Vizio VSB210WS Sound bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Most of the people are in the suspicion and feeling that a 5.1 or else 7.1 surround system can present superior quality sound than that of a soundbar and I think they are sense right. On the other hand getting such an audio collection is not always a choice particularly if you own a room of small size or else if you extremely dislike wavering as well as faltering across wires.

Vizio VSB210WS soundbar Overview

Buying a whole surround system is much expensive than that of buying a soundbar. It is best for you if you are looking up for reliable, robust as well as consistent speakers that are on budget. if you are fed up of the loose wires of the systems and you love to have systems between 2.1 as well as 5.1 systems then you have to take a glance on searching the Soundbars and it would be helpful to meet your expectations. Soundbars are said to be less expensive than buying a whole surrounds sound system.

This Vizio VSB210WS soundbar is one of those soundbar which is reliable as well as efficient and less cost than that of the surround sound systems. The best feature of this system is that it holds up a wireless subwoofer. You can simply connect this wireless subwoofer with the system and then move it over anywhere under the range.

It is quite simple as well as user friendly as you don’t have to place it over a specific position but you can place it anywhere in the room and this is possible because of its feature of being wireless as it is not restricted by wires.

By focusing on the company these sets are said to be mostly created for the TV sets. Their contribution and connection in sound systems is to some extent recent plus the Vizio VSB210WS is on the whole a test of their abilities. To the extent that price goes then you won’t have to pay much for this system. If truth be told it costs only approximately $350 which is not as much.


The design of this Vizio VSB210WS soundbar is considered to be perfect as it can be fitted easily in tight spaces as well as it is also used to place on the sides of the TVs as it looks great over it also made by the identical company or else which has a parallel shape plus color.

For placing this system you won’t have to build another room because it can fit in your room as well as is well thought-out to be a perfect addition to your room. This soundbar is completely blackish in color suppose for the Vizio brooch which stands out in the center.

The design of both the subwoofer and soundbar is said to be similar and they both had a perfect couple together even though most of the people used to end up unraveling them. Both the soundbar as well as the subwoofer are made up of plastic of high quality and give an incredible look.

The plastic used in both of them is glossy and shiny in black color which makes it more beautiful. More over the soundbar can be placed anywhere in the room as well as you can also mount it on the wall also as the brackets and the screws for mounting it are also available in the deal of Vizio VSB210WS soundbar.


When you finish your placing of your soundbar then the next step is to take up a look at the controls which are placed at the top of the soundbar. This includes total nine buttons over it which includes power button, input button, volume down button, volume up button, mute button, TVVOL button which is used to enable up the TruVolume and TSHD which is worn to permit as well as halt the TruSurround HD feature.

On the other hand most of the people don’t use these controls because the deal also provides a remote control which contains these entire features along with more features for instance you can increase/decrease the volume of the subwoofer. It makes easy for the user to change and alter the settings according to their desires without moving from place.

This Vizio VSB210WS soundbar contains entirety four mini speakers which are 3 inches in measure. Along with these mini speakers it also contains two tweeters which measure the three quarters of an inch apiece. Dual amplifiers of 15 watt are also worn to power up the system.

It is good news for all of you that the subwoofer provided in this deal contains a speaker of 6.5 inches which is very good for the system and its size. The subwoofer is wireless and you can place it away from the soundbar at a distance of 60 feet or less and still it will function as well as there is no interruption occurred between them.

Box of this deal contains a lot of thins including Vizio VSB210WS soundbar along with wireless subwoofer as well as two power supplies and a RCA cable along with a remote control plus a manual which would be helpful for the user to make this system easy to use. First of all you would have to connect few cables and then plug in the power cable.

The subwoofer and the soundbar will get the immediate and direct connection with one another as well as one more good news is that if you are going to turn of the soundbar then the whole system will be turned off automatically. You don’t have to off all the things one by one.

LED System

This soundbar also contains a LED feature in it also as it contains 10 LEDS in it. From these 10 LEDs, 7 are white in color, more two are blue in color and the remaining one is orange in color. The white ones are used to show you the current volume. One (1) light seems to have three levels of brightness then multiply the number of lights with 3 will result to give the actual level of visual response to you.

If those lights flash then these will be showing the current volume of the subwoofer. Moreover the orange light indicates that the subwoofer is connected with the subwoofer or not. While the other LEDs will show the current input and many more. This is more complex than you think as it is more confusing.


This soundbar doesn’t act as a surround sound system and it is considered to be its bad part. But as it is a small system still you can listen to the sound in the room with the same intensity. The solitary way to attain the maximum performance is to move the subwoofer around waiting that you are pleased with the result. The feature of TruVolume can be noticed only during the commercials.

This feature makes difference between the volumes of the commercial and the movies you are watching. Yet not results the best but still it has a good performance as this Vizio VSB210WS soundbar is far better than the 2.1 systems. This sound system will provide you good experience in the dialogues of the movies.

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  • Wireless subwoofer.
  • Gives good experience with dialogues.
  • Remote control available.
  • Manageable size.
  • Reasonable price.


  • TruVolume feature doesn’t match the volume of movie and commercial.
  • Don’t provide surround sound experience.


This Vizio VSB210WS soundbar with wireless subwoofer is a reliable, robust and a low cost soundbar with lot of features. It is under budget of all the buyers as it is having a reasonable price. Its advantage is that is contains a wireless subwoofer. It only doesn’t give the surround sound experience which is its worst part.

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