on stand as well as you can also mount them on the wall with the help of brackets provided in the deal box. It is up to you that how you desire to place these Soundbars. The two feet offered by means of the HD soundbar can be worn as brackets if it is to be mounted on the wall.

A manual is also given in the box which helps the user to fix the whole system very well without having any problem. By following the instructions from this manual the things would be done as it had to be.

Despite the fact that the majority connections are understandable as well as users necessitate setting the source device output mode to PCM when using the optical input on the soundbar for a variety of links and associations to the computer. Moreover users might need to acquire a separate stereo mini-jack to RCA stereo cable to facilitate the transfer.

Furthermore this Vizio VSB200 soundbar contains the feature of SRS TruVolume which works very well as well as the users may also discover that irritating, as well as frustrating commercial sounds, don’t intensify suddenly like the majority advertisements would during standard viewing. If users halt the sound leveler then it may generate an even enhanced theater like sound. Also using the preset setting in the TV output provides a clean bass sound.

Sound quality of Vizio VSB200 soundbar:

Vizio VSB200 soundbar works sensibly as well as realistically very well. As it does not provide the whole environment like a surround sound system but still it is considered to be an incredible soundbar with high sound quality performance.

This soundbar is considered to be best for the rooms that are not too large with the need of an additional subwoofer. For increasing the sound quality up to high one can also used to add subwoofer in this system. It will enhance the quality of sound.

And is you are interested and love high quality sound system then you will have to buy a subwoofer by yourself from the market. You will have to buy it first and then install in the whole system then you will get deeper bass. It will be perfect but users must not think that this soundbar is going t work just like the 5.1 Ch configurations does. It is good in its own features.


  • Low budget product.
  • Improve and boost the TV sounds.
  • Remote control is available.
  • Flat in design and one can also mount it on wall.


  • No subwoofer is provided in this deal.
  • Bass is not up to the user expectations.
  • Not provide surround sound experience.

Concluding words

No subwoofer in involved in this deal due to which the bass is deficient or you can say that the bass is not enough to fill our expectations. This soundbar system is also not wireless. Wires are required to fix it. This soundbar is considered to be the best to improve and boost the stereo sounds of the TV.

Users can disable or halt the sound leveler sometimes to for a theater like sound. This Vizio VSB200 soundbar is a low budget soundbar which is having aggravate free setups as well as nominal and negligible wiring and cabling involved in it.

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